Breeding Yorkies First Time – Things You Need To Know

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Breeding Yorkies first time is performed precisely, it is dependent upon the breeder’s wealth and is not a practice taken lightly. If you have chosen to breed Yorkies for the first time, there is a good chance you already own a Yorkie. It is a challenging process where you must have considerable knowledge of this breed.

Being a Yorkie breeder, take in mind the health of your dam and future puppies. At first, you must think of the circumstances of breeding and then make the decision.

Your focus should be on developing a healthier bloodline and delivering healthy, joyful purebreds.

Decisive Information’s About Breeding Yorkies First Time.

Yorkie breeding involves many aspects that come into play. You must consider a lot of information if it’s your first-time breeding Yorkies. Believing that breeding Yorkies will be a passive income without investing anything, you are wrong.

The best Yorkie breeders breed with love, without thinking of the profit made. Breeding healthy and happy dogs is the first thought that should come into your mind.

Breeding will surely not make you rich. The breeding process is a complex cycle backed by the goal of improving Yorkie bloodlines. Aim to breed dog standards acknowledged by A.K.C while maintaining the healthy life of your pet and their future puppies.

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How Old Do Yorkies Have To Be To Breed – Breeding Yorkies first time

In choosing to breed Yorkies, consider the age. Male Yorkies have viable sperm when they are above a year old. While the best age for female Yorkies to breed puppies is when they are around two-year-old.

For female Yorkies, it’s necessary to go through two heat cycles before breeding. Usually, the first heat cycle is when the female Yorkie is five months old. However, at this point, the dog is too young.

Besides the heat cycles, consider the size and weight of the Yorkie. Female Yorkies should weigh more than males, which can lead to fewer complications in delivering the puppies. Male parents should weigh between four and five pounds, while female Yorkies between five and seven.

The Heat Cycle And The Aspect Of It In Yorkie Mating

When choosing the period of mating, we can not tell the precise heat cycle occurrence. Yorkies’ heat cycle lasts twenty-one days. The heat cycle takes place every five to eight months. The easiest way is calendar tracking, crucial for approximately determining your dog’s heat cycle schedule.

The most fertile is between ten to fourteen days in the cycle, which does not mean that your dog is not capable of successful mating on the first day.

We must acknowledge that every Yorkie is different. Meaning the heat cycle can differentiate in Yorkies. It’s up to the owner’s will to track this process and precisely predict the period of the heat cycle.

If you are not sure if the heat cycle period has come, there are a few signs that you should take into consideration.

Signs Indicating That A Yorkie Is In Heat

If you notice different changes in your Yorkie, any of the following may include:

  • Your female Yorkie has a discharge of clear fluid for a set of days.
  • Changes from a clear fluid into a cream-colored.
  • Observe blood in fluids being leaked. Light-pink color can vary for toy breed dogs.
  • Expended vulva. For a Yorkie, this can be moderate.
  • Appetite change – some Yorkies will eat more, others less. Based on the uterus contracts that your dog is experiencing.
  • Change in moods, Yorkies could feel clingier.

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Controlling Of Breeding Yorkies First Time

The importance of controlling the mating is crucial in Breeding Yorkies first time. The acknowledgment of the Yorkie position through the heatwave is needed to avoid unsupervised mating with other dogs. Owners tend to lose focus and a close eye on their dogs. That could lead to a Yorkie mating with a stray dog.

Pheromones are released when your Yorkie goes to the bathroom. That is the reason why you could see stray dogs around your property. By any means, don’t let her outside unsupervised. Otherwise, your Yorkie could get hurt by a larger dog or mate with a crossbreed.

If you are not planning on having Yorkie mating and want to avert mixed breeds, it is essential to retain her at home or have her on a short leash.

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The Pregnancy Period Of Yorkies

Yorkie pregnancy information is significant for having a smooth puppy bearing. The first signs of Yorkie’s pregnancy are vital. As an owner, you should know some of them. That means you could react as soon as possible and avoid problems.

First Signs Of A Yorkie Being Pregnant

Some of the signs that could lead to the acknowledgment of your Yorkie being pregnant are:

  • Acting, sleepy, or having lower energy levels.
  • Firmer stomach than usual.
  • Nipples are considerable in growth.
  • The Yorkie may begin to gather items, trying to make a soft surrounding for herself.

If you have recognized some of these signs, the next step is to schedule a vet appointment. That approach should assure you of your Yorkie’s pregnancy.

The veterinarian can perform an ultrasound or x-ray, although this is done late into pregnancy.

Caring About Your Yorkie While In Pregnancy

The owner’s focus should be accordingly feeding and caring for the Yorkie. As her appetite increases, the meal schedule needs to get substituted with free-feeding. You would like to exercise your dam, take her out for fifteen-to-twenty-minute walks.

Comfortable nests are a must when the labor begins. Besides that, extra supplementation needs to get expelled only if your vet didn’t instruct you otherwise.

Delivering The Yorkie Puppies

The first step is placing the dam in a comfortable spot, well layered with soft blankets. The puppies may come in a span of up to two hours. As the puppies come out, it’s normal for the dam to lick the puppies and ingest the placenta and other soft tissues.

After the laboring period has ended, we must ensure every puppy is well and nursed by the dam. If some puppies have trouble getting nursed, apply hand feeding.

Breeding Newborn Yorkie Puppies

The process of nurturing puppies splits into three sub-periods. In this time, the puppies develop in closed circumstances. After this period, the puppies can receive their first vaccine shots. The owner must know this Yorkie breeding information.

First Period (Birth To Three Weeks Old)

In this period, the puppies should double their weight in the first ten days. Nutritious food for the dam is essential for breeding healthy puppies. The dam is the sole caretaker of the Yorkie puppies. During this time, cleaning and feeding are the main focus.

If you find out some puppies are underweight, you should instantly hand-feed them. If you acknowledge this too late, it could lead to fatal situations.

At three weeks, puppies need to wander around and play with toys. Milk teeth are coming out, so puppies need toys to gnaw. Always consult with your vet about the first deworming.

Second Period (Four To Five Weeks Old)

Yorkie puppies should start eating solid foods now. You should consider house training. At this stage, the puppies are full of energy. The majority of the time awake should consist of playful activities.

Human interaction is essential for developing puppies. Holding and exposing them to household noises is mandatory, so the puppy can keep it calm throughout the day.

Do the second deworming, again, with your vet’s consultation.

Third Period (Six-week-old)

Naming your dog is essential in this period. At six-week-old, Yorkies have fully developed their sight and hearing. Calling out the puppy’s names is often good practice currently.

The puppies are ready to explore the world around them, and getting away from the dam should help them develop faster. They should learn new smells and sounds. Making your house puppy-proof by removing small chewable items needs to be done.

The Yorkie puppy should be cleaned regularly, despite the fact it’s almost time for regular baths and grooming.

As we mentioned, after the end of these three periods, apply vaccine shots.

Final Thoughts About Breeding Yorkies First Time

The process of breeding Yorkies is complex and requires extensive knowledge to do it right. As an owner, you should take this seriously. Taking into consideration all the key factors that we mention is a must. Focusing on breeding healthy and happy puppies should be your primary goal.

However, many breeders only foresee this as financial pleasure, don’t be one of them.

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