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Do you wonder which are dogs that get along with Yorkies? If you want to get the best Yorkie companion, deep dive into this article!

In many cases, it has been proven that the Yorkshire Terrier breed gets along nicely with other dogs. However, bringing a second dog into the house is not without its difficulties.

So, before you choose the perfect companion for your Yorkie, assure yourself that you are ready for a 2nd troublemaker.

There are two scenarios, introduction a puppy to an adult Yorkie or the other way around. To understand these processes read further!

Are Yorkies Friendly With Other Animals?

Yorkies get along well with other pets. They are, however, anxious by nature and may display aggressive behavior if they feel threatened by others. The attitude of a Yorkie with other animals is heavily influenced by early socialization.

There are even some community forums that joke with the friendliness of Yorkies.

So, overall Yorkies can get along with other animals, including dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, and whatnot. However, the core of their friendliness lies in the socialization aspect and that can sometimes be difficult with other dogs. Household domination plays a big part when it comes to dogs.

Do Yorkies Get Along With Other Dogs?

best dog companion for a yorkie

Yorkies may be wary of other dogs, but if properly socialized and taught from a young age, they can get along with any other pets. However, regardless of how highly socialized they are, they will pursue anything that can run away from them.

If a new pet is introduced into the house, they may grow possessive of their owners. They may want to face the “intruder” since they are terriers, and if a battle breaks out, the terrier spirit will fight to the death.

When introducing a Yorkie to a new dog, exercise extreme caution and take this process with ease.

Do Yorkies Like Other Dogs?

The personality of Yorkies is one of the qualities that drew us to them. Curious, intelligent, protective, and attention-getting. However, be aware of your Yorkie has grown possessive and envious of you.

This isn’t to say you can’t add another dog to the mix, but it will help you understand what breeds make suitable Yorkie companions. As previously stated, early socialization with other dogs is essential for achieving peace in a multi-dog household.

Larger dog breeds are in majority of the cases ignored by the Yorkies. That is, unless they approach it directly first, in which case it can become highly aggressive, even growling, or snarling. That appears to be more amusing than intimidating, yet it isn’t the desired response.

When another Yorkie or similar toy breed approaches, on the other hand, the Yorkie becomes more curious. It may initiate encounters while developing a friendlier manner.

This demonstrates how Yorkies are typically picky about the dogs they socialize with. Given enough time together, they will learn to get along with practically any other dog, or at the very least tolerate them!

Best Dog Companion For A Yorkie

Yorkies are known for their enormous personalities, which more than make up for their diminutive height. They are frequently more at ease among dogs that are more submissive and meeker due to their dominant dispositions.

We are going to list some of the recommended breeds of dogs that are compatible with the Yorkies and make a good Yorkie friend.

On the other hand, here is a detailed list of breeds and why they are compatible with a Yorkie:

Cavalier Spaniel as a Yorkie friend

Is your Yorkie full of energy and playful? Or maybe a bit of a lazy pet? It doesn’t matter to a Cavalier because they like to fit in with every kind of family. This royal breed is extremely friendly, gets along well with other pets, and adjusts their play to anyone they connect with.

The Great Dane – great Yorkie friend

Doesn’t it seem strange? What a large dog for a Yorkie pal! Great Danes, on the other hand, are noted for being nice, gentle, nonaggressive, and accommodating. Danes make terrific companions for tiny dogs once their fast development has passed and they have complete control of their huge bodies.

The Poodle and The Pomeranian as a Yorkie friend

Since the developing cause of Pomeranians was herding dogs, they are a good match for Yorkies. Poms are known for being active, affectionate, extroverted, and extremely bright. Poms are also extroverts who create pleasant connections with their canine companions.

Yes, the Poodle, one of the oldest canine breeds, makes a great Yorkie companion. You can always rely on a Poodle’s laid-back attitude.

Poodles also form unique bonds with each member of the family (human and canine). The Poodle hates being alone, which is one of the reasons we might consider getting a companion for our Yorkie.

Yorkie friend for a Yorkie gang

On this one, there are two sides to the coin. Because a Yorkie is a Terrier breed, your household may become quite busy. However, with enough training, it might become one of your Yorkie’s most lovable companions.

Some people think that adding another Yorkie to their household would be great since they “speak the same language” and understand one other. If you add another Yorkie, or any dog, to your household, it’s best if it’s of the opposite sex.

Other breeds are compatible as companions with the Yorkie. However, the overall compatibility lays in the socialization of your Yorkie and how well you train it at a young age.

How To Socialize Your Yorkie With Other Dogs?

A Yorkie must be socialized from a young age for them to feel at ease among other dogs and animals.

Around the age of eight weeks, a Yorkie’s social development is at its peak. That is the time when Yorkies grow more aware of their environment, and appropriate socialization is essential throughout this time.

That is also one of the reasons why a Yorkie puppy should not be separated from their mother and the rest of their litter until they are 12 weeks old.

While they may be physiologically ready to leave their mother and siblings earlier than 12 weeks, their social development is typically not as advanced. Unfortunately, some breeders fail to see this.


We can agree that Yorkies are a great fit for every person. In other words, they make a good companion for every human. However, if you leave your Yorkie alone it can develop separation anxiety. So, it’s best to get a companion for your Yorkie.

Yorkies don’t have problems developing dog connections if they are getting used to socialization at a young age. So, it’s best to follow our guidelines and bring a friend for your Yorkie.

If you got any comments on this topic, write them below and share them with us!

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