A Guide On Best Muzzle For Yorkies

Last Updated on November 23, 2021 by Ana P.

Yorkshire terrier is a cute fluffy dog, however, sometimes it shows some aggressiveness so a muzzle for Yorkies is required. Yorkie is a small dog that is why it may develop a kind of anxiety or aggression as a defense. If you have an aggressive Yorkie, I advise you to use a muzzle, especially when going out in public places. A Yorkshire terrier muzzle is a tool that helps prevent your puppy from biting. This is a detailed guide on the benefits of using a muzzle. Additionally, I will provide you with some of the best muzzles for Yorkies.

What Are The Benefits Of Muzzle For Yorkies?

Many people think that muzzle is cruel to dogs, however, in my point of view, it is not. It looks like you are restricting your puppy or harming it though the reverse is correct. Muzzles have many benefits to Yorkies and owners as well especially in certain situations as follows.


Yorkies are prone to anxiety especially around strange people due to their small sizes. If you are going out with a Yorkie that is not well trained, It may feel afraid and lash out at people. The muzzle will protect people from biting and you from getting into trouble.

Emergency Or Medical Care

If your Yorkie has an injury, it will feel pain and afraid. Additionally, it won’t let anybody touch the wound and will be aggressive. That is why using a muzzle is a must in this situation so you can apply a first aid kit. Furthermore, the vet can do its job easily with extra protection.


Yorkshire terrier has beautiful long silky hair that needs brushing and grooming. However, your puppy won’t stay for a long period till the end. Possibly, it wants to play or is exhausted or in a bad mood.

It is beneficial to apply a Yorkshire terrier muzzle while grooming to protect yourself or the groomer. Furthermore, the grooming process will become easier and faster.

Keep Yorkies Away From Some Health Conditions

The title may sound weird to you. I reckon you are asking yourself what is the relationship between a muzzle and health. Applying a muzzle to your Yorkie while hanging out will prevent it from eating garbage.

The garbage may have something toxic or a foreign body causing a chock. Moreover, your puppy may eat a small rodent that has larva of certain parasites causing a parasitic infestation. The street has a lot and you should make sure your Yorkie is not consuming any of those.

Sign For People To Leave Your Yorkie Alone

Usually, when people see a Yorkie, they express their love toward it by petting it. However, Yorkie may feel afraid and anxious from strange people or children that do not know how to handle it. As a result, the puppy may start barking and biting. So, applying a Yorkie muzzle will give people a signal to give your puppy a space.


What Are The Types Of Muzzle For Yorkies?

There are different kinds of muzzles and each kind fits a special situation. Here are types of muzzle for Yorkies with a recommended product for each one:

Basket Muzzle

like its name, this muzzle takes the shape of a basket with spaces to allow your Yorkie to breathe and sometimes eat as well. It is the most comfortable muzzle type because it does not restrict jaw movement.

Mayerzon Basket Dog Muzzle

Mayerzon produced this basket muzzle from durable and non-toxic material. It has adjustable straps to fit your Yorkie’s size. It is tough, malleable, and soft to touch. Furthermore, the product has a manual book and muzzle training guide. Finally, the company offers 12 months warranty and 60 days money-back guarantee.

Slip Muzzle

The slip muzzle takes the shape of a tube to be around the Yorkie’s muzzle. It is the most restrictive type because it does not allow the dog to open its mouth or pant properly while keeping the nose uncovered. Opt for this type in an emergency situation that you should control your dog at once.

Four Paws Muzzle

This muzzle is made of breathable nylon material. It is soft and easy to wash. Moreover, it is adjustable and easy to use due to the presence of a quick-release clasp.

Soft Muzzle

The soft muzzle is suitable for training your Yorkie to wear muzzles. Actually, it does not give good protection, however, it is a good start for your puppy to get used to wearing them. Additionally, it helps your puppy in obedience training.

YAODHAOD Quick Fit Muzzle

This is a soft breathable muzzle that is made of high-quality nylon. It is adjustable that will make your Yorkie feel relaxed and comfortable.

Face Muzzle

Face muzzles do not fit Yorkies, however, it is good for you to learn a hint about it. Dogs with flat faces do not fit into standard muzzles so the face muzzle solved this issue.

Pro Guard Face Muzzle

This face muzzle is made of breathable mesh material with an adjustable strap. Furthermore, it has a cushion strip under the chin to ensure more relaxation for the dog.

What To Consider When Opting For A Muzzle For Yorkies?

  • Before going for a muzzle for your Yorkie, make sure you tried all the possible solutions to train your puppy to stop negative behavior. Consider the muzzle as the last choice.
  • Choose the muzzle type that fits your puppy and your goal from getting one. For instance, use a slip muzzle in case of emergency medical care and a basket muzzle during training.
  • Encourage your puppy to get accustomed to the muzzle by giving it treats in case of letting you apply the muzzle and take it off.

yorkie with muzzle

Wrap Up

Yorkie muzzle is a valid option to prevent it from biting while training it to stop this negative behavior. Additionally, it is critical while walking in the street because it prevents your puppy from eating garbage or rodents, or ant toxic material. Finally, ensure training your puppy properly and choose what is best for it. For more information, please keep me posted in the comments below.