Are Yorkies Born With Long Tails?

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When you come along with a Yorkie, you notice their short tail, but have you ever wondered, are Yorkies born with long tails?

Many breeds, when they are young, go through a procedure that shortens their tail. That is done mainly because of aesthetics and for kennel standards also.

If an owner wants their dog to have the ability to compete by all standards, they need to follow the guidelines by the kennel club of their country. But, not all kennel clubs require docking standards. Some of them pushed a law that banned docking.

Do Yorkies Have Tails?

Owners often question themselves if their Yorkie had a long or short tail at birth. Yorkie puppies, when born, will have an undeveloped one. If the breeder or you as an owner choose to dock the tail of your Yorkie when it’s a puppy, it won’t develop a long tail when it gets older.

Yorkies come from the United Kingdom, and they were bred as rat hunters throughout history. Besides hunting rats, they used to hunt Vermin too.

Vermins are animals that live in dens or burrows, and when Yorkies dig deep in these holes to hunt them, there was a possibility of getting stuck. So, owners used to get the Yorkies out of these holes by pulling them out by their tail.

Later throughout history, precisely in 1884, the American Kennel Club stated that Yorkies tails need to be docked to enter their competitions. So, that’s how it becomes a standard for Yorkies to have docked tails.

What Is Docking?

Docking is a medical intervention on a dog that includes removing a part of its tail. This procedure often is observed in tiny breed dogs like the Yorkshire Terrier. Usually, it’s applied when they are newborn puppies because they heal quickly and won’t experience much pain.

Docking was invented in times when Yorkies were mainly bred for hunting. That made them faster and would prevent injuries when ratting, fighting, and baiting. Another benefit from docking was the prevention of rabies and strengthening the back of the Yorkie.

Now in modern times, docking is mainly used for cosmetic purposes. Many official kennel clubs take docking as a standard in Yorkies. Even though docking is acceptable in some countries, the United Kingdom, where the Yorkie originated, banned docking in 2007.

Many veterinarian organizations are against the docking of tails. They are saying that the prevention rate of injuries is too low, so in some way, it only causes pain to puppies and changes their original physiognomy.

Nowadays, it’s rare to see a Yorkie in hunting use. But if so, they usually will have their tails docked because that makes them a better hunter.

Performing Docking On A Yorkie

If it’s legal in your country to perform docking, and you want it that bad, then there are two ways of making this procedure.

Docking being legal doesn’t mean that you can do it at home. Many legal docking laws dictate that a veterinarian must do the medical procedure. Always appoint a veterinarian docking procedure if you want it.

Docking will produce slight discomfort to your Yorkie, and it’s better to be done when the puppy is around 3 to 6 days old and still has not developed its nervous system.

The veterinarian will do this procedure in sterile conditions and for sure will use anesthesia. That way, less pain will be experienced by your Yorkie.

If you want to perform docking to an adult Yorkie, pain tolerance will be lower because the tail is fully developed. Medications and examinations are necessary for less pain after the procedure.

In countries where it’s unrestricted to perform docking, the owner can do this process at home. Usually, a rope knot is made around the tail, stopping blood flow and making the excess tail fall without pain.

When the Yorkie is 36 to 86 hours old, you need to apply this method if you wish so. The tail usually falls after 3 to 5 days. If this doesn’t work as planned, visit a veterinarian, and do the procedure with anesthesia.

Why is Docking Performed?

There are several reasons why docking is common, but mainly is a process that is left from the past and is still applied nowadays.

One of the reasons, as we mentioned, is kennel club standards. If you want your Yorkie to attend beauty competitions, you must fit your country kennel standards.

Another reason is aesthetic looks. Many owners want their Yorkie to look more compact and cuter as well.

Is a Yorkie With Long Tail Less Beautiful?

Yorkies born with long tails are not so rare. A survey conducted on Yorkie owners stated that 60 percent of the Yorkies have their tail undocked and the rest docked.

Keeping your Yorkie natural is a good way of showing respect toward animals. If you plan not to showcase your Yorkie, there is no need for docking.

The beauty of your Yorkie is not something measured by the length of their tail. If you like to keep it natural, there is no need to hesitate.

Yorkies with undocked tails can live a happy and safe life as well.

 yorkie with long tail

Yorkies With Undocked Tails, a New Standard

As time passes, the majority of the Yorkies are left with their tail undocked. Owners finally understood that docking is unnecessary, and it doesn’t bring any health benefits.

Undocked Yorkies are beautiful and what matters the most is that they are naturally grown. You don’t need to feel that your Yorkie is something less if it has undocked tail.

Final Thoughts

So, Yorkies are born with long tails, and there is no need to make it shorter if you don’t plan to go to kennel competitions. It’s up to the owner of the Yorkie to keep it docked or undocked.

If you like the look aesthetically, consult with your veterinarian to do it safe and sterile, without the chance of applying pain toward your Yorkie.

Have you got any other thoughts about this topic? If so, feel free to comment below and discuss it with other Yorkie owners.

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