Yorkies Dry Skin – Thing You Need To Know

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Yorkies’ dry skin problems can be a result of a variety of circumstances. Skin issues in Yorkshire Terriers are quite typical. Nutrition, washing, grooming, fleas, ticks, and other health issues are examples. You may discover how to cure common Yorkie skin problems in this post.

The skin of a healthy Yorkie should be velvety and smooth, with no peeling, lumps, or cracking. The skin will have a whitish-pink tint with decent suppleness, neither too dry nor excessively greasy.

Causes Of Yorkie Dandruff

Dandruff is an issue that many dogs, notably Yorkshire terriers, suffer from. It’s not something to take lightly, if not treated properly, it can lead to skin irritation and infection. We’ll go through the most prevalent causes of dandruff in Yorkies and how to get rid of it for good in this post.

Side effects of medications

That is a self-explanatory one. If your dog has been administered medication for whatever reason, it may develop dandruff as a result of the drug unexpectedly interacting with its system, producing itchy or dry skin.

You are not brushing your Yorkie’s fur regularly

how to moisturize yorkie dry skin

Brushing your Yorkie’s hair is beneficial for more than just removing knots. It will also assist you in detecting dandruff early on when it is much easier to treat than when it is too late.

Yorkies with long hair can mask the look and indicators of dandruff, so keep an eye on them for white flakes regularly. That will also assist you in detecting any allergies or other abnormalities in their fur that require care before they become a serious problem beneath the skin.

Chemicals and allergies

Allergic responses are the most prevalent causes of skin irritation and discomfort in Yorkies. Yorkies can be allergic to a couple of foods, pollen, dust mites, and other environmental contaminants.

Harsh chemicals like chlorine and ammonia found in swimming pools and hot tubs can dry up the skin, causing dandruff.

Consuming insufficient amounts of water

Do you think your Yorkie gets enough water? Dandruff can also be a result of a lack of fluids. When your Yorkie refuses to drink, it might be hard to persuade them to do so. One strategy is to have them drink without recognizing it.

You can try putting ice cubes in their water dish, soaking their food in wet dog treats, or adding enough broth to their meal, so they don’t notice the difference between drinking from one of these sticky bowls versus one made of stainless steel.

Unhealthy eating habits

What your Yorkie consumes has a massive impact on their skin’s health. Protein, healthy carbohydrates, fat, and nutrients should make up most of a Yorkie’s diet. Dry skin and dandruff can be a result of a lack of critical minerals like zinc. Feed your Yorkie a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, and grains.

Yorkie Dry Skin Home Remedies

While home treatments like coconut oil and omega-three fatty acids can help dogs with dry skin, Yorkies may find it more difficult. If your Yorkie has dry skin, here are several practical remedies.

Instead of shampooing your dog, be bold and use a dog conditioner

One of the most common causes of itchy and dry skin in Yorkies is the result of washing often with shampoo. As a result, the skin becomes dry as most critical skin oils are gone by the shampoo. You’ll notice a massive change if you don’t use shampoo for a few months.

Another option is to brush your dog thoroughly before putting him to bed. Just before washing, brush the dog, even more, then use a dog conditioner, let it sit for 10 minutes, and then wash it. Then you need to blow-dry the hair. You will most likely notice a significant improvement very soon.

Fish oil should be a part of their diet

In most situations, dry skin implies that something in Yorkies diet is missing. Most dog diets on the market are high in omega-six acids rather than the omega-three acids that the dog requires for healthy skin. Coconut is well-known for its high quantities of vitamins and antioxidants.

It’s not only good for moisturizing dry skin, but it’s also good as a supplement. Furthermore, free radicals are the primary cause of dry skin. A healthy dosage of vitamin E will help to neutralize them. Yes, those vitamin E capsules for humans are usable in this situation.

Simply purchase and apply to your dog’s skin. The skin is absorbing this vitamin easily. If your Yorkie licks the vitamin, it’s not an issue. It’s even helpful for them since it helps the liver and heart operate properly.


This nutrient-dense human food contains germs that can help your dog’s skin return to normal. It is also good for reducing diarrhea and enhancing their GI system, in addition to aiding with dry skin. You need to simply feed them one spoonful of yogurt every day for two weeks. Within that time, the dry skin will nearly vanish.

Using an all-natural moisturizer

The best way to treat dry skin in dogs, just as in humans, is to use a moisturizer. We’ve discussed a few natural therapies that can aid in the moisturization of their skin. However, several of these moisturizers have the risk of being licked off by your dog.

As a result, you should only use anything that won’t threaten their health if they lick it.

How To Moisturize Yorkie Dry Skin?

yorkie dandruff

Use these strategies to assist further moisturizing their skin if you’ve followed the instructions above to remove the reasons for dry skin.

  • To treat dryness and itching, massage coconut oil into their skin.
  • Ensure that their meals contain healthy oils such as fish oil, olive oil, or avocado.
  • To help keep the air moist, use a humidifier. That also aids in the relief of  Yorkies’ dry skin in people!
  • When washing your dog, use a decent conditioner.
  • Make use of pet-safe edible moisturizers.

A Final Word On Yorkies Dry Skin

Skin problems in dogs, not only Yorkies, are one of the numerous health risks that every dog owner should be aware of. Always have in mind that skin condition shows how healthy the internal organs are. That is easily fixable if we apply the proper medication and avoid it at all costs.