Toy Yorkie Life Span…How Long Do They Live?

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Toy Yorkie is a small-sized interesting puppy, here you’ll get to know more information about toy yorkie life span. Toy Yorkie is also known as teacup Yorkie or miniature Yorkie, it is smaller in size than the standard Yorkie. Breeders intentionally mixed between two small-sized Yorkies for producing small-sized dogs. In the 1870s, breeders in northern England bred teacup yorkies for hunting rodents and rats. However, nowadays they are one of the most popular toy breeds in the states that many pet owners seek to adopt. Although they are good fashionable companion dogs, the AKC still did not recognize them.

How Long Do Teacup Yorkies Live?

One of the frequently asked questions by many dog parents is “how long do miniature yorkies live?”. The average teacup yorkies life span is 7 to 9 years although some can live longer as typical Yorkie. However, the toy yorkie life span is usually short because they are prone to several health conditions due to their small size.

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What Are Health Conditions Affecting Toy Yorkie Life Span?

Breeders produced miniature Yorkies with the aim to get small size dogs, sometimes they do not care about expected health conditions. Many of them mix two small Yorkies-even if they are sick- just for their size. So, a diseased offspring would be a foregone conclusion to be sold at a high price.

Here are some of the health conditions that may affect teacup Yorkies and shorten their life span.

Traumatic Injuries

Traumatic injury is a common accident that happens to teacup Yorkies. Teacup Yorkies weigh around 2 to 4 pounds, their small size makes them prone to traumas due to improper handling or jumping from high-level furniture. Additionally, it occurs because of walking in a crowded place without proper securing of your teacup.

The following are some pieces of advice to protect your teacup Yorkie against traumatic injuries

  1. If you have young children, do not let them alone with toy Yorkie as they may harm it. Also, give your older children some instructions on how to handle the puppy properly without causing injuries.
  2. If you are in a crowded street or area, carry your miniature Yorkie to avoid any missteps. Although it is small in size, it is active and playful so be alert.
  3. In the house, provide pet steps so your teacup Yorkie can go up and down of beds and furniture smoothly without injuries
  4. Opt for using a harness with a leash instead of attaching the leash to the collar to avoid injury to the trachea.
  5. Try not to introduce other big pets to your teacup Yorkie, they could harm it unintentionally. Socialization is a must, however, choose small-sized pets so they can deal with it easily.


Hypoglycemia is a condition that is common among toy breeds. Your pet would experience a low blood sugar level. Other signs include weakness, lethargy, appetite loss, lack of coordination, trembling, and seizures.

It occurs because of the delayed breakdown of stored glycogen to provide enough glucose to the brain and all the body. Additionally, it could be a sign of other underlying conditions such as Addison’s disease and severe liver disease. If you noticed that your dog has low blood sugar, immediately give it an oral concentrated solution of glucose then go to the vet for a quick check-up.

Pulmonary Fibrosis

Pulmonary fibrosis is a respiratory disease that affects the lungs of your Yorkie. The cause of the condition is still unknown, however, it may occur because of a genetic predisposition as suspected by this research. Signs of pulmonary fibrosis include wheezing, cough, blue color of the tongue, lethargy, appetite loss, dizziness, and rapid respiratory rate.

Unfortunately, this disease doe not have a specific cure till now and treatments are just used to alleviate the symptoms. Pulmonary fibrosis can end up causing the death of your teacup Yorkie. Moreover, the average teacup yorkies life expectancy after diagnosis would be one year.

Tracheal Collapse

The trachea is the tube that permits the air to enter the lungs while the cartilages are like small rings within the trachea to keep it open. Tracheal collapse means that those cartilage rings collapse making the trachea to be closed. It is one of the common diseases that affect toy Yorkies.

Signs of tracheal collapse include difficulty breathing, cough, vomiting, wheezing, and cyanosis which is a bluish tongue and mucus membranes. Treatment depends on the collapse grade, if it is severe, the vet would recommend surgery. However, if it is mild or moderate, the vet would prescribe cough suppressants, antibiotics, a bronchodilator, and sedatives to manage the condition. Additionally, if the puppy is obese, losing some pounds is a must.

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How To Expand Toy Yorkie Life Span?

Every pet needs special care so as a toy Yorkie. You have to keep your eyes on it because of its small size, it is like a newborn baby. Here are some recommendations to keep it for long periods:

  • Serve your puppy high-quality food that is nutritious and GMOs free
  • Keep consistent exercising to improve your puppy’s immunity and overall health

Expand Toy Yorkie Life Span

  • Keep regular grooming to prevent some skin infections such as parasites and worms
  • Try to take the puppy to the vet regularly for check-ups and vaccinations

Final Thoughts

Teacup Yorkie is a cute, energetic, small Yorkie. It has a size that is smaller than a typical Yorkie weighing around 2 to 4 pounds. Toy Yorkie life span ranges between 7 to 9 years and sometimes more depending on how would you take care of it. When you go for buying a teacup Yorkie, search for a reputable breeder that does not sell only toy Yorkies because he is likely to breed them with no regard to health concerns. It is recommended to search for an AKC-registered breeder who can provide you with health insurance and post-adoption support. Additionally, ask for the parents of the puppy and request to see them in order to check if they suffer from health conditions or not. Finally, keep regular exercising, and vet visits to keep your puppy healthy. For further questions, please keep me posted in the comments below.

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