Ultimate Guide To Taking Care Of A Yorkie Puppy

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Taking care of a yorkie puppy is a great responsibility because a Yorkie needs special care and things to consider. When you go and have a Yorkie puppy, you must treat it like a human baby. As yorkie puppy care is the same as human child care. Keep reading to learn how to care for a yorkie puppy and things you must consider for this little furry baby.

Things You Need To Buy For Taking Care Of A Yorkie Puppy

Before the arrival of this cute lovely furry creature, you must prepare your home for its reception. Go and buy the following staff to ensure a good and comfortable place for your Yorkie.

Yorkie Crate

A dog crate is something like a mini-house for your Yorkie puppy to stay in, just like having a private room. I know that you can keep it on your bed, however, providing a dog crate will make training it easier. Make sure to get a spacious dog crate for yorkies care when they grow up.

Provide the crate with a comfortable bed and a pee pad. It is important for your Yorkie to stay safe away from young children and other dangers. Additionally, it will help a lot in potty training that is a challenging mission with Yorkies.

Yorkie Bed

Choose a comfortable bed to place into the Yorkie crate. There are stuffed and foam-based dog beds, choose the best for your puppy. Make sure it is big enough to accommodate the size of your puppy after full-grow up.

Yorkie Toys

As Yorkie puppies are like humans, they need something to eliminate their boredom. Toys have many benefits including physical and mental stimulation (puzzle toys), relieving pain while teething (chew toys). Moreover, it keeps good oral hygiene and prevents boredom.

Yorkie puppy is energetic and if you did not provide it with something to play with, it will mess up with the furniture. If you are busy away from it, place your puppy in the playpen and give it some toys. I bet it will never stop playing.

Yorkie Gate

Agate is used for keeping your Yorkie puppy away from things or places to be out of reach. It can be a certain room or stairs or kitchen..etc. Be careful not to let your puppy enter places where there are toxic cleaners, human foods, or certain toxic plants.

Furthermore, keep small things away from it, for instance, decorative stones or marbles and ornaments. The puppy can swallow these small objects and get choked.

Bitter Chew Spray

If you do not want your puppy to chew the sofa or furniture or anything else, apply some of this bitter spray to the things you need the puppy to stay away from. It gives a bitter taste so your Yorkie will step back.

Yorkie Dishes

Shop some dishes to be just for your puppy. Do not go for plastic dishes as they are prone to scratches that harbor bacteria. However, choose ceramic dishes as you can clean them also in the dishwasher.

Yorkie Playpen

A playpen is a closed space where your Yorkie puppy can train and play freely with no worries. If you are busy doing something away from your puppy, just open the playpen and keep it there. The puppy will play and wander smoothly till you finish what you are doing.

There are different kinds and shapes of playpens for any circumstances. There is a wire pen that you can use at home while outside you can use a portable collapsable one.

Regular Vet Visits For Taking Care Of A Yorkie Puppy

After taking your Yorkie puppy home, go to the vet for a check-up even if the breeder told you that he did. The first year is a critical period, keep a good eye on your puppy and give it the proper vaccinations. The vet can see your puppy at least four to six times during the first year.

Ask your vet to keep you posted with dates of vaccines to protect your Yorkie puppy from certain deadly infections including Parvovirus, Bordetella, and Rabies. Here is a schedule of vaccinations needed to check with your vet.

Age Vaccination
6-8 weeks DHLPP (Adenovirus /parvovirus/ Distemper/parainfluenza/Leptospirosis)
9-11 weeks DHLPP
12-14 weeks DHLPP, Lyme, Bordetella, Giardia
16-17 months DHPP, Lyme, Rabies, Giardia

Nutritious Food For Taking Care Of A Yorkie Puppy

Puppies need a special formula for their growth, energy, and muscle building. For instance, the formula must contain at least 22 % protein and 8% fats. Additionally, it has to contain fresh fruit and vegetable sources to provide your puppy with essential vitamins and minerals.

Make sure that the food is organic, free from GMOs and preservatives to avoid Yorkie puppy food allergies. If you are wondering about how you could know all this information, read the labels on the products. However, do not switch between products suddenly, introduce the new food gradually along with the old one till phasing out the old one.

Maintaining A Yorkie Puppy

Bathing A Yorkie Puppy

Try to make the first few baths enjoyable because some Yorkies may feel nervous from the water. Generally, Yorkies do not need a lot of baths in order not to make their skin dry and irritated. It is recommended to bathe it once per month or if it messed up while walking or playing.

Use slightly warm-to-lukewarm water because Yorkie puppy skin is very sensitive. Do not sink it deep inside the water, just make it reach the puppy’s belly. You can give your puppy some treats before and after the shower to encourage it to bathe.

Yorkie Puppy Hair Care

Yorkies have long silky hair that needs special care. Use a nice brush that is produced just for a Yorkie puppy. Brush its hair daily to remove tangles.


In a nutshell, yorkie puppy care is a responsibility that you must be aware of. Before adopting this little furry friend, gather information about taking care of a yorkie puppy as much as you can. Then go for adoption. If you have questions, please keep me posted in the comments below.

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