About Us

It’s no secret that Yorkshire terriers are feisty, clever, and jolly canines, something like a big spirit but small in the package. Being the owner of such a strong personality (as this breed has) can be quite challenging, especially for new owners. That’s why ouryorkie.com is here for you.

We offer many free resources where you can learn all about this adorable, tiny breed. We will try to help you solve some of the common Yorkie problems, concerns, and issues, but also provide reviews and recommendations of products that can greatly improve your furry pet’s quality of life.

Given that owners encounter anything and everything, from emergency visits to the vet, injuries, illnesses, to diet woes, we realized that there aren’t enough resources on the web right now to help Yorkie owners with similar practical issues. That’s why we started this whole project. Welcome to ouryorkie.com, a place that will surely make your life easier as a pawrent.


Lucy Knapp