What Is The Average Maltese Yorkie Lifespan You Can Expect?

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The adorable Morkies are great for first-time dog owners and apartment-dwellers but what is the average Maltese Yorkie lifespan you can expect? Is this a dog you can expect to be with you for quite some time? Or, is it a bit short-lived instead? This question is usually difficult to answer for mixed breeds. However, as a mix between Maltese and a Yorkshire terrier, the Morkie has a pretty consistent and impressive lifespan.

What Is The Maltese Yorkie Lifespan You Can Expect?

The exact lifespan of your dog will depend on a lot of factors such as the care you provide and the genetic predispositions inherited from the pup’s parents. Additionally, as this is a mixed breed, we don’t have as much data on the Morkie’s lifespan as we do for purebred dogs.

However, from what we know, these dogs will almost always hit at least 10-11 years and can often grow as old as 16 or even 17 years. So, the average of 11 and 17 is somewhere around 14 which is in line with both Maltese dogs and Yorkshire terriers.

This is a pretty good number for a dog, making the Morkie a great choice for people who want a long-living pet. Additionally, as these are just averages, your dog can live even longer with the right care. Both Yorkshire terriers and Maltese dogs are known to reach and sometimes even exceed 20 years of age, for example. There’s no reason why a Morkie shouldn’t be able to do the same.

How Long Do Morkies Live Compared To Other Small Dog Breeds?

As a small dog breed, the Maltese Yorkie lifespan is pretty good. But how does it compare to other similar breeds?

  • Purebred Maltese dogs can live up to 12-15 years on average
  • Yorkshire terriers usually live up to 13-16 years
  • Toy Poodles’ usually hit 12-15 years
  • Shih Tzu have an expected lifespan of 10-16 years
  • Papillions average 13-15 years
  • Pomeranians frequently reach 12-16 years
  • Chihuahuas tend to grow to 14-18 years
  • Dachshunds can live up to 12-14 years

As a mix between Maltese and Yorkshire, you can see that the Morkie lifespan is up there with most other long-living small dog breeds.

Main Causes Of Death For A Morkie

The fact that Maltese Yorkie lifespan is pretty good doesn’t mean that these dogs can’t suffer from some ailments. If you don’t take good care of your Morkie and/or you get unlucky with a particularly nasty disease, your Morkie may not reach the golden years many other dogs have. Here are the main 6 things to watch out for:

  • Physical trauma – if you’ve never owned a small dog, you’d be surprised at how big of a risk this is. Physical trauma, especially for young pups, is why small breeds like the Morkie aren’t recommended for families with toddlers – it’s for the pup’s sake and not for the child’s sake.
  • Infections – there are various internal and external infections that can drastically shorten your dog’s life. This is especially true early on in the pup’s life. That’s why proper veterinary care is so essential.
  • Cancer – this issue can come in many shapes and forms. Together, the different types of cancer usually take the lives of over 10% of Morkies around the world.
  • Heart issues – this is a major problem that plagues a lot of dogs and not just Morkies. Good food and proper exercise are essential to avoid this pitfall.
  • Congenital disease – Like Yorkies, Morkies can suffer from this quite often. This is an inherited condition and it can affect your Morkie in many different ways. This is one of the big reasons why it’s important to work with reputable breeders only.
  • Respiratory disease – Morkies inherit the brachycephalic syndrome of Yorkies which can lead to some difficulties breathing. This is especially dangerous in extra hot or especially cold weather. It can also be a problem during extended walks, runs, and hikes. You should be especially careful if you plan to fly on a plane with your Morkie too.

The good news is that all of these are either avoidable or can be managed relatively easily. As with any canine or human health issue – proper prevention is essential. Also, the earlier you catch a problem, the better.

11 Ways To Improve The Average Maltese Yorkie Mix Lifespan

  • Finding a good breeder is crucial for any mixed breed and that includes the Morkie – this will help you avoid any inherited genetic conditions and predispositions
  • You should pet-proof your home to minimize the risk of physical trauma
  • Never let your Morkie outside without a leash – car accidents and attacks from larger dogs are a big risk


  • Don’t forget your dog’s vaccinations and booster shots
  • Bi-annual vet visits are crucial even if your dog seems like it’s doing well
  • Dental hygiene is important too as oral problems can lead to a lot of other issues
  • Always spray or neuter your dog to avoid other health issues down the line
  • Clean and filtered or spring water is important for good canine health
  • Two walks a day will give your Morkie a lot of the exercise it needs
  • A good deal of playtime indoors will complement the two daily walks and keep your pup healthy and energetic
  • Last but not least, feed your dog with high-quality pet food – ask your vet what food is best for your particular dog and its health circumstances

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So, Does The Average Maltese Yorkie Lifespan Make Them A Good Choice For You?

If you want a small and apartment-suitable dog with a long lifespan, the Morkie is definitely an excellent choice. These dogs live long and happy lives with the right care and a lot of love. Another key way to extend your Maltese Yorkie lifespan is to make sure you’ve got your pup from a reputable breeder. As Morkies are a mixed breed, this is even more important for them than it is for other dogs.

So, good parents, good food & exercise, and good care will easily ensure that your Morkie will be with you for quite a long time.


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