Meet The Breed: Yoranian…Teacup Yorkie and Pomeranian Mix

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The Yoranian or Yorkie pom is the result of teacup Yorkie and pomeranian mix or regular Yorkie and pomeranian mix. The aim of crossing breeds is to get a puppy that has the healthiest and best genes of both breeds. When getting Pomeranian and Yorkie mixed together, we obtain an energetic, playful, and intelligent puppy. Although we know good information about the parents, we can not determine exactly how Yorkie Pomeranian puppy will be. Keep reading to know more fun facts about this furry ball and how to deal with it.

History of Teacup Yorkie and Pomeranian Mix

Like many other hybrid breeds, we do not know exactly when and where this mix occurred. However, some suggested that they are originated in North America around 20 years ago.

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Some Yorkie Pom Information

As Yorkie Pom is a crossbreed, we can not speculate exactly how will it behave. Actually, it depends on its genetic dominance. In other words, If the Yorkie pom got most of its genes from Yorkie, it will act almost like Yorkie.

While if it got most of its genes from Pomeranian, it will behave mostly as Pomerania. Here are some fun facts about the Yoranian breed:

  • Breed group: unspecific
  • Weight: 3-7 pounds
  • Height: 6-12 inches
  • Life span: 12-15 years
  • Coat: Maybe single layer as Yorkies or double layer as Pomeranian
  • Colors: Maybe solid including brown, grey, black, white, silver, or multicolor including black and tan, blue and tan, or black and white
  • Fur: straight, wavy, wiry, or fuzzy with being medium or long in length.
  • Litter size: 2-4 puppies
  • Temperament: intelligent, friendly, alert, energetic, affectionate, curious.
  • Recognition: the American Canine Hybrid Club, Designer Dogs Kennel Club, Designer Breed Registry, The International Designer Canine Registry, Dog Registry of America.
  • Other names: Yoranian, Yorkie pom, Porki.

Temperament of Yorkie Pom

Yorkie pom is a playful and intelligent puppy that will be a great companion of yours. Additionally, they have a tendency to bark especially if they felt something dangerous to their owners. That’s why they would be good guard dogs despite their small sizes.

Moreover, they are suitable for families with older children and single families, they get along well with them. However, it is not recommended to adopt Yorkie pom if you have young kids because they do not have enough experience on how to handle this little furry puppy correctly. Furthermore, Yorkie poms need to be socialized early if you have other pets because they may show some aggressiveness toward strange pets and people.

What are The Health Conditions of Yoranians?

The Yoranians are generally healthy dogs, however, they are prone to some health conditions like other breeds. For instance, hip dysplasia, falling of teeth, patellar luxation, eye irritation, in addition to the following issues:

Retinal Atrophy

Progressive retinal atrophy is a partial or complete loss of function of the retina of the eye. This condition may lead to blindness. Signs of retinal atrophy include night blindness, nervousness at night, and bumping into things when the light is faint. If you noticed any of these signs, go to the vet immediately to discuss the available solutions to the condition.

Collapsed Trachea

The trachea is the tube in the throat that connects it with the lungs where the air passes through. Tracheal collapse is a condition in which the tracheal rings lose their rigidity and strength so the air passes hardly to the lungs. The dog would suffer from a dry, harsh cough that may worsen at night. Tracheal collapse may be corrected surgically or medically depending on each case and the degree.

Training Yorkie Pom

Yorkie pom is an intelligent dog that listens to your orders and understands them well, however, you have to be firm and consistent otherwise it can develop Small Dog Syndrome. Generally, Yorkie poms do not require much exercising, you can take it in a walk for 15 minutes twice per day. Additionally, go for teaching it some tricks for mental stimulation. Sometimes your puppy may become stubborn so you have to be patient and do not shout at it, use some treats as an alternative to encourage it to listen to your commands.

Maintenance and Grooming

Brush the coat of your puppy every day to prevent tangling and matting. If there is long hair surrounding the eyes, trim it to prevent eye infections. Brush the teeth regularly to prevent plaque build-up. Moreover, Clean its ears with a cloth and cut the nails when becoming long.

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Feeding Yorkie Pom

Make sure to feed your puppy highly nutritious dry food, it is recommended to be organic free from preservatives and coloring. Divide the food to be 4 to 5 meals per day as the stomach of this little furry dog won’t be able to digest all the food at once. Be vigilant as Yorkie pom is prone to obesity, do not overfeed it or give it lots of treats.

Yorkie eating

Is Yorkie Pom Hypoallergenic?

We can not say yes or no because it depends. In other words, if the puppy inherited the single-layer coat of the Yorkie, it will be hypoallergenic because the coat does not shed a lot. However, if it inherited the double-layer coat of the pomeranian, in this case, it is not hypoallergenic because the coat sheds moderately.

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How Much Does Yorkie Pom Cost?

Yorkie pom costs between $400 to $1,000 with annual maintenance of around $1000.

Is Yorkie Pom a Good Family Dog?

Yes, it is a great companion dog that will add joy and love to your family. This little furry ball is suitable for single families and families with children over 6 years. Do not forget to teach your children how to deal with it in a correct way.


Final Thoughts

Yorkie pom or Yoranian is a hybrid between Yorkshire terrier and Pomeranian. It has a great temperament including intelligence, friendly, alert, energetic, affectionate, and curious. The Yoranian is a crossbreed so we can not expect exactly its behavior, however, it has all the amazing characters of both its parents. If you decided to adopt Yorkie pom, search for a reputable breeder and ask for pet insurance. For further questions, please leave your comments below.