Is A Long Legged Yorkie Common Or Rare?

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A long-legged Yorkie is not an uncommon sighting. Every dog has different genetics, even though there are breed standards, although they are not that strict.

Yorkies can come in different shapes and sizes. It’s common for a litter to have an extended range of distinct physical attributes among the puppies.

Some Yorkies will have short legs, bodies, or fur, others long, but in the end, they are all joyful furry friends that bring happiness no matter what.

In many cases, the physical attributes can be under their coat so, a groom could bring out the look of your Yorkie.

How Tall Are Yorkies?

Yorkies are about 7 to 9 inches (17.8 centimeters to 22.8 centimeters) tall at the shoulder if you measure it from their toes. We must say that this is only a height range that veterinarians measured, and there is a possibility of some deviation.

A Yorkie’s length (measured at the base of their neck to the back tail) should be nearly equal to their height from toes to shoulders.

Again, we must mention that every Yorkies are unique, and even siblings from the same litter can be very much different in their appearance.

Many owners want to get a pure breed Yorkies, but if a Yorkie has a height above nine inches, it may not pass at the American Kennel Club as a pure breed. But this is not always true. There are cases where a Yorkie could have a height above average or even be overweight and still be a pure breed.

For a Yorkie to be a pure breed, the first rule that needs to be full filled is the three-generation pure breed pedigree. But what about the genetics of the generations before those three? Maybe in some prior mating in the 7th generation, there was a cross-breeding, so those genetics can still come out in a newly born Yorkie.

So, that’s why some Yorkies won’t pass as pure breed even though on paper they are. In the next section, we are going to list the physical standards for a Yorkie to be considered a pure breed by the A.K.C (American Kennel Club). If your Yorkie has achieved those standards, then it has permission to go to beauty contests.

Is A Tall Yorkie Less Respected Among Kennel Clubs?

All kennel clubs have strict standards that are defined well for every breed of dog. Those outline the ideal exterior look as well as its temperament.

Think of these guidelines as a blueprint of the breed. If your Yorkie fulfills them at beauty shows, it can achieve great rating points. The majority of the kennel clubs also have a list of breed flaws. They can disqualify dogs from competitions that have any of those flaws.

Purebreds Yorkie Looks

So, what are the kennel club standards for a Yorkshire Terrier, and does the length of the legs plays a big part in it?

Well, the answer is no, there is no precise issue with a Yorkie having long legs. The only standard which is affecting the legs is the need for straight forelegs and hindlegs.

  • They should have a good proportion, shoulders that have the same height as their rump, and a shorter back.
  • Their skull should not be notable, with a bite that is not undershot or overshot.
  • Ears should be small, V-shaped, and not too far apart from each other.
  • Docking of the tail is necessary, around medium lengths and above the back height.
  • A long, silky coat, without any waves. The coat on the head should belong. On the other hand, it should be short and trimmed on the feet and ears.

These are the standards which are provided by the A.K.C (American Kennel Club), as you acknowledged, there is no constraint about the length of the Yorkie legs.

 long legged yorkie

Health Problems Of Yorkie With Long Legs

When compared to other breeds of dogs, even the long-legged Yorkies don’t look tall. Many of the health problems that can show up in Yorkies with long legs relate to their weight.

As in all Yorkies, the same health problems can occur in a long-legged Yorkie. In some diseases, that physical attribute can be a factor.

Yorkie That Is Overweight

When a Yorkie is overweight, bone deformations can occur. In a Yorkie, with long legs, extra weight can have an impact on their walking capabilities. Obese Yorkies set the stage for increased risk of joint damage and osteoarthritis (OA).

However, in Yorkies with longer legs, the weight pressure can induce more pain because of their thinner legs. As an owner, you need to keep your Yorkie healthy and feed it a well-balanced diet. Otherwise, you will shorten your Yorkie life length by a few years.

Luxating Patella in Yorkies

Many of the toy breeds suffer from Luxating Patella. This disease can affect the movement of the joints, that way affecting all activities with your Yorkie.

Luxating Patella can be much harder on Yorkie with long legs because their extensor muscle is longer. In simple terms, the kneecap has lost its movement capability, and your Yorkie will feel pain.

If you want to know if your long-legged Yorkie is developing luxating patella, a veterinarian appointment is mandatory. With the help of X-rays and CT scans, you can assure yourself that there is nothing wrong with your Yorkie.

Another thing that could help with the luxating patella is the loss of weight. A healthy diet plan and regular walks will help you maintain a healthy weight in your long-legged Yorkie.

Final Thoughts

So, a long-legged Yorkie is not any different than the other types. It’s still a beautiful dog that would bring positive energy to you and your family. When a Yorkie is a puppy, you can’t determine if its genetics can lead him to develop long or short legs.

If you want your Yorkie to be eligible to attend beauty contests, check the recommended standards by the A.K.C we listed.

Feel free to comment about this topic in the comment section and develop a discussion with other proud Yorkie owners.

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