The Ultimate Guide To Yorkie Pregnancy Week By Week

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For all Yorkies’ owners, now I’ll take you through all information about yorkie pregnancy week by week. When your female Yorkie reaches 10 months, you usually go for conceiving it to get pregnant. However, owners do not usually figure out if their females are pregnant or not. Additionally, pregnancy needs special care including nutrition, vet visits, and many more. In this guide, you will get to know everything about yorkie pregnancy week by week and how to determine if she is pregnant.

How To Detect Yorkie’s Female Pregnancy?

In the early weeks of pregnancy, you won’t notice any changes in your Yorkie. She is still active and physiologically normal. To notice if your Yorkie is pregnant, start looking for the following signs from the end of the fourth week from mating:

  1. Appetite changes to be more or less
  2. Body trembling
  3. Transparent vaginal excretion that has no color or smell
  4. Sometimes vomiting
  5. Her nipples start to grow and change to be pink in color
  6. Changing in her behavior to be less energetic, more affectionate. Also, she may isolate herself a little to have some privacy and build a nest
  7. Frequent urination as the new baby exerts stress on her bladder
  8. Abdominal growth
  9. She is tired and tends to sleep more than normal

Furthermore, going to your vet to perform an ultrasound check or blood test will make things clear whatever you noticed the signs or not. However, put in your mind that no signs will appear until 14-20 days after conception.

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Can A Yorkie Have A False Pregnancy?

yes, it occurs, sometimes Yorkie females could experience false pregnancy due to some hormonal fluctuations after the estrus cycle whether they got pregnant before or not. This hormone change prepares the uterus to receive a baby that is why they feel the emotions of pregnancy. Moreover, Yorkie females can have false pregnancies even if they were not mated.

Signs Can Appear From 4 To 9 Weeks After The Previous Heat Including:

  • Lethargy
  • Fluid retention
  • Mammary gland enlargement, with or without milk production
  • Appetite loss
  • Restlessness and aggressive behavior
  • Nesting and adopting toys
  • Refusal of performing any usual exercise or activity

Diagnosis and Treatment Of False Pregnancy

By looking at the signs of true and false pregnancy, you may mix up between both. So, I recommend you to go to the vet for an ultrasound check to detect if your female is pregnant or not. If she is experiencing a false pregnancy, the vet would prescribe some medications to relieve the symptoms including a diuretic and tranquilizer.

Diagnosis and Treatment Of False Pregnancy

Furthermore, I advise you not to remove the nest she made. This is a common mistake that you should not do, however, try to distract her from staying there.

How Long Are Yorkies Pregnant For?

The yorkie gestation period is around 2 months, ranging between 57 to 65 days. During this period, loads of changes occur to the baby and mother as well. So, keep a good eye on your female till giving birth safely.

Female Yorkie Pregnancy Week By Week

From Conception To The 11th Day

Pregnancy usually does not occur from the first conception trial, however, you have to repeat the process more than one time. Let’s say that your female got pregnant from day 3 or 4 after conception when fertilization of the eggs occurs. Then the fertilized eggs will travel to the uterus to stay there and grow.

From Day 12 To Day 20

The placenta will start to form between day 12 to day 14 and the embryo will be around 0.6mm. From day 15 to day 20, the embryo will grow more to be 2 mm, and some organs will be formed including internal organs, head, jaw, spine, and nervous system.

From Day 21 To Day 25

During this stage, the size of the fetus would be around 5 mm that you can see well by the ultrasound. Moreover, you can feel the babies by palpation from outside the abdomen of your Yorkie. There, the eyes, nose, limbs, ears, and teeth of the babies are present.

From day 26 to day 32

Here the bones of the fetus would continue calcification and by the end of day 32, the baby would weigh around the fifth of the newborn puppy. In this stage, try to decrease the exercises of your Yorkie as she needs some rest to avoid hurting the babies.

From Day 33 To Day 40

During this stage, the babies are completely formed and covered with short hair.

From Day 45 Till Delivery

In this period, the abdomen is more enlarged, and nipples are bigger. Your female would become restless and refuse to eat so make sure to divide her meals to be 4 or 5 meals per day. Now, everything is ready and babies are coming.

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How Many Puppies Do Yorkies Usually Have?

Normally, dogs can have around 6 to 10 puppies per litter but for Yorkies, it differs. Yorkies usually have around 3 to 5 puppies in the litter, sometimes, it can bear more but this is uncommon. The number of babies Yorkie female bears depends on many factors including:

  • Size of Yorkie: If the female is large in size, she could have more babies in a litter and babies could be large in size too. However, smaller females bear fewer babies.
  • Age of Yorkie: The younger your female is, the more babies and pregnancies she could have. While, by getting older, the number of babies and pregnancies could reduce.
  • Genetics: If your female has a genetic predisposition to have a large number of babies and frequent pregnancies, she will be like this more than those that do not have.
  • Health status of both the female and male: If they are healthy and fed nutritious food, they will be able to produce more babies that are healthy too.

Final Thoughts

In a conclusion, Yorkie females are highly fertile and can get pregnant easily so prepare it well before getting into this stage. The Yorkie gestation period is around 2 months and you can start noticing the early signs of pregnancy within the end of the fourth week from conception. However, if you are a novice owner who can not distinguish the signs, a short visit to the vet would solve the issue. For further questions, please let me know in the comments below.

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