How Much Should A Yorkie Eat ? – Recommended Calorie Intake

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So, you wonder how much should a Yorkie eat? Then we for sure got the detailed information about this topic.

As every human has recommended daily calorie intake, the same goes for canines. Food amount intake usually forms by the size and weight of the dog. Tiny dog breeds such as the Yorkie have a low food intake coefficient.

In other words, they do not burn that much energy throughout the day, so the portion sizes need to be small and well nutritiously balanced.

What Type Of Food Should You Feed A Yorkie?

how much food should a yorkie eat per day

Food, in general, can be split into two sub-categories, human food, and wet/dry canine food. If you go with the second choice, you won’t mistake. Experts produce dry or wet canine foods and provide the best nutritious value to your Yorkie. However, portion sizes need to be controlled by the owner.

On the other hand, human food variety is extensive. You should precisely control the type of food you give to your Yorkie. We will mention the most suitable foods for your Yorkie.

1.     Cooked fish

Fish is a great choice to feed your Yorkie. This delicious type of food is for sure the best way to go if you want to provide good nutritious value to it. Full of animal proteins, which should be the main ingredient in every well-balanced meal.

Other than that, fish can provide perfect amounts of Omega 3 fatty acids which are excellent for brain development and improving the overall health of your Yorkie.

2.     Variety of meats

Your Yorkie would benefit from low-fat meats just as much as you would. Selenium, zinc, and vitamins B12, B3, and B6 are all found in lean beef, which is beneficial to your dog. Cooked lean beef also provides omega 6 fatty acids to dogs.

Try to feed your Yorkie-cooked chicken or turkey dishes. Those are high in 3 omega fatty acids, amino acids, etc.

3.     Veggies and fruits

Plant-based proteins, which may be found in peas and green beans, are essential for Yorkies. Proteins, vital vitamins, minerals, and fiber abound in these beans. As a result, we strongly suggest them.

Fruit is one of the best foods for Yorkies, but it’s important to know which fruits are healthy for such a little breed.

Apples are high in vitamins and minerals, particularly vitamin A and C, which are beneficial to dogs. They provide fibers too, which are essential for a good digestive tract.

Other fruits that we would like to mention are

  • Watermelons – Hydration provider and vitamins such as A, B6, and C.
  • Berries – Minerals and Vitamins, plus a good antioxidant.
  • Oranges – Enormous levels of C vitamin and antioxidants. In addition to that, potassium and calcium get provided as well.
  • Bananas and Mangos – Providing an excellent immune system with the help of mangos and keeping the regulation of sugar in the Yorkie blood. On the other hand, bananas are a good way to provide potassium and carbs.

4.     Grain foods and eggs

Egg, boiled or scrambled, is full of nutritious value which is essential for the dog’s skin and bones. Full of protein and rich in vitamin A and B12. Besides that, healthy fatty acids are provided and a good amount of selenium and iron.

When it comes to grains, rice is a good type of food that is a carbohydrate, filled with vitamins such as D and B. However, an excessive amount of rice is not recommended. Easily digestible grains could also be included, such as oats. That way, make your dog’s food diet balanced and healthy.

These are only recommendations. You should always do an allergy test to see how your Yorkie reacts toward different human foods. In other words, dogs can have different food allergies. So, to assure yourself and prevent any problems, contact your veterinarian.

How Much Food Should A Yorkie Eat Per Day?

Unlike adult Yorkies that can live on two servings per day, Yorkshire terrier puppies require to eat three to four little meals each day. However, there are several aspects to consider when it comes to the frequency and amount of food. You need to know how much to feed a Yorkie, that way making their life easier.

For a puppy, the recommended dose of food should be between a quarter of a cup and half a cup of a well-balanced diet. However, this can vary depending on the Yorkie’s age, size, and weight.

There are many online calorie calculators that you should use. That way you can define the perfect calorie intake for your Yorkie.

Healthy Weight For A Yorkshire Terrier

A healthy weight for a Yorkie is defined by their age. Adult Yorkies should be between 4 and 8 pounds, while Yorkie puppies should be between the range of 1.5 to 3.5 pounds.

Food intake should be based on weight, for a Yorkie daily eat requirements, you need to provide 53 calories per pound of weight. On the other hand, for an adult Yorkie terrier, this amount is lowered to no more than 45 pounds.

Benefits Of Balanced Diets in Yorkies – Weight Wise

Many health issues occur because of a bad diet. If you don’t focus on maintaining a healthy weight in your Yorkie, then there is a big possibility for it to develop diseases.

A well-balanced diet will always be the key to weight management in your dog. In other words, healthier weight means healthier dog, there is no doubt about that. However, the type of food your Yorkie-eat plays a big part in its overall health.

If you want your Yorkie to be active and have the capability of exercising regularly, always do food portion management. There is no worse thing than an overweighted dog because of overfeeding by the owner.

Besides cutting out one of the ways for it to have fun, there is a chance for it to develop lipomas because of fatty foods. Other possible health problems are bone fractures, high sugar levels, sight problems, breathing problems, and liver malfunction.

Conclusion On The Question – How Much Should a Yorkie Eat?

We can conclude that the amount of food can fluctuate for every dog. In other words, every single pet is different, and they have different needs.

You need to know which food is good and which is bad for your Yorkie. If you are not sure, there is always the choice of going to a veterinarian and defining the best diet for Yorkie. On the other hand, if you ain’t bothering with the type of food at least keep their weight in the normal range that we mentioned.

If you got any comments on this topic, feel free to write below and tell us what you think!