Yorkies With Docked Tails: The 2 Most Popular Methods Of This Medical Procedure

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Learn all about Yorkies with docked tails.

The dog’s tail tells us a lot. It is one of the most important ways to communicate and convey emotions. The Yorkshire terrier’s tail and docking are among the most controversial topics today. It is a procedure that is done on small puppies to prepare them to become purebred, adult dogs. Numerous clubs around the world are advocating for this practice, while some other countries are banning it.

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Do Yorkies Have Tails?

While you’ll most likely never see them in a completely natural edition, Yorkshire Terriers have long, flowing, and feathered tails. When these cute dogs are relaxed, their tail is a continuation of a spine that bends into a characteristic crescent shape, with the tip pointing toward their little head.

Furthermore, we must emphasize that it is possible for your dog to have a curly tail, but it is a kind of genetic error. Most of their tails can form a sympathetic arch directed upward (when relaxed or playful) or less arched and more pointed (when excited, worried, focused). If your dog has a fairly short tail, there is a great chance that it has been docked.

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 Does it hurt to dock a dog's tail?

Docking; How, When & Why?

Why the need for Yorkies with docked tails at all? According to the data, we were able to gather, their tails were traditionally docked to prevent injuries while hunting rodents. It is very interesting to note that they were docked to prevent them from wagging their tails and scaring prey.

So, there are no medical reasons why this practice is applied. Basically, it all comes down to aesthetics. Their natural tail is quite upright and tends to protrude above the head, which some owners simply don’t want. When docked, their tail sticks straight up below the level of the head, providing a clean line from head to tail.

Numerous clubs such as the American Kennel Club, the New Zealand Kennel Club, the Australian National Kennel Council, and many others advocate that their exhibitions and dog shows be attended exclusively by Yorkies with docked tails.

The Most Popular Methods & Risks Of The Procedure

As for the procedure itself, it can be performed in one of two possible ways. The first is the easiest, the owner wraps the rubber band around the tip of the tail immediately after the puppy is born, and the tail falls off after a few days due to lack of blood.

For the second method, you need a professional, ie a veterinarian who cuts the type of tail off with surgical scissors. A visit to the vet is done between two and five days after the puppy is born, the dogs older than ten weeks can undergo this treatment, but under local anesthesia.

Finally, we will say a few words about the risks of this type of treatment, although, truth be told, there are very few of them. Namely, when dogs are very young, ie only after birth, they do not have a developed nervous system, so they cannot feel pain like adult dogs.

Accordingly, the process of docking is almost absolutely painless for them. However, we must also mention some shortcomings, namely if the owner doesn’t fasten the tie around the tail properly, complications, infections, and, in some severe cases, death can occur. In addition, the owner can shorten the tail too much (mostly by accident), which can harm the dog’s show quality, but also cause difficulties and complications for his dog.

What Do Yorkies With Docked Tails Look Like?

In short, a Yorkshire Terrier’s tail is only docked one-quarter of its regular, natural length. Accordingly, we can conclude that they retain about three-quarters of their natural tails. In addition, we must note that some tails will be docked even shorter, and it all depends on the preferences, wishes, and/or needs of their owners.

Furthermore, Yorkies with docked tails may still have a tail longer than some other types of dogs, and its length can vary from short and stubby with only 1 or 2 inches long, or longer than that, up to 5 inches. Their coat plays a big role and the docked tail blends so well that it looks like they don’t have a tail at all.

 Why are Yorkie´s tails docked?

In Conclusion

Yorkshire terriers are really one of the most beautiful dog breeds, right? They are so cute and fun, a real pleasure to watch and play with. Tail docking is not a medically necessary procedure, moreover, it has no other than just aesthetic purpose. However, some people just love the way it looks.

Cutting the tail when the dog is only a few days old is mostly painless, but keep in mind that it is not complete and that there is always the possibility of complications. Whether you do it depends on you and your desires.

What is your opinion about Yorkies with docked tails? Would you (and why) subject your dog to this type of procedure? Let us know in the section below.

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Why Are Yorkie´S Tails Docked?

Their tails were docked mainly for aesthetic reasons, primarily for various dog shows.

Should A Yorkie’s Tail Be Docked?

Whether you will subject your dog to this type of medical treatment depends on you and your wishes and personal preferences.

Does It Hurt To Dock A Dog’s Tail?

When dogs are very young, i.e. only after birth, they don’t have a developed nervous system, so they cannot feel pain like adult dogs.

How Much Is It To Dock A Puppy’s Tail?

According to the results we managed to collect on the internet domain: howmuchisit.org, we found out that a visit to the vet can cost $ 15 to $ 35 per puppy if the puppy is less than five days old. However, if your puppy is older than that, a tail docking treatment can cost up to $ 450 because it must be performed under anesthesia.