At What Age Do Yorkies Ears Stand Up: Incredible Facts You’ll Want To Know!

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At what age do Yorkies ears stand up? you may ask.

Yorkies are a well-liked dog breed. Their ears usually stand up at about 6 to 8 weeks old and hang down to their noses. However, not all puppies prefer to go with the flow. Some puppies’ ears develop considerably later than is anticipated. 

As a result, the issue of “at what age do Yorkies’ ears stand up” has been posed several times. Finding out why and when their ears stand up is the first step in addressing this issue, which is not a simple one to answer.

This article discusses it extensively and discusses measures you can take to assist your Yorkie ears to stand up on their own if they have floppy ears and answers the question “At What Age Do Yorkies Ears Stand up?”. 

Are Yorkie Ears Supposed To Stand Up?

The ears of a Yorkshire Terrier should typically stand erect. Your dog’s age also plays a role in the response, though. Yorkie puppy ears cannot stand up on their own during the first few months of life because they lack the essential cartilage and muscular power.

So, at birth, all Yorkie puppies have floppy ears. As the pup matures, they will eventually be able to stand up by themselves.

 are yorkie ears supposed to stand up

At What Age Do Yorkies Ears Stand Up?

At What Age Do Yorkies Ears Stand up? Puppies’ ears rise as they grow because the muscles at the base of their ears become stronger. This first development usually occurs between the ages of three and six months. When Yorkies start teething, this growth is frequently halted. Teething begins in this breed between the ages of four and eight months.

The muscles that support the ears do not receive many nutrients during teething because the nutrients are used for the developing teeth. Additionally, as they endure the discomfort of teething, your Yorkie can lose strength.

As a result, when you think your Yorkie’s pointed ears are great, teething may cause them to start to flop. But, once they are over the teething stage, their ears may likely stand up again.

You might also notice that your Yorkie develops uneven ears during these transitional phases, with one ear standing erect while the other stays flat. If so, there’s no need to worry. This common occurrence usually resolves gradually as the muscles grow stronger.

How To Make Yorkie Ears Stand up?

Gotten the answer to at what age do Yorkies ears stand up, yet? Let’s discuss how to make the ears stand then.

The following ideas should help make your Yorkshire Terrier’s ears stand up. They may not seem practical at first, but in the long run, you’ll see improvements. 

Shave Their Ears

Shaving a Yorkshire Terrier’s ears is the first technique for them to stand up. Although scissors can produce a comparable result, you should do it with a specialized pair of dog grooming clippers. 

The hair on Yorkshire Terriers weighs their ears down to the point that they cannot stand on their own; thus, doing this can help the ears stand upright. However, be extremely cautious when doing it to prevent harm to them. Due to loudness, your Yorkie may jerk out of the path because of their highly acute ears. Go to a trained groomer if you feel you lack enough skills. 

Use a Surgical Tape

The second method involves using medical tape to raise the ears of a Yorkshire Terrier.

It is quite easy to apply surgical tape. Softly wrap the tape around the bottom of your dog’s ears without bending them. Fix them in place using the tape. You must make sure that you are not inflicting any pain on your pet and that they are at ease during the treatment. 

Use of tape with a powerful adhesive is never advised. No hair will be pulled out or harmed by the special adhesive used to keep Yorkshire Terrier ears upright. Since their ears are sensitive, using a powerful glue will pull out their hair and risk causing irreparable damage.

Food Supplements

 yorkie floppy ear syndrome

Giving a Yorkshire Terrier food that supports cartilage strength is the third method for making its ears stand up. There are particular dog joint supplements available on the market that can be quite helpful in improving cartilage nourishment for enhanced firmness. Additionally, a modest amount of cheese and gelatin containing no additives can help your dog. 

Before giving your dog any of these supplements, you should consult your veterinarian. They are the only ones who can advise you on the ideal supplements for your Yorkshire Terrier.

Yorkie Floppy Ear Syndrome

All Yorkie ears should be upright; however, some puppies have drooping ears permanently. This condition commonly referred to as “Yorkie floppy ear syndrome,” may occur if your Yorkie has large ears that are heavy from having too much hair.

If your dog is a rescue, or if you bought it from a pet store or puppy mill, you could also be more prone to run into this problem.

Dogs’ Floppy Ears: Causes and Remedies

A dog may have one ear up and the other down for several reasons. They generally come with other symptoms, though. These additional signs are often more noticeable and should prompt you to visit your veterinarian, so you are sure it is not a dangerous illness. 

There is a possibility that the ears do not rise again if the dog is not treated in time, which can happen with abandoned pets. Sadly, this happens to stray dogs quite a lot. Due to starvation, fighting, disease, parasites, fungal ear infections, or other factors, they may have an ear that is floppy or malformed.

 at what age do yorkies ears stand up

Some other reasons Include the following:

Dog bites: Dogs’ ears frequently get bite wounds when they wrestle or play because they are open and sensitive. Ear infections can make a bite more challenging to deal with. They require veterinary care and, in the case of severe injuries, even surgical treatment to avoid deformations.

Otitis media: “otitis” mainly refers to ear irritation or infection. It is brought on by an infection, typically bacterial, that enters the ear and, if severe, spreads to other areas of the dog’s face. This can affect the exterior part of the ear (external otitis), but it can also affect the inner or middle ear (otitis media).

For the latter, the dog frequently tilts its head to one side and may even shake it out of frustration. Some dogs are prone to otitis; in these circumstances, they may require surgery to treat the condition long-term.

Final Thoughts 

At What Age Do Yorkies Ears Stand up? If you have a Yorkie puppy expecting his floppy ears to rise, remember that those ears probably won’t stand up until the puppy is between three and six months old. You could discover that your dog’s ears are floppy after the period.

Check for infections and take your Yorkie to a vet. If there are no infections or wounds, your Yorkie is fine, and the floppy ears are no problem.