Why Do Yorkies Lick So Much?

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From time to time your little Yorkie comes to you and starts licking you or some random thing in the house, so you are asking yourself, why do Yorkies lick so much? Licks are the canine counterpart of kisses, and when done correctly, they’re a lovely way to show your Yorkie affection.

Some dogs, on the other hand, are unable to recognize when it is time to stop. They may leap all over you, licking you so hard that you can’t stand it. You may also notice that whenever you try to pet or brush your Yorkie’s coat, your dog licks your hands like crazy.

Yorkie Excessive Licking

Licking a lot isn’t only a Yorkie trait, but it’s a trait shared by many toy dog breeds. Yorkies may lick themselves or their owners at times, or they may lick the sofa or the wall. Although it can be annoying, your dog’s tendency for licking is typically pretty natural.

On the other hand, excessive licking could suggest that something is bothering or even sickening your dog. Whether your dog has a health problem or is simply acting out, this article will help you understand what’s going on and what you should do next.

 yorkie excessive licking

Why Do Yorkie Lick?

When your Yorkie licks you, how do you react? So, would you rather have a slobbery hug or a dry one? Why do Yorkies lick so much? When your dog licks persistently and incessantly, it can be frustrating. Of course, this behavior has a reason, and as a competent keeper, you should be able to figure out what the issue is.

A variety of factors that fall into two categories can cause your Yorkie licking: medical and behavioral. Anxiety, boredom, skin problems, stomach distress, fleas, dry skin, or illness are some of the most common causes.

Yorkies, on the other hand, lick more than any dog breed, therefore it could be natural.

Yorkie Licking Everything

There are a couple of reasons why Yorkies sometimes are licking everything. Here are some of them:

Boredness, Nervousness, Anxiousness Or Stressed

Some people have nervous behaviors that they engage in while bored or under stress. Biting one’s fingernails or twisting one’s hair are common examples. For many dogs, licking themselves or anything nearby, even the air, is the equivalent.

A variety of factors can trigger this behavior. Some examples include:

  • Is your dog aware that you’ve just picked up your keys or put on your shoes?
  • Have you just taken the vacuum out of the closet?
  • Is your dog scared when he has to go to the doctor or groomer, and you think that’s why he’s in the car?

Take some time to console your beloved buddy and reassure them that everything will be alright. Offer them something unique to divert their attention. They will come to link these things with something enjoyable rather than something frightening over time.


Your pet may have an allergy if they’re constantly licking their paws, haunches, tummy, or back. Veterinarians will warn you that dogs can have practically any disease that humans can, including allergies. Your Yorkie might be allergic to food or the environment.

Excessive paw licking is usually a sign of a food allergy, but your dog might also be sensitive to grasses or fertilizers that it has come into touch with through its paws.

Take note of when you typically see this behavior. If that happens every time you go for a stroll, it might be a grass or fertilizer problem. You can relieve itchiness by washing your dog’s paws after walks.

Licking For Affection

If your dog likes to lick you or any other members of your family frequently, they may be doing so out of affection. Because we don’t speak the same language as our dogs, they must rely on alternative means of communication. One of these approaches is licking.

Dogs, if you haven’t noticed, are incredibly affectionate creatures. Recent research has found that interactions with their owners affect the levels of oxytocin (often known as the cuddle or love hormone) in dogs.

Sometimes life gets in the way, and your animal buddy craves some quality time with you. It’s also possible that you’ve had a bad day, and your dog has picked up on your distress. They could be attempting to console you.

Yorkie Bad Habit

We’re likely to blame for our pets’ negative behaviors establishing. Who could resist those lovely dog kisses?

What you previously thought was lovely, cute, and loving has become tiresome, frustrating, and nasty over time. Two years later, the behavior is starting to grate on your nerves, and you’re beginning to wonder if your dog is ill.

It will take effort and patience on your part to break your dog’s habit. It took a long time for the habit to form, and it will take a long time to break it.

How To Teach Your Yorkie To Stop Licking

To begin, determine which form of licking behavior you want to eliminate. Is it a sign of affection or an attention-seeking activity like face-licking? Is it a physical condition related to licking, or is it due to boredom or anxiety?

If you’re not sure which of these three categories your pet’s behavior belongs in, talk to your veterinarian. You can work on stopping the dog from licking excessively on your own once the vet has given the all-clear that the licking isn’t due to any health issues.

You’ll need to do more to keep your Yorkie occupied if he’s licking because he’s bored. You should give your dog as many chew toys as you can. Your dog will forget about licking if he has something to bite on. Chewing releases endorphins into your dog’s brain in much the same way as licking does.

Final Thoughts

We have high expectations for our furry family members. We want our Yorkies to follow housebreaking laws, hardly bark, get along with other dogs, welcome visitors in a ‘perfect’ manner, never damage anything in the house, eat all the food, be nice when left home alone, and much more.

So, while you’re teaching your Yorkie to quit licking you excessively, remember to be gentle and patient. Be grateful for minor victories whenever you notice progress.

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