Things To Know About Yorkies – Interesting Facts

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There are plenty of things to know about Yorkies and If you want to acknowledge them, deep-dive, into this article!

Yorkies are a beautiful and cute toy breed of canine. They are famous for their energetic behavior and the capability to play around for hours. The Yorkie Terrier is not the perfect dog for families with young children.

Even though the Yorkie is categorized as a lap dog, their lifestyle can be different than that. They love to cuddle and are very affectionate toward their owners. You, as an owner, should know the basic facts about Yorkies and maintain them.

History Of The Yorkshire Terrier

As we all know, the Yorkshire Terrier originated in Yorkshire. The breeding of this canine started around the mid-19th century when workers from Scotland migrated to Yorkshire in search of work. The breeding usually happened in cotton and wooden mills.

However, in later years, miners decided to breed the Yorkshire Terrier for ratting. So, the mix of several breeds achieved the Yorkie we know today. Many of them originate from the Scotch Terrier mixed with Maltese in some cases.

After the improvement of this breed in Yorkshire, the Scotch Terrier got the Yorkshire Terrier. After some brief period, this breed was getting a lot of focus. So, in the 1860s the founder of the Yorkshire terrier was found, is the Huddersfield Ben.

This specimen was the perfect Yorkshire Terrier and he is an ancestor in many bloodlines that even live up to today. As time was passing, the Yorkie Terrier became a show dog, and with the migration of English people to the U.S.A the popularity grew even more.

In other words, the Yorkshire Terrier started as a working dog and evolved into a show dog in a short timespan of around 30years. Current Yorkies are way more evolved and purebred to get better genetic attributes.

Interesting Facts About Yorkies

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There are many interesting things to know about Yorkies, we are going to number the most amusing in our opinion. You won’t believe how fascinating this breed is and everything about Yorkies which we are going to mention.

1. Yorkies make wonderful pet companions

A Yorkshire Terrier, like most other toy breeds, is a great companion dog for those who are concerned about the size or strength of larger dogs. Yorkies are a great choice for elders, those with disabilities, and people with medical conditions that limit their movement.

This species can adapt to practically any amount of living area, even studio flats, so there’s almost no place they won’t fit in if you’re searching for some company.

2. Yorkshire Terriers have a very little shedding

The quantity of shedding that happens is modest since the coat of a Yorkshire Terrier is closer to human hair than typical canine fur. Sneezing and cleaning are less of a concern with this breed than with others since there is less dander created that escape into the surroundings.

To gain even more advantage in this region, sheer the coat close to avoid repeated brushing. If you like a longer coat, the only significant concern to watch out for is clipping around the crotch to avoid any remaining muck after the dog has done its thing outside.

3. Yorkie breeds demand a lot of attention

Yorkie dogs require a lot of grooming due to their long and attractive fur. To keep the coats from becoming matted, owners should brush them well every day. Performing this procedure when the dog is young ensures that he will eventually tolerate his regular grooming.

Your pet’s hair may need to be trimmed and kept short. This can also help the dog see better and reduce facial and ocular irritation. Many of its owners use elastic bands or bows to draw hairs away from the dog’s face.

4. The Yorkie has the potential to become obsessive

You should be aware that these breeds are quick to acquire toys and snacks. As the owner, you should make it clear to him that you will not tolerate such behavior.

In a serious tone, express your disapproval. Because these dogs would ordinarily wish to please their owners, this type of punishment appears to deter selfish conduct.

5. Yorkie takes pleasure in cuddling

Because they are regarded to be adorable lapdogs, these warm-hearted dogs may make terrific canines. These dogs like lounging about in total luxury. They are overjoyed to nestle on your chest as you watch your favorite television show and cuddle with you.

6. Yorkie breeds don’t like wet and cold temperatures

Wet and chilly temperatures irritate these dogs. After a heavy snowstorm, these dogs were frequently observed not putting their paws on damp asphalt or a deck. This type of weather might make getting into the process of house training considerably more difficult.

7. Yorkie dogs require a great deal of patience

Because these dogs require a lot of attention regularly, they will also require a lot of patience. When interacting with your Yorkie dog, you should be firm yet fair. You should expect the first year to be difficult; but, as your dog grows older, he will have a better personality.

Yorkie Care Facts – Coat And Health Management

yorkie care facts

As a future owner, you need to know how to care for your Yorkie and what to expect healthwise of them. They are sometimes hard to manage and need many hours invested in their house-breaking process. But, it doesn’t mean they won’t bring you extreme happiness. The next things to know about Yorkies are crucial for you as an owner.

1. Grooming a Yorkie Terrier

The Yorkie needs grooming regularly, brushing and clipping their nails is a must. Even though they shed little to no hair, coat maintenance is a must. They are one of the best breeds for people with allergies. Professional grooming of Yorkies can be expensive, so owners tend to do it themselves.

2. Healthwise concerns that affect Yorkies

There are a few main concerns that affect the health of the Yorkie. They have teeth problems, regular brushing, and dry food is necessary for their oral health. They can develop luxating patella. In other words, knee injuries are common. Breathing problems are also common in Yorkies.

3. Exercise needs that benefit the Yorkie

Their daily exercise needs are not so high, they are anyway a breed which is busy throughout the whole day. They love to chase and hunt so be careful and keep an eye on them when doing outdoor activities.

4.Temeprament problems of Yorkies

They tend to not listen to their owner in feisty situations. The Yorkie can chase larger dogs than them, such as Rottweilers and cane Corso. So, you must be patient with them and try to protect them if they go too deep into some problems.


The Yorkie is a fantastic pet that is going to fill your everyday life with happiness and positive energy. If you plan to own a Yorkie, go for it, you won’t regret it. Even though it can sometimes make a mess and there is a good chance you lose your patience, it’s worth owning a Yorkie!

Their love and affection toward their owner are always larger than their capability of making a mess. You got any other interesting things we should know about Yorkies? Feel free to comment on them.