Are Yorkies Good With Babies?

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Anyone who would like to adopt a Yorkie will need the answer to this question “Are Yorkies good with babies?” Yorkshire terrier is a small fluffy cute dog. It is intelligent, loyal, and needs your attention as well. For sure, you have great children that are well-behaved, however, is this enough to bring them a Yorkie? Honestly, no, Yorkies and children are not the best friends and they do not get along well together. What are the reasons? and how to solve this issue? This is what you are going to discover now, please keep reading.

What Is The Meaning Of A Kid-friendly Dog?

The kid-friendly dog refers to dogs that get along well with kids. They are so friendly and rarely bark at kids. They have to be of the right height and weight, neither too small nor too large. While too small dogs can get hurt by kids, too large dogs can harm your kids.

Are Yorkies Good With Kids?

Yorkies do not get along well with kids especially those who are out of the family. Additionally, it depends on the age of the child and if the puppy is trained to deal with kids. Families who have children under 6 years are not good candidates for adopting Yorkies. While other families with children over 6 years can go for adopting Yorkie.

Young kids do not know how to deal well with small-sized dogs like Yorkies. Furthermore, they may harm the puppy unintentionally. Moreover, the puppy will respond by biting them.

On the other hand, older children can understand how to deal with Yorkies. Additionally, they realize that a Yorkie is not like a toy, it is a beautiful soul that they should take care of. It is easy to give them instructions to follow on how to foster their connection with this fluffy cute puppy.

In addition to the child’s age, a well-trained Yorkie matters. If your puppy was living with a family with children, this will make your life easier as they know how to act properly with children. So, good with children is one of these Yorkie behavior traits and no worries.

yorkies and children

Why Yorkies Do Not Get Along Well With Kids?

Though your children and Yorkie are intelligent and cute, they may not be good together. There are many explanations regarding this fact.


Yorkies are jealous dogs. They love to get all of your attention. Imagine you have two kids of the same age in your house, they are your child and Yorkie.

Yorkshire Terriers Think They Are Big Dogs

Although Yorkshire terriers are small dogs, they always think they are big. Additionally, Yorkie is a confident dog that used to hunt rodents and insects. SO, they might show some aggressiveness toward young children. Furthermore, Yorkies are vocal dogs that bark a lot which may make your child feel afraid.

Yorkshire Terrier Small Size

Yorkies are small-sized dogs that weigh around 7 lbs with 8 to 9 inches of height. Young children may consider Yorkie as a toy, they are not aware of how to deal with it in a proper way. If your child does not know how to handle the puppy, he/she may hurt it causing fractures.

Moreover, if your child missed up with the Yorkie, he/she may get bitten or injured by the puppy. The small size of the Yorkie is the first thing that makes you fall in love with this puppy, however, it is not suitable for children.

Easily Stressed

Yorkies are the kind of dogs that get stressed easily. Most of the Yorkies do not like noisy places, however, they prefer to live in a quiet place with some privacy. A noisy environment can make the puppy stressed and mad.

Yorkshire terrier is a sensitive dog that is prone to stress, and separation anxiety as well. In fact, Yorkies are the best companion dogs for single families. They will consider the puppy as their only child that will get all of their attention.

What If You Want To Adopt A Yorkie While Having Children?

If your children are below 6 years, it is recommended not to go for Yorkies. However, if you insisted to adopt one, here are some tips to follow to help foster the relationship between your Yorkie and child.

Train The Yorkie

You have to learn how to train your Yorkie to deal with children, especially strange kids. Train it to stop doing some wrong behaviors, you can use traits to help you. Additionally, stay away from shouting and yelling at the puppy, Yorkies may become stubborn and the condition will become worse.

An easily trainable breed of Yorkies is the intelligent Yorkie and Silky Terrier mix.

Engage The Child And Yorkie In Some Activities

Try to engage your kid with you in performing some activities for your dog. For instance, go in a walk with your child and Yorkie as well or make your kid help you in training it. Additionally, encourage your child to feed the puppy or give it a treat under your supervision.

Provide Your Yorkie With A Private Space

Make sure to provide your puppy with its own private place where it can have some rest away from the noise. Furthermore, let your child know that he/she should not bother the puppy when it wants to be resting or sleeping.

What To Do If Your Child And Yorkie Are In A Fight?

If Yorkie is barking and showing aggressiveness toward your child, possibly, they are fighting. At that moment, separate the forces by taking your child away from the area and the puppy as well. Additionally, give your puppy some time to chill in its own private place. Do not allow your child to deal with the puppy alone. Finally, try to introduce your child again gradually in a nice way and under your supervision.

Wrap up

Yorkshire terrier is a small fluffy dog that has many amazing traits. It is cute, energetic, and loyal. However, it is not suitable for families with children under 6 years. Sometimes, they show some aggressiveness toward children who do not know how to handle or deal with them properly. Yorkies are like humans, they may feel stressed and prefer to have some rest alone in a quiet place. For further questions, please leave them in the comments below.