Yorkies Behavior Problems – Teach Discipline To Your Yorkie

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Do you want to know how to manage Yorkies behavior problems? Do you have issues with your Yorkie being aggressive? Find the answers in this article!

It’s globally known that toy breeds such as the Yorkie are very territorial. In other words, when they are introduced to home and feel the space around them as their own, their aggressive characteristics can pop out.

However, with proper time investment by the owner, every Yorkie can become well-mannered and stable with other beings. So, we will cover everything you need to know to discipline your curly Yorkie friend.

The Yorkie Temperament – Yorkies Behavior Problems

The intellect of the Yorkie is above average for sure. That makes this lovely breed simple to train and communicate. The Yorkie has a very desirable temperament and personality among other dog breeds since they are lively and independent.

Their bravery is also spottable in their tiny size. That can get masked with a lot of aggression toward other dogs and small children. So, don’t be fooled by the Yorkie’s size.

Outsiders are almost certainly not welcome on their property. In other words, Yorkies are a very territorial breed, and because of that, they can get feisty with unknown beings.

However, with early socialization, this is unlikely to be an issue for Yorkies in the future. Socialization is also vital because your lovely Yorkie must learn how to act properly, and it is your responsibility to provide your Yorkie with a good amount of socialization and proper training.

Are Yorkies Aggressive? – Is It True?

are yorkies aggressive

Originally the breeding of the Yorkshire terrier was to kill pests such as rats. Yorkies had to be courageous and tenacious since rats are quite hostile. They still have these characteristics now. As a result, Yorkshire terriers, in general, tend to be more aggressive than other breeds.

Aggression, on the other hand, is a result of the environment. If you give your puppy the correct environment, there’s a good chance it won’t grow up to be an aggressive Yokie. To do so, you must first understand the factors that might drive Yorkies to become violent.

So, Yorkies can get aggressive, and they know how to show it. However, there is a good chance that you can train and socialize them to prevent these aggressive traits. In other words, an owner should know what makes their Yorkie aggressive and deal with it.

Yorkie Aggression Issues

The aggression of the Yorkie is a really common problem. But how to deal with it? Firstly, you need to know why Yorkies get aggressive and understand the whole dog psychology behind it.

To overcome this, it’s a good idea to start socialization training for your puppy while it’s still young. It will learn how to interact with humans, things in its environment, and other canines.

Consistent positive touch teaches your dog how to respond to everyday events. However, despite such socialization training, some Yorkies will still exhibit violent behavior problems. The Yorkshire terrier’s aggression is getting triggered by a variety of factors, including:

These factors can trigger aggression in your Yorkie. As an owner, it’s good to manage well with these factors and get your Yorkie to feel comfortable. We must mention that these factors apply in interactions with humans as well.

The Yorkies can show aggression if they want to defend themselves because of previous traumas. Another way Yorkies show aggression is by biting or growling. That can get induced if someone is attacking their resources, such as food or bed.

If your Yorkie got training by an unprofessional trainer there is a good chance that it won’t behave well with humans.

The last thing that you should consider is the redirection of an attack. On many occasions, Yorkies can show aggression toward larger dog breeds and then bite or attack you or somebody else. That situation can get you and your Yorkie both in trouble. So, focus on this issue and see the reactions of your Yorkie.

How Do I Stop My Yorkie From Being Aggressive?

When dealing with aggressiveness in your Yorkshire terrier, it’s critical to first figure out what’s causing the aggression in the first place. We already mentioned some of these reasons in the preceding sections, but there are many more to consider.

As a result, you may need to seek professional help from a veterinarian or a trainer at some time. These experts in animal behavior will provide you with helpful advice on how to cope with your furry Yorkie buddy and get them well-mannered.

In addition to seeking expert assistance, you may improve your dog’s behavior by following some simple guidelines that we will provide and for sure will help you in the process of avoiding the aggressive attitude of your Yorkie.

1.     Give your Yorkie a calm surrounding to rest

The first step in changing your dog’s disposition should be to accomplish this. You must offer your Yorkie a secure and comfortable home.

Dogs pick up tricks from the people they live with. Dogs are calmer and less aggressive when they are part of a pleasant and serene family. It’s the only way to make a Yorkie a nice family dog.

2.     Don’t force your Yorkie

The last thing you should do if your dog is suffering from severe anxiety or excessive stress is to compel it. Bad therapy exacerbates the situation.

You must start from a place of positive reinforcement if you wish to encourage the desired behavior. That is the only way to make your Yorkie feel more at ease around humans and other dogs in the long run.

3.     Properly train your Yorkie to be respectful

When a Yorkie is getting used to receiving commands, it will always obey better. As a result, having daily training sessions of roughly 15 to 20 minutes is a good idea. After some time, you’ll find that your dog is growing more obedient.

Don’t forget to offer it tiny treats when it does well during the training. That might be a nice treat or gushing praise that shows you’re pleased with whatever your dog has accomplished.

Maintain a calm and cheerful attitude during the training process so that your dog does as well. It’s simpler to teach your dog new actions when it has a good attitude.

Final Thoughts On Yorkies Behavior Problems

Yorkie behavior problems are only shown if your Yorkie is not getting a proper focus from you as an owner. Many Yorkie owners foresee the aggression as their fault and think that the Yorkie is like that in itself.

We recommend focusing on the socialization aspect of your Yorkie. Regular meeting with other breeds of dogs and people is the core toward a well-mannered Yorkie. If you think you can’t manage this yourself, contact an expert or your vet.

If you have any other thoughts on this topic, comment below and share them!