Yorkie House Breaking – Training A Yorkie!

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Yorkie housebreaking is not an easy process that requires a lot of knowledge and nerves to be successful. So, if you are ready to acknowledge that, read this in-depth article!

Housetraining a Yorkie for some owners can be a hard process, but we are here to help you make it the right way. On many occasions, owners oversee the number of hours they need to put in it and get successful results.

You need to remember that good scheduling of the Yorkie activities is the key to getting the perfect outcome.

What Is Yorkie House Breaking?

So, first, you need to know the definition behind housebreaking. That is a process where you learn a canine how to live with you without making too much mess around the house.

Housebreaking or housetraining, as it is widely known is a process that every owner needs to go through to have a perfect pet experience.

The in-depth definition of this process is mainly connected with urinating and defecating in a well-designed area inside the house such as a litter box or doing these biological needs outside the house.

The core of housebreaking a Yorkie stands in the perfectly developed routine and schedule that the owner makes. Young Yorkie puppies won’t hold their bladder for more than an hour for every month they have, so you need to take them out more frequently.

All the time you need to take them to a well-defined spot and use a keyword to relate the puppy to this process. Positive reinforcement with treats should be implemented as well, so the puppy recognizes this as a good deed.

But what about managing a Yorkie while you are not home? Well, you need to implement crate training as well, so the puppy knows its spot around the house.

Now that you know what housebreaking is, it’s time to learn how to do it and start the implementation of this training process.

How To Housebreak A Yorkie?

yorkie house breaking

First, we are going to go through some basic rules that you need to know before you get into this mandatory process as an owner of a Yorkie.

  • While house training your Yorkie dog or puppy, always keep an eye on it.
  • Take your Yorkie out regularly, as well as after it has eaten, played, or slept.
  • Reward your dog for going outside to pee and train it to avoid making errors.
  • Punishing your dog for peeing inside would encourage it to avoid peeing outside because she is afraid of you.
  • Learn your dog’s “warning signals” and take it outdoors when it must relieve itself.

Usually, if you follow these rules, your Yorkie will learn the basics in no time. If you have any issues after 7 to 10 days, contact your veterinarian to check if any medical issues are the reasons behind that.

In many cases, if a Yorkie is struggling with housetraining, the problem might relate to bladder malfunction or some health issues with the digestive tract.

Tips And Tricks For Housebreaking A Yorkie

To succeed in in-house training a Yorkie, start with potty breaks every three or four hours. Older Yorkies can raise time intervals more rapidly, but keep in mind that they must first comprehend the house-training game’s principles before we can make it too difficult for them!

When attempting to house train a Yorkie in a short period, one of the most common mistakes is to make house training too difficult too fast. You need to keep the process precise and perfectly defined.

Keep these principles in mind whenever you take your dog outdoors for a restroom break when housetraining:

  1. Be straightforward. Always proceed from the crate, if you are using one, to the outside potty spot. Allowing a young Yorkie to roam around for a stroll or sniff frequently leads to accidents between the crate and the outdoor area.
  2. Take snacks with you and go all the way. Bring snacks and praise your Yorkie when it pees outside. You must accompany your dog and immediately praise it for excreting.
  3. Put off fun until after you’ve gone potty. Playtime and walks should always be done after your puppy has peed and pooped, not before. Late-night toilet breaks are an exception; they should be a dull, in-and-out event.
  4. Don’t put potty at the end of the journey. Don’t end the whole routine as soon as the Yorkie pees. This will educate the Yorkie to hold the pee/poop, as long as possible.
  5. Be uninteresting till Yorkie does the process. Wait till your pet has gone excreting before seeming uninterested.
  6. High-pitched “encouragement” may thrill or distract your dog, which is ineffective. Simply wait patiently.
  7. At night, be extremely dull. Make late-night bathroom breaks as uninteresting as possible. Take your Yorkie outdoors, praise it for going to the bathroom, and then bring it back inside. It’s crucial to avoid teaching your Yorkie that late-night housetraining is a good time to play.
  8. If it doesn’t need to go, go back inside without playing. Return inside and return your Yorkie puppy to the crate area if didn’t go to the bathroom after a few minutes. In 20 to 30 minutes, try again.

These are a few tips and tricks that you need to remember to get the perfect results in no time.

How To Succeed In Housetraining Yorkie

The success of housetraining a Yorkie contains a few clutch ingredients that you need to implement and always remember. In this section, we going to list the do’s and don’ts when talking about house-breaking Yorkie.

Don’t expect your Yorkie to hold its bladder for more than 8hours, that is the maximum time any dog can hold.

Always implement a good schedule, a good example is:

  • Carry your Yorkie outside at 6:30 am, always reward it after a successful process.
  • Try to get it outside again before going to work, around 8, 8:30 am.
  • If you can afford it, get a person to come and let it outside while you are at work, around 2 pm.
  • When you come from work, around 5 pm, let it outside and reward it.
  • Take the Yorkie outside at 7 pm, play with it a bit and reward it with a good meal.
  • Lastly, take the Yorkie at around 11, 11:30 pm and reward it with a small treat.

Use an in-house crate box, so your Yorkie knows where it should do the potty while they are alone at home. Always use positive reinforcement. In other words, your Yorkie will think of that treat as a paycheck for the job done well.

Don’t be too harsh if your Yorkie does a mistake once or twice. However, if the mistakes happen more often, try to identify the problems. In other words, think of what you did wrong in the whole process.

Always clean the place where they have done the mistake. That way, your Yorkie won’t have a smell of pee/poop, and it wouldn’t recognize that place as a potty spot.

Final Thoughts On Yorkie House Breaking

Before going to the bathroom, most dogs will circle and smell around. Keep an eye out for these signals and immediately take your Yorkie puppy outside if you notice them, then praise it for peeing outdoors.

You can house train your dog in a small period if you implement crate training and stick to a routine. Keep in mind that even if your dog is house trained, it will still require a routine since the bladder has a limited capacity.

If you have any other thoughts on housebreaking a Yorkie comment in the section below!