Introduction To Yorkies Barking Sounds

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Have you ever wondered if Yorkies barking sounds have a deeper meaning than what you originally thought?

There are indeed different messages behind all of the barking sounds Yorkies make. We, as Yorkie owners, should always understand our pets, analyze the sound, and act accordingly.

Yorkies are dogs with immense intelligence. They always aim to please their owner but also prefer being in the spotlight. However, their barking sounds can have multiple meanings, despite owners thinking it’s a call for attention.

In general, Yorkie barking sounds are frequent. They do tend to bark a lot, so they are excellent watchdogs as they react to anything that gets close to them. Yorkie barking problems are regular with this breed, and understanding them plays a big part in resolving this issue.

Yorkie Barking Sounds And Their Meaning

What are the meanings of Yorkie barking that you should know, and how do you need to react as an owner of this breed?

Firstly we need to know the types of sounds and how to spot their correct meaning. There are eight main sounds to keep in mind. In this guide, we’ll split them into a few sub-categories.

  • Barking with a low frequency
  • Producing a high-frequency bark
  • Growling and whining
  • Whimpering and moaning
  • Howling and yelping

Yorkie Barking With A Low Frequency

When the Yorkies barking sounds are in a low tone, they want to tell us there is a danger around them. Or, something around them has changed, and they feel endangered.

Yorkie low-tone barking is a way of telling the owner they are being scared by a nearby sound. Sometimes Yorkies can be very sensitive if you live in a chaotic environment, as they can be frightened by vehicles producing loud sounds, construction work, or even wind sounds.

Barking With High Frequency As A Yorkie

High-pitch barking is a common type of bark in any breed. In most cases, the dog wants to get our attention and needs to express themselves to us.

When Yorkie barks in high-pitch noise, they usually express a need, such as wanting to out or play with us. That is a barking sound suggesting Yorkies’ connection with their owner.

Growling And Whining As A Type Of Yorkies Barking

If you acknowledge growling as a warning, you are correct. The growling sound Yorkies make when an object is close usually means there is interference in their territory. With this kind of barking sound, you as an owner can get information about the things happening around your pet.

Whining is different than the growling sound. A Yorkie’s barking is categorized as a whine when the dog is emotional. Yorkies will likely do this when they are left alone or want to be free. Another reason Yorkies whine is when they are in pain.

In some situations, when a Yorkie is in severe pain, it can become aggressive as many of the things around seem threatening.

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Whimpering And Moaning

As an owner of a Yorkie, you must distinguish these sounds. When a Yorkie is whimpering, it manifests sad emotions. In many cases, it can mean that the Yorkie is hurt and needs human interaction, or it is lonely and needs some attention from its owner.

On the other hand, moaning manifests with happy emotions. As an owner of a Yorkie, you can categorize the Yorkies barking as moaning if you pet them at their favorite rubbing spots.

A regular spot to pet the Yorkies is on their tummies or behind the ears. You can pet them at any ticklish spot, and they will for sure express their gratitude by producing sounds of joy.

Yelping And Howling As A Yorkie Breed

Every owner, including you, has for sure heard the yelping sound of your Yorkie.  Usually, it signalizes your pet being in pain. Yelping manifests with a high-pitch short sound.

The tendency of this sound produced by your pet is when it jumps from higher objects and hurts a body part. Yorkies, being a very active breed, can be the main reason they produce this sound often.

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Do Yorkies Howl

And at last, the howling Yorkie barking sound, you for sure have heard those howls in the middle of the night. So the answer to this question is yes, Yorkies often howl. As every dog breed is different, some of them howl more than others. Yorkies tend to howl at night or at random creatures.

That is the way Yorkies communicate. The experience of Yorkie breeders differs between them, but it is common knowledge they do tend to howl often.

How To Stop Yorkies From Barking

It’s natural for dogs to bark, and we know Yorkies bark more than other breeds. Sometimes this disturbs us, and we want to use some mechanism to lower it or prevent it entirely.

First, we need to find out why our Yorkie barks. In this introduction, we mention some of the bark types and the meaning behind them. Keep this in mind when analyzing the behavior of the Yorkie. If the Yorkie is startled by sounds such as sirens, doorbells, or even people coming into your home, there are ways of training your dog to keep that reaction low.

In many cases, you need to give some positive reinforcement so that your Yorkie stops barking. One example is giving them their favorite toy or teaching them to fetch it when they hear a triggering sound.

Another example is using the silent treatment until they stop and then giving them a treat as a reward.

do yorkies howl


Yorkies are an extraordinary breed with high energy levels. As a Yorkies owner, you must identify the sounds your pet makes, and knowing how to react accordingly will make both your and your pet’s life much easier.

With training and investing more time in the relationship, you will see progress in your Yorkie’s behavior.

If you have more examples on how to analyze Yorkie barks, feel free to comment down below.

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