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Owners are usually looking for the latest yorkie and chihuahua mix price, here I will take you through all details. Chorkie is an adorable pet resulting from mixing Yorkie and chihuahua. It has many awesome temperaments including energetic, loving, smart, loyal, and fun. Chorkie price depends on some factors such as gender, breeder, health, ancestry, and many other factors that we will discuss later. Stay with me till the end to figure out the answer to “how much does a yorkie chihuahua mix cost?”

How Much Are Chorkies?

Yorkie and chihuahua mix price ranges between $400 to $800, sometimes it can reach $ 1200. A Chorkie is a small mixed breed dog that is loving and affectionate. It has a good lifespan ranging between 12 to 14 years. They weigh around 4-7 kg with an average length of 15-23 cm.

What Are The Factors Affecting Yorkie And Chihuahua Mix Price?

A Chorkie is a mixed breed that is why we can not speculate 100% how it will look. Additionally, the temperament can differ depending on the genes that the puppy gets from its parents. Sometimes, the puppy inherits most of its genes from Yorkie so it takes most of Yorkie’s temperaments and the reverse happens. Moreover, the price differs depending on the following factors:

Chorkie’s Lineage

Generally, if you know the lineage of the puppy, it will cost a high price. In other words, if you know the parents and grandparents of the puppy, its price will be higher than those that you do not know about their ancestry. That is why purebred dogs cost more than mixed breeds.

Regarding Chorkie, it is a mixed breed that breeders produced intentionally to get the best genes and temperaments. If you know enough information about Chorkie’s parents, you can somehow have good information about your puppy’s temperament and health as well. Adopting a healthy Chorkie would cost you more, however, you would pay less in the vet clinics. Additionally, a healthy Chorkie will live longer periods than a sick one so you will enjoy more time with your lovely puppy.

Chorkie’s Gender

Chorkie’s female costs more than a male because females get pregnant and produce puppies for you to sell. However, if you spayed them, the price will go down.

Chorkie's Gender

Chorkie’s Health

A Chorkie that is healthy with fewer health conditions will cost you more than a diseased one. Of course, there is no guarantee that your puppy is 100% free from diseases, however, you have to make a check-up on the puppy before adoption. Furthermore, make sure to buy the puppy from a reputable breeder as some breeders do not tell you about any health condition that a puppy suffers from to sell it at a high price. So, make sure to request a health guarantee at least for one year.

Corkie’s Size

Chorkies are small dogs weighing between 4-7 kg. The weight of the puppy could be a significant sign of a certain health condition causing the puppy to be overweight or underweight. For instance, if your puppy is underweight, it could be a sign of abdominal disease or dental disease that makes it can not eat well.

However, if your Chorkie is obese, this may indicate diabetes or arthritis, or hypothyroidism. Additionally, the breeder may not exercise it well or feed it good quality and nutritious food. As you see, there is a lot you can identify from the weight so do not underestimate it.

The Breeder

The Chorkie’s price differs depending on each breeder. A reputable breeder that raises the puppies in a healthy environment will sell his puppies at high prices. A breeder who knows enough information about its puppies, parents, and grandparents would cost you more.

Furthermore, Licensed breeders sell their dogs at higher prices than those who are unlicensed and without papers. There are three types of breeders to buy from including pet shops and unlicensed breeders, licensed breeders without papers, and licensed breeders and dogs with AKC papers. I recommend you go for a licensed breeder so he can provide you with sufficient information about your puppy, some required papers, and health insurance as well.

Frequently Asked Questions About Chorkies

Are Chorkies Aggressive?

Chorkies are affectionate, loving, and loyal pets. Because of their loyalty, they tend to show some aggressiveness towards strange people.

Are Chorkies Hard To Potty Train?

Unfortunately, yes. Yorkie and Chihuahua are difficult to housebreak so as a Chorkie. However, with consistent training and some patience, you can do it.

Are Chorkies Hypoallergenic?

A chorkie is almost hypoallergenic that does not shed often. However, if the puppy gets most of its genes from Chihuahua, it may shed more.

Do Chorkies Bark?

Yes, Chorkies are vocal pets that bark to alert their owners.

Are Chorkies Healthy Dogs?

Generally, Chorkie is a healthy breed as it is a mix between two healthy breeds. You can not know exactly the diseases it could suffer because it depends on its parents. However, the health conditions that affect both Yorkie and Chihuahua would affect Chorkie too. Some of those health conditions are allergy, hypothyroidism, patellar luxation, and skin problems including hair loss, parasitic infections, and worms.

Does Chorkie Get Along With Kids?

It is not recommended to adopt Chorkie if you have young kids because Chorkie is a small delicate dog so it can get injured easily. However, it gets along with older children who are aware of how to deal with this little puppy without harming it.

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Final Thoughts

In summary, yorkie and chihuahua mix price ranges between $400 to $800. The price difference depends on many aspects including Chorkie’s gender, lineage, health, size, and the breeder as well. My advice is to buy Chorkie from a reputable breeder to make sure it is healthy, I know this would cost you more, however, I bet you will save a lot of money from being spent in the vet clinic. Remember that the more information you know about your Chorkie and its parents, the higher price will be. Finally, If you have additional questions, please let me know in the comments down below.

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