Training A Yorkie Poo

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Having a Yorkshire Terrier as a pet might be one of life’s greatest blessings. However, teaching them how to operate their business properly can be a real pain, so you ask yourself how to start training a Yorkie poo? Here are some tips and tricks for training your Yorkie poo:

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How To Train A Yorkie Poo?

Yorkie Poos are a breed with a high level of intelligence, making them ideal candidates for training. Starting the toilet training procedure as soon as possible is preferable, as it is with any bread.

Because Yorkie Poo puppies might be stubborn, house training them can be difficult, so make sure you conduct short, enjoyable training activities. Your Yorkie Poo puppy will rebel and quit trying if they become bored with repetitive training.

It’s also a good idea to socialize with your puppy. Make sure you expose your Yorkie poo to a variety of youngsters, animals, locations, and activities. Even though the Yorkie Poo is a very social and friendly animal, it is still a good idea to go through this process to ensure a well-behaved pet in the future.

Before you go out, make sure your dog is leash trained. For additional information, see our leash training suggestions.

Positive reinforcement is the best method for training small dogs like the Yorkie Poo. You should have no trouble training your Yorkie Poo pup in new tasks as long as you keep the activities enjoyable and challenging.

A Yorkie Poo Potty Training

Yorkie poos are energetic, friendly, brave, and intelligent. Their intelligence may be advantageous in terms of training, but their obstinacy might test your patience.

Your patience will pay off, and you’ll soon have a properly potty-trained dog that won’t have accidents thanks to a good plan, consistency, and plenty of positive reinforcement.

Creating A Schedule

Potty training your Yorkie poo will be much easier if you make a strategy and stick to it. You can begin training your puppy as early as 12 to 16 weeks old, but keep in mind that her bladder control will not be as strong as it will be as she grows older.

Make a feeding schedule for your dog that includes toilet breaks after each meal and nap time. For puppies under 14 weeks of age, schedule eight to ten potty breaks, and for puppies, 14 to 20 weeks, schedule six to eight breaks.

When the dog is 30 weeks old, it will develop enough bladder control so, it only requires three to four breaks each day.

Decide where you want your dog to go potty in your yard, and if feasible, leave some poo on the grass. That signals to your Yorkie poo that this is the appropriate location for her to go potty.

Training With Tools

As a housetraining tool, puppy pads are a popular choice. They’re particularly beneficial if you live in an apartment with no easy access to a yard or if you work full-time and can’t get home to let your puppy out.

However, because you are effectively teaching your Yorkie that it is normal to do their stuff indoors, utilizing puppy pads might increase the time that takes to train your Yorkie poo.

Another good training option is to use crates. Puppies and dogs hate eliminating in their dens, so if your Yorkie’s cage isn’t too big for her to poo in, she won’t do so if she can avoid it. Crate training has other advantages, such as providing a safe area for your puppy to sleep and making traveling easier.

Observed And Rewarded Potty Trips

Follow the schedule you set for taking your Yorkie poo outside to go pee, but keep an eye on her behavior so you can spot the signs that she needs to go. When it’s time to go potty, Yorkie poos grow antsy, circling and sniffing the ground.

Instead of waiting for your Yorkie to have an accident, take her poo outside right away if you detect these habits. That positions her for success and avoids training failures.

Sometimes it’s helpful to use verbal communication like “Wanna goes potty?” or “Wanna go outside?”. When you teach your dog these words, it can help your Yorkie poo associate the words with the process.

Once you go out, try not to distract your dog by playing catch or some other game. Give your Yorkiepoo time to explore the area and to sniff around so it can choose a well-defined spot.

It’s a good idea to keep it on a leash while potty training to keep the focus, so you don’t miss a good behavior that you can give a reward for.

 yorkie poo potty training

Yorkie Poo Training Problems

Accidents may occur, which can be highly frustrating. Punishing your Yorkie for poo, on the other hand, is ineffective and may even encourage her to become more stubborn. Never hit her or poke her in the eye with the mess you’ve made.

With an enzymatic cleaner, clean up any spills around the house. That eliminates the odor that may tempt your Yorkie to poo in the same spot.

Yorkie Poo Obedience Training

It’s critical to have a plan in place before you begin training your Yorkie poo. You’ll need to get some equipment, create a good schedule, and master some basic training techniques. You must also be fully committed and ready to commit daily.

Training Methods

Choose the ideal strategy for you and your Yorkie poo before you start dog obedience training. Even if training methods differ, most trainers believe that positive reinforcement, such as praise, works best for dogs.

There are numerous dog training books and websites available where pet owners can learn about different training methods and decide which one is best for them and their dog. In your training tactics, don’t forget to include socialization.


When your dog starts to learn, the first command is usually the sit command. In addition, you should train your dog to respond as quickly as possible when called.

One of the most significant fundamental directives is this one. You can progress to exciting tricks and advanced commands once your dog has learned these dog obedience basics.


Yorkie poo training takes time, and you and your dog are likely to have some setbacks. You may encounter some opposition or obstinacy. Keep things pleasant by rewarding your dog for good behavior, and make sure the prize is something your Yorkie is willing to work for.

Potty training a Yorkie can be a challenging and tedious process as well. If pet owners don’t know how to properly care for their animals, they may find themselves in double trouble. You should be alright if you follow the directions and recommendations provided in this article.

Just make sure you don’t begin potty training your Yorkie too soon or too late. It’s never too late, although it can be a more difficult process for you.