Yorkies Hair Care – How To Care For The Yorkie Coat

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Yorkie hair care is a process to which every Yorkie owner needs to contribute. If you want to find out the key elements, read this article!

The Yorkshire Terrier breed is a unique and special canine. They have special needs when it comes to maintaining their coat. Why is that? Well, the Yorkie has a special coat that is very similar to the human. So, you must provide special care and a well-balanced diet.

If you want to show off your Yorkie to beauty contests, there are A.K.C standards that need to be fulfilled. To find them out, check the topics below!

Yorkie Hair Composition And Look

The coat of a Yorkshire Terrier mimics human hair more than that of an ordinary dog. It develops in single strands, with just one hair emerging from each follicle, while other breeds’ follicles normally have three to five hairs.

These hairs develop in a long, straight bundle and increase 1 to 1.5cm every month. The coat should also be silky and lustrous.

Another distinguishing feature of the Yorkshire Terrier’s coat is that it lacks an undercoat. This implies that your Yorkie’s skin is much more open to the weather daily, including heat, cold, and rain.

As a result, they may require an outside coat for extra protection, so you’ll need to monitor their skin for infections and hair loss.

So, we can conclude that the Yorkshire Terrier coat needs some extra management for it to look perfect and silky.

how to make yorkie hair silky

How To Keep Yorkie Hair From Matting?

Mats don’t simply irritate the coat. They contribute to the discomfort and irritation of a dog’s skin. If this happens, the dog bites or tries to chew on the surface, causing the mat to grow larger and the hair to become more tangled.

So, if you notice this, you must know that this biting process will darken the Yorkie hair and create skin problems and irritations. In other words, keep an eye on your Yorkie hair care and their actions. In that case, you need to brush the matt and remove it.

When the dog is getting brushed at least twice a week or even daily, these little knots may be swiftly separated. If you don’t brush this section of the Yorkie coat for an extended period, larger knots form. That can cause bigger problems in the future. So, brush and remove matting in them regularly.

A matted, rough Yorkie is not a happy Yorkie. So, here’s how to groom a matted-haired Yorkie and make your Yorkie happy and full of joy.

How Often Should Yorkshire Terrier Grooming Be Done?

The long, silky coat of your Yorkie requires specific care, not only to make it all look beautiful but also for cleanliness and health reasons.

Regular grooming includes daily combing to remove the dead strands and tangles and maintain their skin healthy. That is crucial for the well-being of your Yorkie. Brushing your Yorkshire Terrier’s coat eliminates the dust and dirt that accumulates during the day.

It also aids in the stimulation of sebum production, which waterproofs their coat and keeps their skin moisturized. Brushing the Yorkie hair also allows you to check for wounds, thorns, and parasites. Your Yorkshire Terrier will require professional grooming once a month, including hair clipping.

Yorkshire Terrier Grooming Process

Working in the direction of hair growth, use a slicker brush to release any knots each day. Keep an eye on your Yorkshire Terrier’s hair, especially if it’s long, as it might irritate the skin.

A bristle brush may also be used to give gloss to your Yorkie’s coat. Untangle hair around their hocks, tail, and paws with a wide-toothed comb.

When brushing your Yorkshire Terrier, avoid using a nylon brush since it can break the hairs and destroy their coat.

As part of your Yorkie’s grooming routine, you’ll need to clean their teeth, eyes, and ears, in addition, to care for their unique coat.

Guide On How To Shave A Matted Yorkshire Terrier

The first step is to get the equipment you need. Get a clipper that is clean and well-oiled. Look out for the temperature of the clippers if they get too hot let them cool down.

The next step is to introduce the Yorkie to the clippers and get them used to the sound and the process.

After that, position your Yorkie on a well-balanced surface. Then put a leash on them to keep them in one place.

The next step is to start the grooming process. Start from the face and neck and then go toward the back. Some owners use scissors for the face, and we think that it’s the best way of shaving the face of your Yorkie as well.

Be careful when shaving around the nipples and the face. When you come near the matted area, go slow and carefully. The matting firstly must be decomposed with a comb, if that fails you need to shave it entirely.

Lastly, wash your Yorkie so you remove all the extra hair from their coat. After that you need to wash them and make their hair silky, you will learn about that in the next section.

How To Make Yorkie Hair Silky?

Bathing Yorkies too frequently destroys the natural oils that preserve their skin and coat. Puppies should also not be washed until they are three months old.

However, you should bathe or shower your Yorkshire Terrier every one to three months from then on. If they like swimming, make sure to rinse their coat after each swim with clean water.

Follow these procedures to give your Yorkshire Terrier a relaxing bath and the perfect Yorkie hair care process.

  1. To remove any knots in their coat, begin by brushing it well.
  2. In a big bowl or baby bath, place your Yorkshire Terrier on a rubber mat. This will assist children from sliding and getting hurt, as well as developing a fear of being washed.
  3. Using lukewarm water, wet their coat all over.
  4. Lather their coats with a Yorkie dog shampoo, being careful not to get it in their eyes or ears. Shampoo for people, even newborns, should never be used on dogs since it is too acidic and irritates their skin.
  5. Allow the shampoo to work for a few minutes before thoroughly rinsing it with plenty of water. Because Yorkie prefers to shake their heads dry, it’s best to rinse the head last.

Wipe your puppy or dog down with a towel and place them in a warm area until completely dry. To speed up the drying process, use a hairdryer, but gradually introduce it to them and be careful not to burn them. Brush their hair while using the hairdryer to avoid matting.

Final Thoughts On Yorkie Hair Care

Yorkie hair care is a process that lasts the entire life of your Yorkie. You must take it seriously and maintain your Yorkie hair to prevent further skin infections and diseases. If you plan to take your Yorkie to beauty contests, the hair care needs to be at a high level.

Every Yorkie can experience hair matting. So, it’s best to comb their hair regularly, go to grooming appointments and use conditioner when bathing it.

If you have any other thoughts on this topic, feel free to comment below and share them with other Yorkie owners!

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