Introducing Some Parti Yorkies Information

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In this article, I am going to give you some parti yorkies information for those who have heard about them. You might ask yourself “what is a parti yorkie puppy?” and “what is the difference between it and a Yorkshire terrier?”. Actually, they are the same, however, a parti yorkie has a specific gene that gives its coat white, tan, and black colors rather than the typical blue and tan of the traditional Yorkshire terrier. Keep reading till the end to know more fun facts and how to take care of it.


The parti yorkie first appeared in 19th century England when people thought it is not purebred. They assumed that it is a product of the following breeds: Maltese Terrier, Skye Terriers, Paisley Terriers. Also, because of parti color yorkies, they were classified as low-quality animals and breeders put them down.

Then, they appeared in the United States in 1872 and then recognized by the American Kennel Club(AKC) in 1885 as a crossbreed. In the 1980s, a breeder named Mrs. Gloria Lipman loved the parti yorkies colors and refused to put them down thus encouraging other breeders to do the same. Finally, in 2000 and tanks to a DNA test, the Parti Yorkie colors were recognized by the AKC.

Parti Yorkies Information

Parti yorkie is classified as a companion and family pet. Here are some fun facts and quick hints about it.

  • Breed Group: Toy breed
  • Height: 7 to 8 inches
  • Weight: 4 to 7 pounds
  • Lifespan: 12 to 15 years
  • Temperament: Intelligent, loving, loyal, tenacious, courageous, and confident
  • Color: Tricolor(white, black, and tan), black bluish-silver, blonde or golden, Chocolate
  • Coat: Straight, long, and soft
  • Hypoallergenic: Yes
  • The difficulty for first-time owners: parti yorkies are friendly and do not need a lot of exercise but their trainability seems to be a little challenging. They are hard to house train so they are not suitable for novice owners.

 parti color yorkies

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Parti Yorkies Health Information

Parti yorkie is prone to some dental issues including gum inflammation and losing their baby teeth. It can get fractured easily due to its fragility so be cautious and do not let your puppy climb stairs or jump from the couch. Additionally, they are susceptible to the following conditions:

Patellar Luxation “Slipped Stifles”

Patellar luxation means that the patella doe not locate properly in the thigh bone causing lameness or an abdominal gait. It is a common condition among small size dogs. It has four grades, the first one can be corrected manually while the fourth needs a surgical operation.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)

This condition causes progressive degeneration of the retina leading eventually to irreversible blindness. Progressive retinal atrophy is a hereditary case so before buying parti yorkie puppy, make sure its parents did not suffer this disease.


Hypoglycemia is low blood sugar that your pet could suffer when stressed. Symptoms of low blood sugar are weakness, a wobbly gait, confusion, nausea, vomiting, and seizure-like episodes. However, this condition is easy to be treated and the vet would give you some instructions to manage and prevent it.

Parti Yorkies Nutritional Information

Pick nutritious high-quality food for your parti yorkie, it is better to be organic and free from GMOs. You can feed it a raw diet however, introducing dry food has a lot of benefits including preventing stomach upset and improving its overall health. Divide your puppy’s meals into 3 to 4 per day while for the adult it should be 2 meals a day.

The quantity of the food differs depending on the parti yorkie’s age. You can feed the puppy around 0.16 lbs of food per day and the adult around 0.33 lbs. Ask your vet before changing the type or quantity of the food.

FAQs For More Parti Yorkies Information

Does A Parti Yorkie Shed A Lot?

No, parti color yorkies do not shed a lot so they are hypoallergenic that do not exacerbate allergies like other dogs.

Is A Parti Yorkie High Maintenace?

Unfortunately, yes. Parti yorkies have long hairs that need brushing every day to prevent tangling followed by applying a moisturizer two times per week. You should trim the long hair around and above its eyes and ears, preferable to be performed by a professional groomer. Give your parti yorkie a shower once per month using neutral shampoo, of course, you can bathe it more than once per month in case of a messy accident.

Keep good dental care by brushing its teeth at least 3 times a week using a small toothbrush. Also, you can use dental chews and treats for natural cleansing.

Is A Parti Yorkie A Good Family Pet?

Parti yorkie is an affectionate, loving, and energetic dog that loves to be around its owner. It is suitable for adult families or families with adult children while is not preferred for families with young kids. If you are a busy person, pari yorkie won’t be the best choice then because it does not like to be left alone for long periods.

Despite being friendly, parti yorkies need socialization when introducing new pets or people. They can get along with family members and pets that they are raised with, however, for strangers, they bark and show some aggressiveness. For that, make sure from introducing new pets or people properly.

Does A Parti Yorkie Need A Lot Of Exercise?

Although they are energetic dogs, parti yorkies do not require much exercise. You can take it in 30 minutes of walking, playing, or exercising every day, this should be enough. Also, you can teach it some tricks to stimulate its brain.

How Much Does A Parti Yorkie Cost?

A parti yorkie puppy could be somehow expensive. The puppy’s price ranges between $1200 and $1500 while the adult could reach as high as $10,000. Choosing a reputable breeder is important to get a healthy purebred parti yorkie.

Final Thoughts

Parti yorkie is a cute beautiful dog that has the same characteristics as a traditional Yorkshire terrier except for the coat color. I hope I could give you the best parti yorkies information you expected. If you have questions, please leave your comments below.

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