How Big Is A Yorkies Brain?

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The Yorkie is a small toy breed of dog that has been bred to resemble the Yorkshire Terrier. They are known for their fluffiness and have long, smooth coats with pointed ears and an erect triangular tail. The term “Yorkie” is often used to refer colloquially as someone who acts like a miniature Yorkie through little effort or brains: either because they’re from New York City (the home of famous dogs such as Chihuahuas) or just filled with pure cuteness!

The “how big is a dogs brain compared to fruit” is a question that has been asked many times. The answer is that the size of a Yorkies brain is about the same as an apricots.

The “yorkie temperament” is the personality of a yorkie. Yorkies are known for being very energetic and playful, but they can also be aggressive if not trained properly.

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