Yorkie Double Teeth – Reasons Behind This Health Issue

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Yorkie double teeth are a major health problem and if not treated right, can cause larger health issues. As an owner, you must read this article!

Double teeth health issues relate to the Yorkie genetics and the way of teeth growth. As in many small toy breeds, the Yorkie has a dental issue because of its jaw structure.

When the Yorkie is a puppy, you must check their teeth development. In other words, the double teeth phenomenon happens if the first cycle of teeth doesn’t fall out.

So, deep dive into this article and acknowledge every aspect of Yorkie dental issues!

Yorkie Dental Issues – Get To Know Yorkie Teeth Problems

yorkie dental issues

Yorkies are prone to having dental issues because of their jaw size. In these tiny breeds, teeth infections can occur more often than others. That is caused by food which is getting stuck in between their teeth.

You must keep their dental hygiene at a high level and clean the teeth regularly. In other words, food that is stuck between teeth is the cause of developing infections. These infections can make health issue chain events such as heart failure, kidney failure, etc.

Periodontal Condition is a prevalent disease in Yorkies. Crowded teeth or teeth that did not fall out spontaneously are the cause. Food and plaque can accumulate, resulting in the development of germs on the teeth’ surface. As previously said, this illness can lead to renal or heart failure.

Another issue that might occur because of improper growth is a terrible bite. This can alter the entire physiognomy of the jaw, resulting in feeding difficulties

And lastly, tar, plaque, and caries can accumulate if you don’t keep an eye on the dental and oral health of your Yorkie.

What Are Double Canine Teeth

To get the knowledge on what are double canine teeth, we first need to explain to you how the cycle of teeth in canines develops.

There are two sets of teeth in every dog. These come in two cycles of growth, the first one is a pack of 28-piece deciduous teeth and the second one is a set of 42-piece permanent teeth. In other words, the development of teeth in canines is like the ones of a human.

When the milk teeth don’t fall out naturally and the adult ones start growing, the phenomenon of double canine teeth occurs. If a Yorkie retains their milk teeth, this is usually caused by bad adult teeth growth, infections might occur.

This condition mainly is affecting the canine(fang) teeth. However, it can persist in all other teeth such as the incisors and premolars.

As an owner, you must not foresee this condition because there is a good chance of pain occurrence when your canine is enjoying its meal. However, this is not a condition that can be treated at home. So, a veterinarian appointment is always needed to examine the teeth and suggest a cure.

In the majority of double canine teeth cases, surgery is the best option. You don’t need to be scared if your veterinarian suggests surgery because this is not a surgery that is complicated and is often done.

Symptoms And Causes – Yorkie Dental Issues

Dental issues in Yorkies can have many symptoms, some of them are easy to spot, and others need professional knowledge to figure them out.

The number one symptom of dental issues is bad breath in your Yorkie. Whenever you snuggle or play with it if you smell something odd it’s good to do a check of their teeth and jaw. This is usually the number one symptom that leads to dental issues.

Another thing to keep in mind is the structure of the teeth, if you spot a broken or deformed tooth, a veterinarian appointment is mandatory.

Another sign that could lead to a Yorkie having dental issues is the abnormal amount of chewing or dropping food from their mouth. For a Yorkie is normal to chew from 4 to 6 times, if that number is way higher it could mean that there are some infections around the teeth.

Reduction of appetite and refusing to eat is also a key sign that there is something wrong with the health of your Yorkie. That can be accompanied by weight reduction or runny stool.

A sign that leads toward a health issue is blood signs in your water stool or on their chew toys. In that case, examine the mouth of your Yorkie and check for excessive drooling or swelling in areas around the mouth.

Yorkie Teeth Problems – Medication And Examination

The teeth problems which occur in Yorkies are mainly because the owner didn’t focus enough on their oral hygiene. You as an owner need to do health inspections daily to assure yourself of any Yorkie dental problems.

If the problem is connected to Yorkie’s double teeth, surgery is mandatory. However, if the problem relates to general oral hygiene there are a few things that you need to implement to make their quality of life better

The number one solution to teeth problems is regular brushing of the Yorkies’ teeth. If you do that often, we can for sure tell you that you will experience a lower percentage of dental problems.

Implementation of dental chews and dental sprays is also a good way of managing the oral hygiene of your Yorkie.

Another recommendation is the use of toys that are easily gnawable. In other words, your Yorkie can self-clean their teeth with these toy rubber-made objects.

Lastly, professional dental cleaning at veterinarians is a must. At least once every 3-6 months is necessary, so you avoid any further health issues.

Conclusion – How Serious Are Yorkie Dental Problems?

Yorkie double canine teeth are not something that needs to be taken lightly. It is a serious problem and if not treated, can cause further health issues. As an owner of Yorkie, it’s your duty to maintain good oral hygiene and the health of your beloved Yorkie.

Feel free to implement some of the recommendations that we mentioned. That way, you can boost the quality of life in your Yorkie.

Any other suggestions on this topic? Feel free to comment below and open discussion with other Yorkie owners!