139 Dog Names For Yorkies Male – Picking The Perfect Name

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If you decide to adopt or buy a Yorkie male, this list of dog names for Yorkies males will surely help you pick the perfect one.

When you are in the naming process, try and wait some extended period to get to know your Yorkie and see his personality. That will surely give you direction toward which name is the most suitable for it.

These little, tiny furballs will often be energetic and spread happiness in your home. So, choosing a cute name is a must. Here we will cover the most popular ones and help you add your traits to your Yorkie name.

Naming Your Yorkie – Tricks And Tips

When choosing the name, keep in mind that your Yorkie will get used to that phrase for the rest of its life. It’s good to consult with your family and friends when picking the name. However, often owners try to avoid common name ideas and overcomplicate the picked ones.

Think about a simple name that is not complicated and, it’s not in use often. In case you want a pitch-perfect name, there are many factors that you should consider.

One of the many factors can be the physical look of your Yorkie, such as its coat, eyes, ears, or any other body part. Usually, breeders will have a naming convention pattern, so you are free to use that name as well.

Another factor can be the personality of your Yorkie. If it’s a Yorkie that is active and shows dominance, take that as a factor in the naming process. As you know, Yorkies tend to have a bold and big temperament, so it’s significant to give a name that matches that personality.

unique male yorkie names

What To Avoid When Naming Your Yorkie

There are a couple of names that you should avoid, as many of them can have a negative contribution to your Yorkie training and growing process. We will cover some of those who need to be averted:

  • The name needs to be unrelated to command phrases. One good example is: “stay” and “may”.
  • It’s not right to name your dog, thinking it will always be a puppy. Choose a name that will be suitable when your Yorkie grows as well.
  • Avoid names that sound sarcastically or ridiculous. You don’t want to blush when calling back your dog in the park.

After you understand some of the things you need to avoid, the next step is to make the final decision of choosing the unique name of your Yorkie.

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How To Choose Unique Male Yorkie Names

There is no strict way of choosing a name, but there are some guidelines that you should follow to come up with the one that is the most unique.

You can check online community forums to see which names are most often in use. That way, you can dodge any name that is too common for a Yorkie.

Another way is to use a dog name generator. You will get some ideas on dog names so you can craft your coinage.

We put some effort into picking out the most unique and cute male Yorkie names. So, we hope you will like them and get some inspiration in choosing the right one for your Yorkie.

40 Cute Male Names For Your Fluffy Yorkie

We are not saying that these 40 names are the most popular because we cannot have that statistic. These are some of our favorite names for your little fluffy friend, and if online forums are to be believed, several of them appear to be reasonably popular.

  1. Teddy
  2. Chico
  3. Porkchop
  4. Axel
  5. Chewy
  6. Leon
  7. Rufus
  8. Theo
  9. Benji
  10. Humphrey
  11. Jonas
  12. Robin
  13. Wally
  14. Toby
  15. Hopper
  16. Tracker
  17. Boris
  18. Harry
  19. Elmer
  20. Tito
  21. Maxx
  22. Jake
  23. Paws
  24. Danny
  25. Oxford
  26. Tom
  27. Levy
  28. Arlo
  29. Buddy
  30. Elson
  31. Charley
  32. Lenny
  33. Frankie
  34. Quill
  35. Chester
  36. Jogger
  37. Guinness
  38. Prancer
  39. Admiral
  40. Lucus

Teacup Yorkie Boy Names

Teacup Yorkie boys are incredibly adorable, and they deserve equally adorable names. Of course, you may use any list of Yorkie male names for this. Any human man’s name will do for a male Yorkie, especially if it has personal meaning for you. However, if you’re searching for something different, here are some ideas:

  1. Ace
  2. Alfie
  3. Andy
  4. Archie
  5. Arlo
  6. Artie
  7. Bailey
  8. Banjo
  9. Barry
  10. Baxter
  11. Benji
  12. Blue
  13. Bozo
  14. Bruno
  15. Cash
  16. Champ
  17. Charlie
  18. Chester
  19. Cooper
  20. Clyde
  21. Como
  22. Denver
  23. Denzel
  24. Deputy
  25. Dexter
  26. Diesel
  27. Digger
  28. Dude
  29. Duke
  30. Edgar
  31. Edison
  32. Edward
  33. Einstein
  34. Eliot
  35. Ember
  36. Enzo
  37. Gandolf
  38. Gary
  39. George
  40. Ghost
  41. Gino
  42. Gregory
  43. Gumby
  44. Harley
  45. Harry
  46. Hector
  47. Henry
  48. Hickory
  49. Hugo
  50. Idris
  51. Iggy
  52. Igor
  53. Ike
  54. Ink
  55. Inman
  56. Isaac
  57. Jake
  58. Jasper
  59. Jax
  60. Jerry
  61. Jet
  62. Joey
  63. Julius
  64. Jupiter
  65. King
  66. Kirby
  67. Kobe
  68. Kody
  69. Kona
  70. Kool
  71. Lester
  72. Levi
  73. Logan
  74. Lincoln
  75. Loki
  76. Luca
  77. Marlo
  78. Marshall
  79. Maverick
  80. Maximus
  81. Mickey
  82. Milo
  83. Murphy
  84. Nemo
  85. Neo
  86. Newton
  87. Nico
  88. Noah
  89. Ollie
  90. Oreo
  91. Tucker
  92. Oscar
  93. Pepper
  94. Peyton
  95. Phoenix
  96. Picasso
  97. Pongo
  98. Prince
  99. Quentin

We’ve seen some fascinating patterns, such as the increase of -er names like Cooper, Dexter, and Tucker, as well as legendary names like Thor, Odin, Loki, and Zeus, among others. Thor and Loki have risen over 50% in the ranks since last year.

Of course, the oldies are still popular, like Max and Charlie to tough Rocky and Duke. All of them remained in the top ten.

Pongo, Milo, and Noah were the three fastest-rising male dog names of the year, while Levi and Archie made their first appearances in the top 100 this year.

Final Thoughts On Dog Names For Yorkies Male

The reality is that you can choose whatever you like. Dog names for Yorkies males may get inspired by a variety of things, including food, pop culture, and environment as well. What matters the most is that you like the name. You want to experience a spark of joy every time you say it.

Petite dog names can also be influenced by their size, but they do not have to be. The finest puppy names are ones that make a statement. Whether it’s about you, your dog, their appearance, or their personality.

Try calling out your best selections as if you were calling your new puppy in for food, or to come back to you at the dog park.

If you have any other suggestions about Yorkies’ male names, comment down below.

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