5 Interesting Facts About Yorkies: Are Male Yorkies Bigger Than Females?

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As an aspiring dog parent who may have been considering adopting or buying a Yorkie or The Yorkshire Terrier, weighing your options and finding out what you may be in for is definitely a smart move to take. 

Yeah, just before you go in for that purchase or sign those adoption papers. So, in this article, we will answer some popular questions people tend to ask about Yorkies, including “are male Yorkies bigger than females?”

What Do Yorkies Look Like? 

First of all, it is only right that we give a quick rundown of what a Yorkie looks like. Yorkshire Terriers are very peculiar dogs and are commonly known for their long hair or fur, tiny size, and huge personalities. 

At birth, these cute-sized dogs weigh about a weeny 2.5 ounces with a soft, short coat that is an equal mix of tan and brown hair. In some cases, this may be different as some Yorkies appear almost black with tiny little patches or strands when they are born. 

What Do Yorkies Look Like

By their first or second year, these dogs are likely to have grown with notable changes in their color. Their color tends to lighten as they mature, thanks to genes solely found in Yorkies. 

The tan tends to change to a bright gold shade while the black hair takes a brand new blue look which could be either dark-steel blue or silver-blue.  Now, let’s move on to size.

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Are Male Yorkies Bigger Than Females?

Looking at both genders in Yorkies, one thing you need to be aware of is that there are pretty much no rules or certainties that male Yorkies are indeed bigger than females. In fact, contrary to a belief that many hold, some Yorkie females tend to be somewhat bigger than the males. 

Yet again, just as the initial belief, this isn’t a standard rule as the size difference between male and female Yorkies can barely be noticed. Aside from your regular size measuring about 15 – 17cm and weighing in about 1 – 4kg, there are the extra small ones, generally referred to as Teacup Yorkshires. 

Teacup Yorkies are a lot smaller than the usual breed specification. These sizes mostly come by chance as some Yorkies are simply born very small or, rather, smaller than others. However, some people intentionally breed for small sizes. 

These Teacup Yorkies are visibly very similar to your regular Yorkies, except these pups tend to weigh in at around 4 pounds or less. However cute Teacup Yorkies may be, especially in size, they are especially known to have health issues like hypoglycemia. 

Also due to their extremely small size, they are always fragile, and so, do not tend to live as long as the regular-sized Yorkies. 

Male and Female Yorkies Which are Bigger

How Big Are Yorkies Likely To Be? – Are Male Yorkies Bigger Than Females

Generally speaking, Yorkies tend to grow to be around 8 – 9 inches tall at their shoulder with an ideal weight of about 4 – 6 pounds. In rare cases, there are Yorkies who continue to grow to about 15 pounds. 

In other cases, there are Yorkies that weigh around 4 pounds or less at their fully grown stage. An already-mentioned example is Teacup Yorkies. 

Do The Sizes Of Yorkies Demand Special Care?

It is important to also note that while many people get so fascinated by Yorkies and other toy breeds simply because they are tiny dogs, Teacup Yorkshires shouldn’t be ones you make carefree decisions about. 

Generally, but most especially when considering Yorkshire Terriers, if the dog is a lot smaller than the standard dog size, you will need to get yourself ready for the health issues and genetic issues that may come with them, male and female alike. 

Do Male Yorkies Behave Different From Females?

Aside from the size difference between dogs, another thing most dog parents tend to figure out is the character differences between male and female Yorkies. So, while you want to get an answer to the question “Are Male Yorkies Bigger Than Females?” this section will address the behavior of male and female Yorkies. 

While the females are reputable for how affectionate and attached they are to the house and their owner, it is quite a contrast when compared to the males as they are known for how daring and independent they can be, making them perfect for guard and protection duties.

The Complete Guide to Yorkshire Terriers

This doesn’t mean that they do not share any similarities with the female Yorkies and vice versa. Kindly note that these views are only based on mere observation and experience as there is no scientific data that supports them. 

Now, based on experience, you tend to easily notice that the male Yorskires are always more cheerful, attentive, and loving when compared to the females. They are what you would love to refer to as attention seekers.

They constantly seek the attention of their owners. And over time, these male Yorkies get very attached to their owners and also get very protective of them. Regardless of how soft that makes them sound, male Yorkies can get very territorial.

They make sure to stay firm on their decisions. And if for any reason, they feel that these decisions are somewhat opposed, you will get a VIP ticket to watch these same sweethearts get into a bit of a bad mood. 

While female Yorkies can also be very affectionate towards people, they do not hesitate to keep their distance immediately they start to feel tired or get into a mood; they let you know that they do not want to be doted on or petted anymore. 

Unlike the male Yorkies, who are always in a good mood till opposed, female Yorkies are generally prone to constant mood swings, especially when there is any form of change to their daily lifestyle. 

This, however, doesn’t change the fact that Female Yorkies are sweet and loving, but they are able to have balance as they also easily get distant and territorial. And if there is any time you would have this on a daily basis, it would definitely be when your adult female Yorkshire is pregnant or recently had a puppy. 

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Conclusion – Are Male Yorkies Bigger Than Females?

To wrap things up, keep in mind that there is no rigid answer to the question “Are Male Yorkies Bigger Than Females?”

There is no rule that places male Yorkies to be bigger than females. So, noting the differences between dogs should be based on their breeds, not their size or even their sex. 

If you have any more questions or comments about your dogs, make sure to let us know!


How big should a female Yorkie be?,

Female Yorkies should weigh between 4 and 7 pounds, and be 7 - 8 inches tall. However, this is dependent on several factors including health status and parent stock.

Are there 2 sizes of Yorkies?

Yorkshire Terriers have big, standard, and teacup sizes.

How big do male Yorkies get?

8 - 9 inches tall is the average height of a male Yorkie, and more than 7 pounds in weight.

Do Yorkies have different sizes?

Yorkies have different sizes - big/large, standard and teacup!