How To Cut Yorkie Hair With Scissors?

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You wonder how to cut Yorkie hair with scissors, is that possible? Of course, it is! Deep dive into this article and find out!

When you are thinking of the haircutting process, keep in mind that you need a well-behaved Yorkie at first. In other words, your Yorkie mustn’t be traumatized by the grooming process.

Every owner can groom their Yorkie at home. It’s a steady learning process and needs a lot of focus and calmness. Other than that, you need a good set of tools as well. We will cover everything you need to know!

Do’s And Don’ts When Doing A Yorkie Face Cut And Yorkie Hair Cut

So, before we get into the process of cutting Yorkie hair with scissors, you need to set up and know what to expect from this process. Many owners get into this process without knowing, so don’t be that kind of owner.

how to cut my yorkies hair

1.     Firstly, be patient!

Yorkies may sense your anxiety, so make sure you’re calm and relaxed as well, and that you’ve allotted enough time for the grooming session. Slow down and pay attention to what you’re doing and how your dog responds.

When using scissors, be especially cautious. If your Yorkie panics and won’t sit still, try grooming more frequently, like once a week, and only do small portions at a time. Pause if you notice symptoms of stress, such as shaking, whimpering, or panting.

Also, make sure to show praise and give treats to your Yorkie. Make it a memorable occasion. Your Yorkie will ultimately become acclimated to the process and feel more at ease if you treat him with compassion and patience.

2.     Choose a safe place!

You’ll want to be able to see what you’re doing and have a nonslip surface. Tethering your Yorkie while grooming might result in horrific catastrophes.

Of course, if your Yorkie enjoys being brushed, brush them whenever and wherever you can—it may be a wonderful bonding experience.

3.     Use the best equipment that you can find!

When it comes to brushing, are you using the correct brush? A particular brush may be required depending on your Yorkie’s fur and skin type. Look up what sort of brush is best for your Yorkie’s coat online, or contact your veterinarian.

Similarly, ensure sure your dog’s nail clippers, scissors, and trimmer are of good quality and suited for him. If you’re unsure, don’t hesitate to seek advice from your veterinarian.

4.     Understand the limits of your Yorkie

Despite your best efforts and good intentions, your dog may still refuse to remain quiet and stand still when being groomed. If this occurs, consider enlisting the assistance of a trustworthy friend while grooming, or consult your veterinarian about natural calming remedies.

If you’re having trouble clipping your nails securely at home, you may always approach your veterinarian for assistance.

5.     Don’t give up if your Yorkie won’t tolerate you

It’s fine if it takes time for you and your Yorkie to become used to grooming at home. If you think your Yorkie requires a professional groomer, look for a local groomer that comes highly recommended, ideally a mobile grooming service that can groom your Yorkie at home if that option is available.

Look up your selections on the internet and browse through the ratings and reviews. If you’re not sure, get a recommendation from your veterinarian. Also, be certain that the groomer you chose allows you to remain with your animal partner during the grooming procedure.

How To Cut My Yorkies Hair With Ease?

So, we get to the real part of cutting the hair. Every owner wants this process to be easy. Firstly, we will cover the types of scissors for Yorkies.

Yorkie scissors types

When doing a Yorkie haircut with scissors, that should be a pleasurable experience. Remember that you will be performing the cut, and if you are uncomfortable, the dog will sense it immediately.

So, how do you pick the appropriate scissors, ones that will fit in your palm while still cutting your Yorkie’s hair professionally? It all depends on the length and kind of your Yorkie’s hair. It also relies on the sort of cut you intend to perform. Are you a right- or left-handed person?

Yorkie grooming scissors come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each with its own set of functions. We will attempt to cover them all immediately so that you may select the best option for you.

  • Straight Grooming Scissors – These scissors use is for developing a straight edge. Especially the eyes, ears, and on some occasions the tail. This type of scissors is the first step into home grooming practices. Choose the right ones and be careful because they are very sharp!
  • Thinning Scissors- These scissors are used to achieve a natural appearance. Because it dilutes the dog’s hair without removing any length, it is utilized for the main body.
  • Curved Type Scissors – These have a rounded appearance and are mostly used to shape your Yorkie body.
  • Band Scissors- These are used for cutting the dog’s tangles with ease and a high level of safety.
  • Round-Tipped Scissors- Used for cutting the hair around the paws and face.

Now that you know the types of scissors, let’s hop onto the next step and describe the whole process in a detailed step-by-step guide.

How To Cut Yorkie Face Hair With Scissors At Home?

Here we will cover the whole process from start to finish, so you can get the perfect look on your Yorkie.

Step 1: Decide on a hairstyle

Before you begin, you need to decide on the type of hairstyle you want to do. You might gain inspiration by looking for dog haircut ideas on Pinterest.

Step 2: Prepare your Yorkie

The procedure should be calm; you do not want your dog to move or play throughout the procedure. That is why you should select a non-stimulation zone, which is a location free of loud noises and distractions. A location where your dog will be at ease.

Step 3: Pet your Yorkie

While your dog is in a soothing environment, pet him to make him feel better. However, avoid playing with him since we want him to unwind.

Step 4: Brush your Yorkie face and body

Try to brush it in the direction of the fur’s development. Just make sure the coat is facing in the right way.

Step 5: Cut the Yorkie long hair with scissors

There may be spots on your dog’s body where lengthy hair would affect him, such as behind his snout. Brush his hair at the front and trim it short so he doesn’t have any fur around his eyes.

Step 6: Trimming the ears

Be cautious not to harm the real ear while trimming the hair around the ears. To avoid this, grasp the ear in one hand while cutting the hair around the ear’s border with the other.

Step 7: You should use the thinning scissors to dilute the coat

Try to use it in the back and front of the neck, so it looks more natural and feels more comfortable for your Yorkie. Simply snip the thinning scissors a few times until you achieve the desired full results.

Step 8: Cut the chest, legs, and the fur on the Yorkie tail

After you finished cutting the face fur of your Yorkie, try to cut the other parts. The first starts from the chest then continue to the legs and the fur on the tail. The last step should be the back fur, after that finish with washing your dog.

So, after you have washed your Yorkie, it’s best to reward them for going through this process. In other words, reward them for being a good pet.

Conclusion On How To Cut Yorkie Hair With Scissors?

The process of cutting the Yorkies coat is at the same time fun and stressful. However, try to use your full focus into it so you avoid any bad situations. Before you go into the process of cutting the hair, remember that sometimes your Yorkie won’t behave well. In that case, try to postpone the process.

Always keep in mind the health of your Yorkie and take this process step by step.

If you have any other thoughts on this topic comment below and share them with other Yorkie lovers!

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