3 Best Brush For Yorkie Hair Revealed!

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Due to their thin coats, Yorkies’ skin is less protected and more sensitive when brushed. When brushing your dog, you should pay close attention to your brush and the pressure you use.

There are various dog brushes available, and while they are all unique, not all of them are best for the Yorkshire Terrier breed.

There are many options, but don’t worry! To help you, we have put together this guide to assist you in selecting the best brush for Yorkie hair and the ideal brush for your Yorkie grooming kit, as well as how to groom a Yorkie with matted hair.

Yorkie Matted Hair: How It Forms

Your Yorkie hair coils and weaves around itself to form mats, compact clumps of dog hair. If they aren’t brushed out, they continue to grow hair and become closer and closer to the dog’s skin. Now see why I’m discussing the best brush for Yorkie hair here? And also, why Yorkie hair care should be prioritized.

Consider the areas where there is a lot of friction, like around the neck, where the collar rests, the ears, under the chin, armpits, and where the harness often sits. 

Matting may occur more often when a dog is “blowing coat” to change from its winter coat to its summer coat, or vice versa, during other shedding seasons.

If the loose fur isn’t combed out, it scrapes and rubs against the skin and, if left unattended for too long, forms mats and pelts. Dogs who like swimming are more prone to develop mats because the water causes their hair to curl, which causes it to dry knot around itself. 

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Why You Need To Brush Your Yorkie’s Hair

It Allows for Quality Time

Spending quality time together while brushing your dog may strengthen your bond and promote trust and affection. It relieves tension together, helps you unwind, and helps you relax.

Starting a brushing practice with them at an early age will help them grow to tolerate this sort of touch from you and others as adults. 

Reduces the Production of Mats

Yorkshire Terriers only have a topcoat, which is constantly developing, just like human hair that keeps mats out. They do not come with an undercoat. Imagine if you neglected to brush your hair for days on end.

It would become rather gnarly and perhaps even matted, right? The same is true with Yorkie hair. Your dog may become quite uncomfortable with matted and tangled fur. Also, terrible mats are the ideal hiding places for fleas and other parasites to grow, which can even result in skin problems. You’re reading about the best brush for Yorkie hair because you love your pup and wouldn’t want skin issues for your pup.

It helps to distribute natural oils

Consistently brushing your Yorkie will encourage the discharge of oils from their skin pores. These organic oils are more evenly distributed throughout their hair from root to tip, thanks to the brush. This will maintain their hair’s general health and strength and its glossy, attractive appearance.

It Makes your Dog look and Feels Better 

Simply put, brushing makes your dog or cat look and feel their best. For both sides, it is beneficial. Your dog will feel at rest, calm, and rejuvenated thanks to their silky, lustrous, and knot-free locks.

Skin Checks

This is the ideal time to examine your dog’s skin and search for abnormalities. The dog is content and enjoying your company, and you get to check your dog’s skin and make sure everything is in order.

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3 Best Brush For Yorkie Hair

Pin Brush

Pin brushes are ideal for brushing sessions with several purposes! As long as you obtain a decent one with quality pins, they are fantastic for eliminating kinks and also perform a good job dispersing natural oils. A pin brush is the best choice if you can only give your Yorkie one brushing during the day.

Additionally, two-in-one brushes with pin and bristle sides are available. Your Yorkie will like being able to swap between the two in such a simple way.

Bristle Brush

These brushes are excellent for removing loose hairs, dirt, or other debris from the coat and is definitely one of the best brush for Yorkie hair.

Yorkies adore the gentle and calming strokes of a bristle brush, despite the fact that they are not very good at eliminating knots.

Bristle brushes are also excellent for removing oils from the hair, giving it a shining, smooth, and delicious appearance.

Choose a boar bristle brush if you’d like a little better-quality bristle brush. These brushes are excellent, especially if you have a dog that is kept in a long display coat. It is the ideal final touch to make their hair silky.

Slicker Brush

One of the best brushes for Yorkie hair is the slicker brush. However, extreme caution should be used when using slicker brushes on a Yorkie because they can be a little more abrasive. It is usually advisable to avoid using a slicker brush on your Yorkie if their hair is really thin because there won’t be any advantage in this situation.

These brushes work exceptionally well to remove dead skin, dirt, and loose hair and help with knots and mats by going deep into the coat. They may be harsh on a Yorkie, though, as I said above, and are often reserved for dogs with thick or curly hair.

How To Keep Yorkie Hair From Matting

Brush your Dog’s Fur Often

The best way to avoid your Yorkie’s hair matting is to routinely and comprehensively brush it. . The type of coat and whether or not it is “shedding season” determine how frequently you should brush your dog.

Breeds with long, curly, or fine fur, like a Yorkie, should be brushed more frequently, sometimes even daily, but breeds with other fur kinds may only require brushing once a week.

Take off your Dog’s Harness and Replace it with a Rolled Leather Collar when not in Use

The areas of your dog’s collar or chest and armpits where their walking harness sits frequently develop mats. When they’re not wearing a leash, take off their harness. To avoid entanglement around their neck, think about using a rolled leather collar instead of a flat one.

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Schedule Frequent Visits with your Professional Groomer

These regular care treatments are necessary, along with daily brushing to avoid matting, if you want to maintain your Yorkie’s hair long. It is generally recommended to come to the groomer for a thorough groom and haircut treatment every 6 to 8 weeks to keep their hair in great condition. If you’re looking at grooming your Yorkie at home, then check out 5 Incredible Yorkie Grooming Tools For Pups

Your Yorkie will enjoy their treatments at the groomer much more if you schedule routine at-home brushing and maintenance sessions. You don’t want your dog to associate going to the groomer with pain and discomfort even when done by a professional, which can happen if you don’t brush your Yorkie regularly. 

Conclusion On The Best Brush For Yorkie hair

A Yorkshire Terrier has a coat that requires a lot of upkeep. Compared to typical dog fur, Yorkie hair is more similar to human hair. Their coat needs regular brushing, combing, and grooming to maintain good condition.

However, if you have access to the appropriate resources and information, such as the best brush for Yorkie hair, taking care of your Yorkie may be simple, which is why we’ve prepared this article.

In addition to your normal home brushing, you must make sure you hire a professional groomer. Following these tips, you can keep your Yorkie’s hair and fur tidy and attractive.

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