Best Dog Treats For Yorkies: 4 Most Delicious Favorites That Could Satisfy Your Puppy’s Demanding Taste Buds

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Find out everything you need to know about the best dog treats for Yorkies and choose only the best for your furry friend.

You won’t be lying if you say that Yorkies are pretty picky little creatures, at least when it comes to food. Truth be told, you’re so picky that the real question is what exactly a treat is for little Yorkshire Terriers.

Many wonder what are the best dog treats for Yorkies? In short, the best choices are delicious, soft chews that are small enough to fit in their tiny mouths. In addition, you are free to try some healthier versions such as beans, peas, carrots, and sweet potatoes; we believe they will enjoy it.

Now that we’ve said a few introductory sentences, it’s time to introduce you to our favorites, the best dog treats for Yorkies that can be purchased in almost any part of the world. So let’s get to the point.

Best Dog Treats For Yorkies

Wellness Soft Puppy Bites Lamb & Salmon Recipe Grain-Free Dog Treats

Made in the USA from almost exclusively locally-sourced ingredients, the Wellness Soft Puppy Bites are among the best dog treats for Yorkies. The food is specially formulated to meet your dog’s demanding taste buds and is made into bite sizes for easy chewing.

What owners will especially appreciate is that these treats are full of pure protein, like fruits and vegetables. This can be considered a great combination for the overall health and wellness of your pet. As for some more benefits of these best dog treats for Yorkies, they are a great choice for musculoskeletal health as well as for reward during playtime and training sessions.

We must emphasize that this Wellness product does not contain any preservatives, colors, and other additives that are often used in similar products. This product is ideal for Yorkies under one year.

Blue Buffalo Blue Bits Tender Beef Recipe Soft-Moist Training Dog Treats

No wonder the Blue Buffalo Blue Bits is considered one of the best dog treats for Yorkies as it is designed exclusively for greedy dogs such as Yorkshire Terriers. This product is full of nutritionally rich and full of DHA from salmon oil and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Truth be told, this is a winning combination for their cognitive development, healthy fur, and radiant skin.

Do you know what we like best? The manufacturer has made an effort to make a product that is completely free of fillers such as chicken or poultry by-products, as well as wheat, corn, or soy.

Pupford Freeze-Dried Training Treats for Dogs

Training a Yorkshire Terrier can be tricky, especially when it comes to rewarding calories. It is very easy to exceed the daily limit, especially for all those owners who can’t resist their adorable puppy eyes.

Did you know that their average diet should only have 150-175 calories a day? We can freely conclude that the Yorkie is a tiny dog in a world of big treats. Taking all of the above, plus the fact that Pupford freeze-dried sweet potato training treats have less than 1 kcal per treat, this product stands out as the best dog treats for Yorkies (perhaps even without competition).

Click here and learn more about dog nutrition.

KONG Stuff’N Easy Treat Puppy Recipe

Another of the best dog treats for Yorkies, the widely known KONG Stuff’N Easy Treat Puppy Recipe is a great choice if you want to satisfy the picky taste buds of your furry friend. We think it is very important to emphasize that this product has a direct effect on calming their somewhat sensitive stomach.

Wondering why is this product on the list of best dog treats for Yorkies? Because KONG Stuff’N Easy Treat Puppy Recipe is created in a completely unusual, and above all, creative way. You can use it to fill your dog’s toys and let him play while you’re gone. According to satisfied customers, this interesting and delicious treat can keep your dog busy for hours.

To Conclude: What Does Every Best Dog Treats For Yorkies Have?

In short, the best dog treats for Yorkies must not contain sugar. This ingredient greatly contributes to health problems such as diabetes. As a responsible owner, you need to know how to choose the best for your pet, and you will only be able to do that if you dedicate enough time to reading labels and researching ingredients online.

These were our favorites, the top 4 best dog treats for Yorkies. Which one do you choose? Let us know in the section below.

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Can Yorkies Eat Treats?

There is only one and only correct answer here, and that is YES! Your Yorkshire Terriers deserve and need to get treats. It is only important that it be within their recommended daily calorie intake.

How Many Treats Can A Yorkie Have A Day?

The number of treats depends on their nutritional value. Please consider the nutrition chart on the back of the product. The more calories in one treat, the less your dog can eat and vice versa.

What Should Yorkies Not Eat?

Yorkies are real little picky eaters, they can't stand almost any food because it doesn't suit their taste buds. Foods that this breed should never even taste include the following: chocolate, grapes, raisins, various types of nuts, onions, garlic, raw eggs, and many more.

What Are The Worst Treats For Dogs?

There are various reasons why some dog treats are considered the worst, and it may be the worst among them when the treat has more than 10% of your dog’s caloric intake. Furthermore, the worst treats for dogs include some of these ingredients: BHA, BHT, propylene glycol, ethoxyquin, and food dyes. Here are some things you should avoid if you want to give your hairy friend a long and healthy life: - All sorts of rawhide treats - Cooked bones - Confectionery containing artificial colors - Dog treats that contain a high concentration of corn, soy, wheat, or sugar