Yorkies With Diarrhea-What You Need To Know

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Overall, a well-bred York is a healthy, hearty dog, especially considering its size. However, Yorkies with diarrhea can be pretty common, so it is up to the owners to learn about all of the possible causes.

You as an owner may not be able to prevent diarrhea, but researching as much as possible can help you limit the number of times your dog has one of these problems and help them as much as possible.

Yorkies’ Digestive System

There are substantial variances in how dogs and humans digest food.

For example, when humans chew food, the food will begin to break down due to the structure of the human jaw and salivary enzymes. On the other hand, these little fellas (Yorkies) have lips and jaws formed to tear, crush, and break down food. Because their salivary enzymes fight germs, they can withstand substances that would otherwise send their owners to the hospital.

Food goes quickly down the canine esophagus and into the stomach, where it is digesting. Because Yorkies’ stomach acids are three times stronger than human stomach acids, they can digest intact food.

Yorkies With Diarrhea

Many things can disturb a well-balanced digestive system, resulting in diarrhea or, less commonly, constipation.

Parasites, bacteria, and viruses can be the cause of diarrhea. Depending on the underlying cause, the animal may or may not require appropriate therapy for the infectious agent. If diarrhea lasts for several days and/or there is blood in the stool, determine the best course of therapy with the help of a veterinarian.

Another thing that is common for dogs is eating grass, but it’s not that serious. Other items may indicate a life-threatening illness, such as an indigestible item trapped in the stomach (such as a rock) or a disease like cancer.

There are a variety of causes for a dog’s loose stools, but the majority of instances may be traced back to one of these factors:

consuming too much food, eating junk, or eating intact food are all examples of dietary indiscretion. In veterinary circles, it’s referred to as “junk gut.”

– changing diet: a dog’s digestive tract may take a few days to adjust to new proteins. That’s why many dog-food producers advise switching from one type of food to another gradually.

– food allergy: a food allergy will cause an immunological reaction in a Yorkie. That is similar to an anaphylactic shock – a dangerous nut allergy in a human. Food allergies in Yorkies can result in more dangerous symptoms such as diarrhea, rashes, swelling of the face or airway, and vomiting.

– bacterial infection

– antibiotics and some other medications

– emotional upset or stress

Food And Yorkie Stomach Problems

Not all the foods people eat are toxic for dogs, and all the dogs react to it differently. So small dogs, for example, have more sensitive stomachs than large ones and tend to have more problems with that kind of food.

The FDA has determined some of the foods and ingredients that might cause food poisoning. Throughout history, FDA collected information from everyone who submitted reports about the food and ingredients causing diarrhea.


According to scientists, it’s still not confirmed why grapes are one of the most toxic food for dogs or which ingredient in them makes them sick, but there is a well-established link between grapes and symptoms of kidney failure in specific breeds.

Currants and raisins, for example, can pack a heavier poisonous punch than grapes as the fruits are dried and, therefore, the chemicals are more concentrated.

Raw Meat

Uncooked meats can contain potentially fatal germs like E. coli and salmonella, which can cause problems for the digestive system. While dogs are less affected by illnesses from these bacteria than people, the bacterium can cause Yorkie stomach problems, according to Hartogensis.

Snacks That Contain Salt

Excess salt in large amounts can produce sodium ion poisoning in dogs, which can cause diarrhea, depression, high fever, renal damage, excessive thirst, vomiting, etc.

According to the FDA, a single potato chip or pretzel won’t cause much harm, but a bag of chips or something similar that includes salt can make a significant problem. As an owner, you have to make sure the dog has access to fresh water at all times, especially if it has had salty foods.

Spoiled Food

Some dogs act as mini vacuum cleaners, picking up all the crumbs and junk food that has fallen on the floor, so this might also be one of the problems for Yorkie diarrhea. If a meal has mold on it or seems to be rotten in any way, don’t feed it to your dog. Also, make sure that garbage cans and compost bins are out of your dog’s reach.

Yorkies With Diarrhea Treatment

Having Yorkie with diarrhea is a bad thing to experience. But, there are some treatments for it, so their little stomach is back to normal again.

Nutrition For Yorkies With Diarrhea

Kaolin and Pectin are amongst the most common essential substances often used to create diarrhea remedies. For example, Pectin, a fiber found in fruits detoxifies, protects, and heals gastrointestinal membranes. Kaolin, on the other hand, absorbs and eliminates bacterial toxins.

Probiotics, which stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria in your dog’s gut, are included in many therapies.


Dog diarrhea remedies are available in various formats. That includes liquids, pastes, chewable treats, and powders. Flavored and unflavored varieties are also available, but whether you decide to purchase them or not depends on your dog’s preference.

 yorkie diarrhea treatment


In this article, we covered things that are good to know if your dog has problems with its stomach and gets diarrhea. Feel free to use the information in this guide as prevention for unwanted scenarios including Yorkies with diarrhea issues.

Any unusual symptoms might indicate a dangerous illness or slightly-less serious and insignificant temporal issue. The important thing is to know when and how quickly to seek veterinarian assistance.

Many disorders lead dogs to exhibit a distinct set of symptoms, and when combined, can indicate that your Yorkie needs medical attention.

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