When Does A Yorkie Reach Full Size?

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You may wonder “when does a yorkie reach full size?”, the weight of a typical Yorkshire terrier puppy ranges between 3 to 7 pounds. The weight of this little furry dog depends on the weight of its parents. So, you can not speculate a definite weight with 100% accuracy to your adult Yorkie. However, there are some formulas that you can use to predict the weight. Keep reading to know more about them and at what age is a yorkie full grown.

When Does A Yorkie Reach Full Size?

Yorkies grow rapidly in the first 7 months of life. However, yorkshire terriers full-grown around the age of one year. Here are more details on the normal growth pattern of a Yorkie puppy

Newborn: Birth To Two Weeks

A puppy Yorkie weighs from 2.5 to 5.5 oz at birth then grows up rapidly to reach 6-13.5 oz by two weeks. During this period, the puppy depends completely on its mother because its eyes have not yet opened. Also, it can not crawl, just doing a sort of stomach scoot when looking for its mother’s milk.

It expresses its distress by making a little mewling sound. Yorkies during this stage spend most of their time sleeping. Additionally, you can see their sizes get bigger rapidly in just a few days.

Infancy: Two Weeks To Eight Weeks

The weight of a Yorkie’s puppy during infancy can reach 12-32 oz by the age of eight weeks. During this stage, the eyes are opened and the ears function well so they can explore the world around them. They start to crawl in a drunken, wobbly way then climb out of their bed to play with their siblings.

They can lap up liquids so it is a good chance to introduce some solid foods gradually and slowly. Some breeders wean the puppies completely from their mothers’ milk by eight weeks however, others prefer to wait till the age of 12 weeks. It is recommended to start potty training during this period although it will take some time to succeed on this mission, potty training is challenging in Yorkies.

Puppy Time: Eight Weeks To Six Months

The weight of a Yorkie puppy reaches 10-27 oz by the end of six months. During the puppy time phase, you will watch the active Yorkie that enjoys wrestling and playing. It will also be more vocal as its voice develops and will use it to tell you that he needs something.

Yorkies could sleep around 18 hours or more during the day as long naps and yawns to get some rest from the excessive playing. They start to be more confident so make sure to socialize them properly with people and other pets. Also, you can see their stride opening up, their ears stand up, and their baby teeth start to fall out.

Teenage: Six Months To Two Years

During this period, Yorkies’ personality becomes more firm and confident to the extent of acting as a leader. However, if you give up training and socializing them, they may suffer Yorkie separation anxiety. Keep it busy with training and mental stimulation, this will benefit your furry teenager so do not worry about that.

Female Yorkies go through their first heat during this stage and males become sexually mature as well. If you are planning to spray your Yorkie, this is the right time to do it.

Adulthood: Two Years To 10 Years

The growth of Yorkies stops from one to two years so their weight will be stable if you provide them with a balanced diet. During adulthood, Yorkie will stick to you and be around you all the time. It will wander the house all day like a guard and will warn you if something unusual happens.

4-Years-Old female Yorkshire

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The Golden Years: 10 Years and On

Yorkies are called seniors during this stage. They need extra care by visiting the vet regularly and feed them a high-quality diet. During this period, they will be prone to some health conditions including arthritis, smell, and vision declined. Furthermore, they spend a lot of time sleeping as they age.

How Big Do Yorkies Grow?

The normal weight of a Yorkshire terrier puppy ranges between 3 to 7 pounds. However, it depends on many factors including genetics (weight of the parents), diet, health, and activity of the Yorkie. So, you can not determine the exact weight a Yorkie would reach as an adult but you can predict it through some formulas and a Yorkie growth chart.

Calculating Yorkie Weight

The following formulas are used to estimate how big would your adult Yorkie be.

(Puppy weight at 3 months in-lbs x 2) + 0.5  = Expected ault Yorkie size in-lbs

For example, if your Yorkie puppy weight at 3 months is 2 pounds, the expected adult size will be:

( 2 x 2) + 0.5 = 4.5 pounds

Puppy weight at 8 weeks in-lbs x 3 = Expected adult Yorkie size in-lbs

For example, if your puppy weight at 8 weeks is 2 pounds, the expected adult size will be:

2 x 3 = 6 pounds

Yorkie Growth Chart

These are average numbers to estimate whether your Yorkie falls in the normal ranges or not. The Yorkie at birth weighs about 4 oz like the size of an avocado. When reaches 4 weeks, it weighs 14.5 oz like the size of a papaya.

While at 8 weeks, it normally weighs around 21.5 oz like a grapefruit. However, at 12 weeks, it will be like the size of cauliflower to weigh around 32 oz. At 16 weeks, it weighs 40 oz like eggplant. Finally, it weighs 46 oz at 20 weeks to be like pineapple. Be cautious not to overfeed your Yorkie to avoid obesity as it is too dangerous.

yorkie growth chart
Yorkie Growth Chart

Final Thoughts

Yorkies are intelligent furry loveable creatures that you will enjoy their company and watching them grow up every day. Yorkies’ growth starts from birth till the age of one year or two maximum. You can not predict the specific weight of adult Yorkie with 100% accuracy. However, you can use each one of the previous formulas to calculate the expected weight or look at the yorkie growth chart. Each stage of a Yorkie’s life requires specific needs to grow up healthily so it is recommended to take your vet’s advice for every stage.

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