Introducing Different Yorkie Hair Types..Grooming and Hairstyles

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Do you know that there are many and different yorkie hair types?!, this small loving creature has many unique traits. Yorkie’s hair is one of the main characteristics that make Yorkie stand out from other breeds. However, it may vary between them depending on their genes. You may see a yorkie with curly hair or silky haired yorkie with different colors as well. Keep reading to learn more about different coat types, how to take care of each one, and different fashionable hairstyles.

What Are Yorkie Hair Types?

Yorkies’ hair ranges from smooth and silky to curly and wavy. Yorkies have a single-layer coat that differs between puppyhood to adulthood. Here are different types of Yorkie coats and hair:

Puppy Coat

The short hair yorkie puppies have coats that are different from adult coats. The puppy coat is thick, soft, and darker than the adult coat. The reason for being different is that the puppy coat helps in keeping your Yorkie puppy warm on cold days. It has tan and black highlights that turn to be darker when becoming adults.

yorkie puppy coat

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Silky Coat

The silky coat is one of the most beautiful adult Yorkie coats. It has long, straight, and silky hair that is fine, smooth, and glossy. Additionally, this makes Yorkies qualified for dog shows and competitions.

Wavy Or Cotton Coat

This coat is also known as woolly or wire coat and is one of the adult Yorkie coat types. The cotton coat has wavy and dense hair that does not grow long as silky hair. Despite Yorkies are low shedders dogs, those with way coats tend to shed more than the silky coats.

What Are Yorkie Hair Colors?

Yorkie coat colors vary between puppies and adults, it depends on the genes of the puppy, if it is purebred or mixed with another breed. However, there are four coat colors that are recognized by the AKC: black and tan, black and gold, blue and tan, blue and gold. Moreover, there are other rare colors including red, silver, golden, and chocolate. Puppies have black and tan, black and gold colors while adults have blue and tan and blue and gold.

How To Groom different Yorkie Hair Types?

Grooming your Yorkie is such an important procedure that you should perform at least three times per week. Grooming is done by brushing your puppy’s hair to prevent tangling, hair loss, infections and to keep a healthy shiny coat. Furthermore, every coat type has its unique way of grooming and tools.

Grooming A Silky Coat

Lay your Yorkie on its side for proper and easy brushing. Then, start brushing the hair with a pin brush from the lower part of their body and gradually going up. During the process, try to divide the hair into several strips to brush to avoid hair or coat damage and to avoid tangling as well. Finally, repeat the brushing on the other side.

Grooming A Wavy Coat

The wavy coat is dense and wooly so its brushing differs from the silky coat. It is recommended for wavy coats to use a pin brush or a comb because a cotton coat is more vulnerable to having dirt and debris so it needs special brushing for a good cleaning. To groom the Yorkie with a wavy coat, lay it on its side and start brushing the hair gently towards the growing part of the coat. Be cautious not to repeat brushing of the same area to avoid irritation

How To Bathe Yorkies?

Yorkies have sensitive skin so avoid bathing them frequently. It is advisable to bathe your puppy once per month or if it accidentally messed up with dirt while playing or walking outside. Try to wash their hair using high-quality shampoo and conditioner that do not induce skin allergy.

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What Are Different Yorkie Hair Styles?

Giving your Yorkie a new haircut has so many benefits not just for appearance but also for health. Regardless of having a new look, cutting your Yorkie’s hair will minimize eye infections, skin parasitic infections, and frequent baths. Here are some of the most famous hairstyles of Yorkies:

The Show Hairstyles

The show hairstyle is usually seen in shows and competitions. The Yorkie’s hair is left uncut, they keep the hair long with luxurious locks and a top knot. However, it takes a lot of maintenance to keep it clean with no tangles.

The Puppy Cut

The puppy cut is a single-length haircut that makes your Yorkie looks younger. The groomer performs puppy cut by cutting the long hair in an uneven way to be shorter around 1 to 1.5 inches more or less. This hairstyle does not require a lot of maintenance and is suitable for the summer season.

The Teddy Bear

The teddy bear hairstyle aims to give your Yorkie the shape of a cute teddy bear. The groomer will cut the hair evenly all over the body while cutting the hair of the face in a circular way. This hairstyle is easy to maintain and bathe.

The Shave Down-Cut

The groomer will do this hairstyle by cutting the hair of the body to be just half an inch with leaving the hair of the head, legs, and tail to be a little longer.

The Shave Down-Cut

Schnauzer Trim

Schnauzer’s hairstyle is inspired by the Schnauzer. The groomer will cut the hair of the upper part of the body to be a half-inch while leaving some bib on the chest. Also, they cut the hair of mustache and ears to be a little longer.

Final Thoughts

Yorkshire terrier has different hair and coat types, it ranges from long, soft, and silky to wavy and curly. You can not speculate which hair type will your puppy have because it depends on its genetics and if it is purebred or a crossbreed. The same goes for the coat colors, there are typical colors recognized by the AKC including black and tan, black and gold, blue and tan, blue and gold. On the other hand, there are rare colors including red, chocolate, and golden. If you have any inquiries, please leave your comments down below.

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