Do Yorkies Get Cold Easy? The 2 Most Common Negative Consequences You Need To Protect Your Dog From

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Wondering do Yorkies get cold easy? Read this article and learn how to keep your dog warm during the winter.

Have you noticed that winters haven’t been so cold lately? However, it is easy to talk for us humans, who have the opportunity to choose from different clothing options to warm themselves during the winter seasons, while a good portion of our pets does not.

Unfortunately, Yorkshire Terriers are the best example, because their fur is different from any other dog, that is, it is more like human hair. That’s why many are wondering do Yorkies get cold easy? Therefore, keep reading to find out the answer.

Do Yorkies Get Cold Easy?

Yorkshire terriers give a group of dogs a smaller physique, and in addition, don’t have undercoats as most dog breeds do. Due to their petite size, they lose body heat faster than bigger dogs, and this often leads them to suffer from diseases like hypothermia.

Therefore, the answer to the question “do Yorkies get cold easy” is unfortunately yes. Yorkies can get chills and need to be protected, either with appropriate dog clothes or kept inside and warm.

Also, keep in mind that these types of dogs are not always cold but they are sensitive to cold temperatures. They, however, prefer warm and moderate weather, because they don’t have to work so hard to stay warm and comfortable.

What Will Happen If My Yorkie Gets Too Cold?

 Are Yorkies hot or cold natured?

Now that you know the answer to the question “do Yorkies get cold easy”, it’s time to explain to you what will happen if your dog gets too cold.


Hypothermia is a condition in which your pet loses heat much faster than it can produce. This, unfortunately, depletes the stored energy and greatly reduces body temperature. If the owner does not respond in time, Yorkies can experience heart failure, or worse, death.


Another perilous threat to your dog is frostbite. Frostbite occurs when your pet is out in the cold for too long, the positive thing is that frostbite is not generally deadly, but it can cause the affected areas of tissue to die.

As for the symptoms, the affected area first gets tingling, and then there is a disturbance or complete cessation of circulation. In severe cases, parts affected by frostbite must be amputated.

To keep your pet from getting hypothermia or frostbite, monitor his body temperature regularly during cold weather. In addition, experts recommend that you do not let them out at all if the temperature drops below 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Can My Yorkie Go For A Walk During The Winter?

When people find out the answer to the question “do Yorkies get cold easy”, most of them first think it’s better to avoid a winter walk. But you should not hesitate, because experts believe that a winter walk is completely safe as long as your dog has protective clothing and the walk is brief.

The other thing we have to mention is that these adorable dogs just enjoy playing in the snow and will walk with you literally anywhere. So, there is no point in denying them something they adore so much.

However, you need to be extremely responsible and try to watch out for some of the following symptoms of hypothermia or chills, such as shivering, cramping, or whining. If you notice any of these signs, try to react as soon as possible and return to your home to keep the dog warm.

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Do I Have To Buy Specialized Clothes For My Little Puppy?

Once they get the (un) desired answer to the question “do Yorkies get cold easy”, owners usually wonder if they should buy clothes for their dog. Trust us, most but not every Yorkshire Terrier will appreciate an extra layer, especially if it is freezing outside. They have countless benefits from a warm piece of clothing, mostly because they otherwise have to work hard to maintain body heat.

As for determining the piece of clothing, you will dress your pet in, it all depends on the length and thickness of their hair. Accordingly, short-haired Yorkies should have thick coats and unlike them, long-haired Yorkies will be quite happy with thinner pieces of clothing.

In addition, know that their clothes are not just a fashion statement, but essential for keeping them warm and cozy.

 Do dogs like blankets on?

Is It Advisable To Walk My Yorkie After Bathing?

Of course, you two can go for a walk. However, dry your dog well first, because unfortunately, your terrier can quickly lose its body heat if you take it out wet in the cold. If you don’t have time to let your dog air dry, feel free to use a blow dryer to dry your Yorkie before heading out.

As for this type of drying, keep the hairdryer on a low to medium setting and keep it at least 15cm away from your Yorkies skin, otherwise, you risk burning your dog with hot air.

To Wrap Things Up – Do Yorkies Get Cold Easy?

Cold weather is a struggle for most people, but let’s not forget the animals either. Most pets often suffer from the same dilemma as we humans. So, do Yorkies get cold easy? – Yes, they are. This breed, unfortunately, has no undercoat and their characteristic, almost human hair does not protect them from low temperatures.

How to protect your dog from the cold? Write us your answers in the section below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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 How can I keep my Yorkie warm at night?


How Do I Know If My Yorkie Is Cold?

These are some of the first signs that your pet is cold: shaking and shivering, tucked tail, whining and barking for no reason.

How Can I Keep My Yorkie Warm At Night?

Here are the most popular methods to keep your dog warm at night:

- Get heated beds or mats for your dog.

- Raise the bed so that it does not stand on a cold floor.

- Surround it with warm blankets.

- Get dog pajamas.

- Let him sleep next to you.

Do Dogs Like Blankets On?

Most dogs love blankets indescribably. Try it, maybe he likes it so much that he doesn’t want to be separated from his new friend.

Are Yorkies Hot Or Cold Natured?

Yorkshire Terriers are not always cold but are certainly sensitive to cold temperatures.