Yorkies Ears Down – What Does It Mean?

Last Updated on January 2, 2022 by Griselda M.

Are Yorkie ears down a normal sighting or not? Find the answer and what does it mean in this amazing reading!

Every dog has different genetics, some have tails, and some don’t, some will have their ears flopped down, and others will have their ears sharp in the air. In Yorkies, it depends on the genetics of the Yorkie if their ears will go down or stand up.

Many owners assume that every Yorkies are the same and they will get the perfect physical attributes they imagine. However, that is not true, and find out why.

Why Do Some Yorkies Have Floppy Ears?

When you look at Yorkies, you can recognize two types of ears, the floppy ones and the ones which stand up sharp. So, you wonder what’s the reason behind these two different types of ears? Well, many factors affect the type of ears.

Ears are a hereditary characteristic. Some are pointy and tiny, while others are bigger and rounder. Some people need to be taped to stand up, while others will stand up on their own.

Many Yorkies’ ears fall off when they’re teething, but they usually come back up if they were there in the first place. A puppy’s entire ear should be shaved until it’s roughly 4 to 6 months old. That may assist them in standing, but it is not a guarantee.

Some owners want their Yorkie ears down and floppy, others want them to be rise and be as the A.K.C standard dictates.

American Kennel Club Ear Yorkie Standards

taping yorkie ears

According to the A.K.C, the ears of the Yorkie need to stand high. In their official document for the physical standards of Yorkies, they have two methodologies.

The correct one is that breeders like small and expressive Yorkie ears. They need to be set high on the head, close together, and get the V-Shape.

On the other hand, the incorrect methodology says, “Low set ears detract from expression and are as highly undesirable as ears that are too large, rounded on tips, bat-shaped or set too wide”.

In our opinion, it doesn’t matter if the ears are down or set high. However, if you are planning to bring out your Yorkie to beauty contests, you must follow the A.K.C standards.

Yorkie Ears Down – Problem Or Not?

There is no right answer to this question because there is no real problem if the Yorkie’s ears are down or not. It’s up to the owner’s preference if they love them floppy or just want them to be sharp.

It all decides if you want your Yorkie to have a chance to compete in beauty contests.

Although, there is one con that we can mention when talking about floppy ears in Yorkies. That is a greater chance of ear infections.

When a Yorkie has their ears floppy and hairy, infections might occur more often. However, if the owner cleans them trims and cleans them regularly there is not a larger concern to worry about.

Does Taping Yorkie Ears Help?

If you as an owner of a Yorkie struggle with the look of your Yorkie ears, then some methods can help you achieve pointy ears.

The Yorkie lacks the necessary muscular power at the base of the ear to keep it upright. With time, these muscles will expand and become stronger in most cases. However, what is your options if they don’t?

Well, ear taping can always fix when Yorkies’ ears are down. But you wonder how the taping process is done and how to do it the proper way? Don’t worry, we will explain it step by step so you can do it yourself. If you are not comfortable with this, there is always an option to ask a veterinarian to tape the ears.

Guide On Taping Yorkie Ears

By the time they’re three months old, most Yorkie puppies’ ears are standing, although some take longer than others. The bigger the ear, the more difficult it is to get it to stand on its own.

The first step is to remove the hair from the upper third of the ear. Ear hair weighs them down and prevents them from standing up.

Wet the ear and cut the edges with scissors to make them lovely and tidy. It’s easier to see the outline of the dog’s ear when the ear hair is damp.

After that, thoroughly wipe your puppy’s ears. Use a Q-tip and any excellent ear cleaning solution. Try not to dive too deep, we don’t want you to puncture the eardrum of your Yorkie.

The next step is to wrap a piece of gauze over the ear and fix it with tape or a bandage. Try not to wrap it too hard, see how the puppy reacts, make it looser or tighter after you acknowledge the situation.

The tape should stay on the Yorkie ears for around 3 days. After that, take it down and see if the ears are still floppy. If they are, repeat the process until you achieve the ears to stand up. If the Yorkie doesn’t tolerate the taping, repeat the process, or try some positive reinforcement.

We must mention being very cautious when doing this procedure, always keep in mind the anxiety of your Yorkie. In other words, try not to harm it while taping Yorkie ears.

When Do Yorkies Ears Stand Up And What To Do If They Don’t?

For the second part of the question, we already gave you an answer. However, when do Yorkie ears stand up can’t be precisely defined. Every Yorkie is different and has different genetics. The sweet timing is around the mark of three to four months.

Keep in mind the possibility of undeveloped ear muscles. In some cases, Yorkie won’t experience ears standing up until nine months. In other words, full erect ears can happen in the range of a few weeks to a few months. In the end, if you want that to happen sooner, you can go with the taping process.

Final Thoughts

No matter if your Yorkie ears are down or not, they are still beautiful. What matters the most is the happiness and well-being of your beloved Yorkie. As an owner, focus on the important parts of the livelihood of your Yorkie.

Always try to provide your Yorkie with the best life. If you have any other thoughts on this topic, comment below and share them with other Yorkie owners.