Silver Haired Yorkie – Introduction To This Unique Color

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The silver-haired Yorkie is a rare color type of this breed. If you want to know more about it and how to spot it, deep dive into this reading!

As every breed of dog has different colors, some of them are rare and some common. Every color scheme is defined by the genetics of their ancestors. Some colorways are accepted as kennel standards, and some are not.

Yorkies in general have a huge variety of colors and color transformations. However, the Silver-haired Yorkie is the one that catches the glimpse of all Yorkie owners.

What Are The Colors Of Yorkie Puppies

The Yorkie puppies when they come out of the dam might have different colors than when they grow up and get mature. Three main colors are found in these cute little fellas, black, tan, blue, and gold.

These colors come in different combinations and produce unique puppies. However, we didn’t mention the color gray. Well, the silver-haired Yorkie is not born with gray and platinum colors. These traits come out when the puppy gets old and develops a unique color mix.

The key color is blue when we mention the silver-haired Yorkie, this blue color will dilute into shiny silver when it gets older. However, not every coat in a Yorkie will dilute the whole blue color into silver. So, in many cases, it is depending on the genetics and the development of the Yorkie.

How To Spot A Silverback Yorkie

grey yorkie

The easiest way to spot a silverback Yorkie is by the splitting of their colors as they get older. In other words, the colors should split as they become older, with the tan hue remaining on the face and neck, and a steel-blue tint emerging on the body.

The silverback Yorkies are a rare breed of Yorkshire terrier with a lighter blue hue that resembles silver rather than steel blue.

What Is Affecting The Color Change In Silverback Yorkies

The silverback Yorkie develops because of their genetics. The main gene which plays a big part in the transition of color is the black pigment and red pigment. Yorkie puppies have a dominant black gene, and when they age the black gene starts to disappear and the red one takes its place.

As they age, the red pigment starts to lighten up and transition into platinum silver Yorkie. In some Yorkies, this can be easily seen if the larger portion of these red genes transitions into lighter shades.

Several factors affect the lighting of the coat in Yorkies. Firstly, nutrient shortages such as copper can change the quality of the coat and its color. Secondary, exposure to the sun can lighten up the black coat of the Yorkie, turning it into platinum or silver color.

Other key factors can be diseases, such as vitiligo. This can lighten up the coat and make it lose the whole pigment. In other words, turning the coat into white color.

How Does Color Change Happen In Silver Haired Yorkie

Throughout their aging process, at around 8 to 10 weeks the change from black or brown into golden or tan happens. At this point, you can see the true colors of your Yorkie. If the red gene comes out as a dominant gene, the lighting process starts.

In other words, we can precisely tell you how the color change happens. However, it’s best to track the progress of your Yorkie and see how they develop. The true coat color comes after around 130 days, that is the time when the secondary coat emerges, although that can vary because every Yorkie is unique.

Difference Between Grey Yorkie And Platinum Silver Yorkie

There is no big difference between these two names. Some owners like to call their Yorkie silver platinum, or some just keep it simple and call it gray Yorkie. So, it’s in the to the owner decide which name they are willing to give to their Yorkie.

Some forum discussions prefer to name the platinum Yorkie, but they are pretty much just lighter blond. However, there are many negative impacts from these names. Yorkie breeders tend to ask more money for these colors and even sometimes mix breed the Yorkie to achieve this.

Crossbreeding can have a huge impact on the health of the Yorkie. So, be cautious before diving into a purchase of this mixed type.

platinum silver yorkie

Silver Haired Yorkie Physical Attributes

The physical attribute of this type is nearly the same as the original colored Yorkie. There are some color differences. The silver-haired Yorkie is full of energy and can make every owner happy and full of positive energy.

When we go in-depth of the attribute which this type carries, it’s best to analyze the silky silver-haired Yorkie. In the silky silver-haired Yorkies is easy to spot this color. They develop this color on their backs when the black coat starts to lighten up.

It’s especially easy to spot this in the long-haired silky Yorkie. Some people call them platinum as well because of the gray 0coat reflection which produces that platinum look.

No matter the name, the silver-haired Yorkie is the perfect and unique dog. Many lovers of this breed love this look. In other words, the look is extremely prestigious and makes the owner feel empowered by this colorway.

We must mention that the silver-haired Yorkie price is way higher than the original tri-colored Yorkie. So, if you want to get one of these breeds expect to pay around 1000$ to 1.500$.

Final Thought On Silver Haired Yorkie

The silver-haired Yorkie is one of the most unique types of colorways this breed can develop. The beauty of that gray and platinum look for sure is going to amaze everyone that spots it. If you want to get a Yorkie puppy that develops this color pattern, it’s best to analyze its parents and ancestors.

Although don’t get disappointed if your Yorkie puppy doesn’t grow into this colorway, every Yorkie is beautiful in its own way.

If you have anything to share about this topic, feel free to write in the comment section below!

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