Can Yorkie Poos Be Left Alone? Interesting Facts About The Yorkiepoos Brought To Light!

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A Yorkiepoo is a wonderful dog at home since they are devoted and affectionate. Yorkiepoos are exceptionally energetic and lively, and they like being the center of attention because they adore being noticed and receiving ongoing attention, yes that is the yorkiepoo behavior.

A Yorkiepoo is an energetic hybrid of a Yorkshire Terrier and a toy Poodle. Given this, you might be hesitant to leave them home alone.

Can Yorkie Poos be Left Alone? Yes, but how long can a yorkiepoo be left alone? The answer is, not for an extended period. You shouldn’t leave your Yorkiepoo unsupervised if it’s a puppy.

Can Yorkie Poos Be Left Alone?

Your Yorkie and poodle cross requires all your care and attention since it is still developing. It should not be left alone for more than two to three hours, and it is also not encouraged to leave adult Yorkie Poos for longer than six hours. You must keep your early absences to a minimum.. 

If you frequently return home after a long day at work, you should consider taking some action. You must abide by a few guidelines if you intend to leave them alone for longer than is tolerable. You must carefully adhere to them to avoid returning home to an injured Yorkie, chewed-up pillows and damaged household items. 

What Things Could Go Wrong If You Leave Your Yorkie Poo Alone?

Yes! If you leave them at home all day without any care or attention, there are some consequences. Some of them are:

Animal Depression

 are yorkie poos good dogs

Your Yorkie will become bored and sleep all day since there will be no social contact. It will result in alterations to sleeping patterns, and this cycle will likely eventually result in depression. One telltale clue would be if your Yorkie were still asleep when you got home.

Eating Problems 

Its willingness to eat would be a significant additional issue. There’s a potential that your Yorkie will eat very little or nothing while you’re gone. It may even turn into overeating, which would be the polar opposite. But before you draw the line, it is advised you to either give out some goodies or change the meal.

Speaking of eating less, your Yorkie will be vulnerable to weight loss while you are away. Additionally, because Yorkies are naturally petite, it might be challenging to detect weight loss. 

Separation Anxiety

How long can a Yorkie Poo be left alone? When left alone for extended periods, your Yorkie Poo is more likely to display anxiety-related behaviours, including separation anxiety. Separation anxiety is when your Yorkie Poo experiences anguish and worry during a separation from its owner. It may even happen suddenly or result from the owner’s ongoing absence.

Your Yorkie will become anxious if they feel lonely or ignored. The owner and the Yorkie often feel the strain of this psychological damage. It is essential to take the necessary steps to reduce the anxiety and to seek a veterinarian’s assistance as soon as possible to battle it.


  • Constant barking without cause
  • Pacing, panting, and shivering needlessly
  • Scurrying and cowering in the corner of the home
  • Digging either inside or outside
  • Breaking household furniture and other valuables.
  • Prolonged licking and biting that results in self-harm.
  • Lack of appetite and excessive urination
  • General resting problems
  • Eye whites are seen.
  • Avoidance behaviours like looking away and shaking also occur.


  • Behaviour modification; desensitization methods, and counterconditioning are two examples
  • Make sure that your absences are brief
  • Create a timed schedule for leaving and returning
  • Visit at lunch breaks or encourage someone to check on you sometimes to enliven your dog’s day from time to time
  • Always keep them cognitively engaged with toys, webcams, and a captivating perspective.
  • Yorkies supplements and calming medications
  • Antidepressant drugs like clomipramine and fluoxetine.
  • A second dog for company.

Are Yorkie Poos Good Dogs?

Yes, they are. The Yorkie poo is a kind and affectionate dog that gets along well with kids. He is not advised for households with tiny children since he can easily get hurt when mishandled. An older, more caring youngster would enjoy having a Yorkie Poo as a friend, but Can yorkie poos be left alone?

 how long can a yorkie poo be left alone

Yorkie Poo Care

How To Make Your Yorkie Poo Comfortable When You Are Not At Home

Can Yorkie Poos be left alone? You can leave your Yorkie Poo at home with ease if you follow a few simple instructions. These actions will lessen any boredom, worry, and anxiety kids may have while you are away:

Leaving and Returning

You must train your Yorkie to recognize the items that represent you, such as a jacket, bag, keys, and shoes, by practising leaving and returning with them. With these items, move near the door while ignoring any panicking. Until you become accustomed to the circumstance, you should at least repeat it three times every day.

When you get home, tell your Yorkie to go to its spot rather than to greet it. Once your Yorkie is comfortable, start giving it gentle hand pats. Your dog will sense your love and care at that very time and understand that you are going and that coming back is nothing unusual.

Reduce its Free Access

Never give your Yorkie immediate access to all house areas and independence. The balcony, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom should be off-limits for safety. You must choose a cosy and, most importantly, secure location for your Yorkie Poo. After some time, if your dog becomes accustomed to the environment, you may remove all the constraints.

 yorkie poo care

Morning Workouts & Games

Another effective technique would be to take your Yorkie for an early run or stroll on the longer routes. As a result, as soon as you get home, you will fall asleep without delay, allowing you to go. Additionally, provide interactive and food-dispensing toys to keep your Yorkie occupied. Your Yorkie’s health and mental state depend critically on its mental stimulation.

Always Use Medicine

If your Yorkie tends to become worried and anxious while you aren’t home, you might want to consider giving it some Clomicalm or Alprazolam. The FDA has given these medications the go-ahead to treat separation anxiety in Yorkies and other canines. But before administering the medication, always make sure to speak with a veterinarian.

Conclusion On “Can Yorkie Poos Be Left Alone?”

It is common for a Yorkie owner to experience significant challenges while first taking care of them. The situation is what determines it most of the time. The issue here isn’t leaving your Yorkie Poos alone; instead, it’s whether you have all the necessary resources available.

Can Yorkie Poos be Left Alone? You may leave them at home alone if you have everything you need.

Remember that your Yorkie will always need adequate shelter, food, water, attention, mental stimulation, and exercise. Also, keep in mind that locking them inside the box is quite dangerous, so never do it.

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