How Much Are Teacup Yorkies Worth?

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Teacup Yorkies are a breed of small toy dogs with short legs and long bodies. They have come to be associated with the high-end pet market, mostly due to their smaller size compared to other breeds. A whole litter could cost upwards of $400 dollars

The “teacup yorkie for sale up to $400” is a special breed of Yorkie that has a smaller size than the average Yorkie. These dogs are very popular with people who want a small dog, but don’t want to pay high prices. The price of these dogs varies depending on the breeder and where you buy them from.

What’s the difference between a toy Yorkie and a teacup Yorkie?

A: A toy Yorkie is a small breed of dog that weighs less than 2 pounds and has a height of 4-6 inches. A teacup Yorkie is an extremely small breed of dog that weighs less than 1 pound and has a height of 3-4 inches.

The “yorkie puppies” are a popular breed of dog that is often referred to as the teacup yorkies. The price of a yorkie can vary depending on the size, age and location.

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