Brushing Yorkies Teeth – Owners Guide On Yorkie Oral Hygiene

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Have you ever noticed stinky breath when snuggling with your Yorkie? Well, brushing Yorkies’ teeth will certainly fix that and help you maintain good oral hygiene.

In many cases, Yorkie owners forget about the importance of their pet’s healthy mouth and question themselves when the consequences occur.

If it’s the first time brushing your Yorkie teeth, we will give you guidelines on how to do it and what you should acknowledge.

Facts About Yorkies Baby Teeth

Firstly, you need to understand the growing process of teeth in Yorkies. Yorkies are no different than other breeds, so the teeth come in two separate periods.

The first period is when your Yorkie is young, and it’s consists of 28 teeth. These are referred to as milk teeth because of the short life they have. When these teeth come in place, your Yorkie may be nervous and feel pain.

Usually, your Yorkie will try to gnaw stuff around the house, so we recommend you purchase a toy to reduce the itching and the pain of the gums. Try to get a rubber toy or something softer, so it can be easily accessible for a baby Yorkie.

Yorkies will use these milk teeth until the permanent teeth are ready to grow. That period is between the 4th and 8th months. When this period comes, the milk teeth will fall out and make space for permanent ones.

It’s common for Yorkies to grow their permanent teeth the wrong way. When this occurs, a Yorkie is keen to develop infections caused by the extra food jammed between the milk and permanent teeth.

Yorkie Teeth Cleaning Process

Several things you need to know which are essential for pleasureful brushing Yorkies teeth. Firstly, you need to buy a dog toothbrush, check for one online, or go to a pet’s store. Try to get a toothbrush that can clean the deep teeth.

Secondly, you need to get toothpaste that is suitable for dogs. Compared to human kinds of toothpaste, the dog ones are without harmful ingredients and have a taste that is enjoyable for dogs.

When choosing the right spot, keep in mind that it has good lighting. That way, you can see the condition of the teeth and precisely clean them.

One factor that plays a big part in the teeth cleaning process is the calmness of your Yorkie. Always analyze how your Yorkie feels and try to calm it before proceeding with the brushing process.

yorkie teeth cleaning

How To Clean Yorkie Teeth

So, after you get the equipment for brushing Yorkies’ teeth, it’s time to go step by step and see how the dog will react to the process. We will cover the essential guidelines for happy and pleasurable teeth cleaning.

  1. Firstly, touch the gums and teeth of your Yorkie. See if it’s staying calm without showing any aggressive behavior. If that is the case, proceed further with the brushing process.
  2. Get the brush and let it smell and examine it. After five minutes, try to brush your Yorkie teeth without toothpaste. Go calmly at first, with precautions. If your Yorkie is accepting the toothbrush and is enthusiastic about it, you can introduce the toothpaste.
  3. The right way to introduce the toothpaste is to apply some of it to your finger and let the Yorkie smell and taste the toothpaste. If it’s enjoying and licking it without a problem, you can try to use it with the toothbrush.
  4. The next step is to start brushing the teeth. Try to apply the toothpaste to the frontal teeth at first. Hold the upper lip of your Yorkie and proceed with brushing the top teeth. In the process of cleaning, always praise your Yorkie and keep their calm.
  5. From the frontal teeth, move to the sides and get the side teeth of the top jaw.
  6. After you finish the top line of teeth, move to the bottom jaw. Again, hold the bottom lip and apply smooth movement on the bottom line of teeth.
  7. When you finish with the bottom frontal teeth, continue to the sides and brush deep, so you get every spot evenly.
  8. Lastly, try to brush inside of the Yorkies teeth and the tongue as well.
  9. In the end, reward your dog with a treat and be generous with the amount of petting.

You must remember that teeth brushing is an unordinary process for your Yorkie. Praising your dog during the process will make it feel good and happy. Until your Yorkie gets used to the teeth brushing process, giving rewards will make a positive reinforcement. After some time, you can remove the treats.

You must not let your Yorkie think of this process as a way of getting more treats. The teeth brushing process must come in a natural way when your Yorkie feels no fear of the toothbrush.

Yorkie Dental Care

Brushing teeth is the primary key to good dental hygiene, but it doesn’t end here. Many factors come into play when thinking of dental care. The type of food you Yorkie eats has a significant impact on dental health. Focus on giving foods that are primarily for dogs.

As an owner, you should know that there are products that can maintain healthy teeth. One of them is dog dental treats. These treats will keep your Yorkie’s breath fresh and supply nutrients, which are necessary for maintaining healthy teeth.

Dog chews also can come into consideration. Your Yorkie can gnaw them and self-clean their teeth. With these dog chews, food that’s jammed between the teeth will get removed, that way avoiding infections.

And lastly, you might appoint a professional dental cleaning at your local vet. There is no better way to maintain a healthy Yorkie life than with regular veterinarian checkups.

Final Thoughts

If it’s your first time brushing your Yorkie teeth, remember to take it step by step. You must not induce stress toward your Yorkie and keep it pleasureful utmost. Take the fact that dogs are not used to this process, so high-quality toothbrushes and toothpaste are necessary for less anxiety in your Yorkie.

For further questions and thoughts on the topic of brushing Yorkies teeth, leave a comment below, and we will happily answer it.

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