Yorkie Health Problems Symptoms

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Yorkie health problems symptoms are very crucial in the well-being of your Yorkie. Every owner should know them, including you!

As in many dogs, health problems can also be seen in Yorkies. Every breed has its different genetic illnesses so it is good as an owner to acknowledge them.

In many cases, Yorkies have nearly the same common illnesses because of their similar ancestors. We will give you an insight into the most frequent symptoms and how to treat the health problems leading to them.

Common Health Problems In Yorkies

There are several general Yorkie health issues that every owner of a Yorkie should understand. That way, you can always be ready to react accordingly in any given situation which relates to healthwise problems in Yorkies.

1. Oral health problems in Yorkies

When talking about teeth health problems in Yorkies, we must mention that they are split into two groups. The first ones are teeth issues which occur due to external factors, and the second ones are due to the Yorkie genetics

The external health issues are related to the care of the owner. Yorkies are a small toy breed, they got small jaws with little to no space between their teeth. The issues which occur are related to improper oral hygiene and dental care.

You as an owner need to invest time in brushing their teeth and checking their oral hygiene at least once a week. The number one symptom which can lead to weak oral hygiene is bad breath. If you foresee this symptom as a sign, further infections and diseases can develop.

Rotting of the teeth, tar build-up, broken teeth, or even losing teeth can be the outcome of these health problems.

The second type of oral health problem in Yorkies is the double teeth phenomenon. Sometimes, Yorkies can have two sets of teeth. What happens when the milk teeth don’t fall out naturally. If you don’t manage this problem, food can get stuck between the first set and the second set of teeth.

That can lead to oral infections and tooth loss. If you notice this kind of health problem, contact your veterinarian. There is a good chance that surgery might be in need, so they remove the milk teeth and avoid further health problems.

common health problems in yorkies

2. Knee and bone problems in Yorkies

Yorkies are prone to develop knee and bone problems. Luxating Patella is a disorder that affects how the knees and legs move. Yorkies that have this condition have a greater chance of suffering from arthritis as well.

Four grades relate to the severity of this disease. The first and second grades are not so severe, usually can be treated at home. At these stages, the kneecap can pop out of the knee. However, with little to no movement, it can get back itself.

The real problems occur at the later stages, where manual help from you is needed. Usually, veterinarians recommend surgery if the severity is at stages four and three.

3. Breathing Yorkie health problems

Yorkies usually have problems with tracheal collapse. Their pipe which connects the mouth and the lungs can get pressured and squeezed. Tracheal collapse disease can get deeper into the bronchioles and result In severe airway injuries.

This disease is common among tiny dog breeds and usually affects Yorkies who are mid-age to old-age. Another thing to keep in mind is the weight of the Yorkie. Yorkies who are overweight can have larger breathing issues than others.

More Serious Yorkie Health Issues

Yorkies tend to have many health issues which are way serious and can affect the quality of life at most. These are mostly connected to the genetics of the Yorkie.

Diabetes health problems

Diabetes is a condition that affects many dogs. Any breed is prone to developing diabetes, although Yorkies have a higher incidence than the normal percentage.

Diabetes is a condition in which a dog’s body is unable to manage sugar metabolism and requires daily insulin injections. Diabetes is a dangerous disease that should be diagnosed and treated as soon as the Yorkie is a puppy or it’s maturing.

Dry eyes and different eye problems

A dry eye is a painful ailment that occurs when a Yorkie’s tear production is insufficient. Both eyes are frequently affected, leading them to become dry and irritated.

This disease is usually immunologically mediated, which means that the immune system attacks the tear glands. Although dry eye cannot be cured, it is generally easily controlled with eye drops and at-home care.

Lens luxation – Dislocation of eyes’ lens

Yorkshire terriers suffer from primary lens luxation, a genetic eye condition. The dislocation of the lens in the eye is caused by the rupture of the ligaments that keep the lens in place (called zonules).

The lens can dislocate in both the forward and backward positions within the eye, although the forward position is more common and dangerous. Lens displacement can lead to glaucoma and visual loss if not corrected promptly.

Liver failure is also known as portosystemic shunt

A liver shunt, also known as a portosystemic shunt (PSS), is a disease in which the blood vessels of the liver are abnormal. PSS is more common in little toy breeds like the Yorkshire terrier.

The liver is a big organ in the abdomen (belly) that processes and filters the waste materials received after food digestion. Vitamins, blood clotting factors, and bile are all produced by the liver. In other words, a Yorkie needs to have a healthy liver so, vet appointments are recommended in case of this disease

Which Are Yorkie Sick Symptoms?

Depending on the disease, different symptoms can occur in your Yorkie. For every disease, we mentioned we are going to lest the most noticeable ones.

  • Oral Health Issues – Bad Breath, Falling Teeth, Inflammation of the gums
  • Knee and Bone Problems – Pain while walking, Limping, Stretching their leg.
  • Breathing Issues – Diffuclties while breathing, Honking, Coughing and Gagging
  • Diabetes – Seizures, Weakness, Vomiting, Increased heart rate, and Quick Breathing
  • Dry Eyes – Fewer tears, Pain, Red, and irritated eyes, Closed Eyes
  • Lens Luxation- Cloudy eyes, Inflamed eye caps, red eyes, and Sight problems
  • Liver Shunt – Vomiting, Inactivity, Seizures, Unresponsiveness, and Improper Growth

There are many more symptoms, but these are the clutch ones that lead toward these diseases.

Conclusion On Yorkie Health Problems Symptoms

As a Yorkie owner, you need to know these symptoms. That way, you can help your Yorkie in all odd situations. You can always provide them with quality food, regular exercises, and comfort to avoid further health problems.

If you understand and acknowledge these symptoms, you are on your way to becoming a better Yorkie owner.

Any other thoughts about Yorkie health problems symptoms? Feel free to comment below and share them with us!