Introducing Yorkie Knee Problems…Causes and Solutions

Introducing Yorkie Knee Problems...Causes and Solutions

Yorkies are prone to Yorkie knee problems due to their small sizes, this small fluffy puppy weighs around 7 pounds. The Yorkie knee joint consisted of two bones, they are femur and tibia. Additionally, there is a small bone called the patella that forms the knee cap. Furthermore, there are some ligaments that connect these … Read more

A Guide On Best Muzzle For Yorkies

A Guide On Best Muzzle For Yorkies

Yorkshire terrier is a cute fluffy dog, however, sometimes it shows some aggressiveness so a muzzle for Yorkies is required. Yorkie is a small dog that is why it may develop a kind of anxiety or aggression as a defense. If you have an aggressive Yorkie, I advise you to use a muzzle, especially when … Read more

Are Yorkies Good With Babies?

Are Yorkies Good With Babies

Anyone who would like to adopt a Yorkie will need the answer to this question “Are Yorkies good with babies?” Yorkshire terrier is a small fluffy cute dog. It is intelligent, loyal, and needs your attention as well. For sure, you have great children that are well-behaved, however, is this enough to bring them a … Read more

Yorkie Liver Shunts…Symptoms and Treatment

Yorkie Liver Shunts...Symptoms and Treatment

If your Yorkie suffers from poor growth, possibly it has a portosystemic shunt (Yorkie liver shunts) which is a liver condition. The liver shunt in Yorkies is one of the common conditions that affect Yorkies and other small dogs breeds. The liver is responsible for removing the toxins from the blood and body. Normally, the … Read more

What Are The Reasons For Yorkie Coughing and Gagging?

What Are The Reasons For Yorkie Coughing and Gagging

The Yorkie coughing and gagging have many reasons, sometimes they may sound normal, other times they may be disease’s signs. If your Yorkie is gagging occasionally without any other signs, this is normal so no worries. However, if coughing and gagging occur frequently, you should go to the vet to detect the possible reason. Gagging … Read more

What Are The Yorkies In Heat Symptoms?

What Are The Yorkies In Heat Symptoms

After maturity, Yorkies in heat symptoms start to show up to give us a sign of breeding and pregnancy time. If you are planning to breed your Yorkie, you should look for these symptoms. Additionally, you have to learn how to deal with your female during this stage. The heat cycle consists of four stages, … Read more

A Complete Guide To Yorkie Vaccination Schedule

A Complete Guide To Yorkie Vaccination Schedule

Every Yorkie owner looks for the Yorkie vaccination schedule to protect its puppy against diseases that may be deadly sometimes. The dog vaccine schedule differs depending on each country, dog breed, and the vet as well. Giving your Yorkie the required vaccines is critical. So you have to ask for the medical records of the … Read more

Why Are Yorkies Eating Poop? Reasons and Solutions

Why Are Yorkies Eating Poop Reasons and Solutions

One of the frequently asked questions is “Why are Yorkies eating poop?”, there are many reasons for this issue. If your Yorkie eats its poop, this is called coprophagia. Sometimes some puppies do this behavior by nature, however, If they repeat it often, you must seek a solution. The reasons for Yorkies eating poop may … Read more

Meet The Breed: Yoranian…Teacup Yorkie and Pomeranian Mix

teacup yorkie and pomeranian mix

The Yoranian or Yorkie pom is the result of teacup Yorkie and pomeranian mix or regular Yorkie and pomeranian mix. The aim of crossing breeds is to get a puppy that has the healthiest and best genes of both breeds. When getting Pomeranian and Yorkie mixed together, we obtain an energetic, playful, and intelligent puppy. … Read more

Introducing The Intelligent Yorkie and Silky Terrier Mix

yorkie and silky terrier mix

Many people ask if there is Yorkie and Silky Terrier mix, in fact, yes, now let’s introduce the Silkshire Terrier. The Silkshire Terrier is a crossbreed between a Silky Terrier and a Yorkshire Terrier. However, there is not enough information on when this mix occurred. The Silkshire Terrier has a small, wedge-shaped head along with … Read more